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  1. I know it's at the expense of the less fortunate, but I had to laugh at the two C@s related headlines on the front page of the P@C website 'Fast conditions should suit us - Tigers Coach' Followed by; 'Castleford suffer hammering in France' Such optimism is to be admired.
  2. And even better than the Rovers stuff in the film is the fact that they did a bit of filming around Featherstone. I can't tell you how chuffed I was to see my granny, who died thirty years ago, walking down Station Lane with her shopping bag in the film. It's worth a look just to look out for your old friends and family...
  3. Well done to Liam Finn for making the Ireland squad, the lad deserves it.
  4. Asolutely right, don't tar all Featherstone fans with the same brush. What a team needs to 'bring to the competition' is finishing top and thus earning the right to promotion, nothing more, nothing less. This appalling 'management-speak' which has crept into our sport is, quite frankly, sickening.
  5. A bit like the school bully praising you for taking a punch well. Not all praise is necessarily worthwhile.
  6. I meant relative to yours...obviously (and your lass).
  7. This excerpt from the Wakefield Express would suggest otherwise: "DREAMS of two new stadiums for the Wakefield district have been shattered after the Wakefield Wildcats and Castleford Tigers were told they must share. The original plan was to build a stadium for the Tigers in Glasshoughton and one for the Wildcats in Stanley, each getting
  8. We don't need two teams in Hull, all teams should be a minimum of 20 miles apart. Expansionism has no place for derbies. These are the games that really show what RL is about...passion!
  9. So Wakefield & Cas have been told by the council they either share a ground, or relinquish the potential funding the council were offering. There is to be an independent study to ascertain which of the two sites would be best and quickest to realise, then the clubs have to make a decision as to whether they share or not. Interestingly, the chap from Stadium Wakefield Action Group has said they wouldn't move to the Glasshoughton site if that was the result of the study, they would be 'tackling life at Belle Vue and whatever that throws at it'. So perhaps the deal isn't done on BV after all. In the event that a joint stadium is developed, could we not use that in any application to SL if we so wished (in the even that POR wasn't deemed good enough under whatever rules the RFL were choosing to apply at the time); we are under the same council, after all.
  10. fairy snuff.
  11. Is that because you know he isn't coming, or just that you don't rate him? I'd say he could do a good job for us. Seeing him play in sl on sky, I rate him highly myself. But if he's not coming here then so be it.
  12. So the issue of a club claiming they should be in SL and at the same time chasing overseas players isn't a problem to you then? I'm not trying to be awkward, but that's pretty much what you said.
  13. I thought Whitehaven decided the only way they would have a chance was intimidation and it patently didn't work. Although I'd love to know what Jim Gannon did or said to Howard Hill at the first scrum, 'cause he didn't half come out fighting! Doran had a great game for Widnes, showed some great skill. Is he contracted for next year, or might he fancy a trip over the pennines to Featherstone?