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  1. I have now had chance to get over yesterday and can reflect and say a big thank you to all concerned. At the start of the season if they said we would finish top and just loose by 1 measly point in the grand final how many would have expected it. It was a good day yesterday vociferous crowds some entertaining rugby and the surreal experience after about 30mins, plus the sda news about Terry Newton To put things into perspective, we lost and the history books will show it was a close game. Looking at the positives regarding the following we took, yes it was our cup final and there were a lot of once a blue moon fans present, hopefully even if 20% of them return on a regular basis it will help the club. What more do the club need to do to increase attendances and bring in the revenue. We have a sucessfull side that play some excellent rugby. a hard working committee that must tear thier hair out with attendances of less than 2000. A manager who is very enthusiastic, knowledgeable who motivates his team, a back room staff that is the equal of Super Dooper League, facilities that are beyond recognition from a few short seasons ago. We have supporters clubs that raise extra finance for the club. lets kick on from here, redouble our efforts, gets the fans packed in, win handsomley with good rugby. Thanks to all those concerned with an an excellent season, let us mere fans help keep the momentum going, give your ideas for revenue to the committee. Roll on 2011 season and up the Rovers
  2. very interested in the comments on how we missed a trick. However to purchase a ticket you had to sign a disclaimer. This disclaimer contained your appropriate contact details. I am quite sure that the club will utilize this information for promotion work to keep the " Final " fans informed about season tickets, events at the club house and countless other opportunities. Regarding the club shop shop not being " manned" all the time we must remember Graham is an enthusiastic supporter and volunteer for the club. He cannot be present all the time. The stock available is limited at present due to it being the end of season, most of it being sold on Pontefract Market. The marketting of the the "Flat caps and Tee Shirts" at the point of sale was brilliant. Well done to all concerned.
  3. Cracking night last night, good result and a good crowd. there were many behind the sticks last night that were not real regulars which is excellent news all round. I hope they come back next season. It was a good atmosphere all round last night especially in the bar after the match. Hope the bar takings were "staggering". Thanks to all concerned for what has been a remarkable season
  4. Am i correct in remembering it was flat caps on the terraces and Bullough ( excuse spelling) and trilbies in the main stand ? Could be wrong going back to when i wore short trousers. Soon be kick off.
  5. Getting really wound up at work today, unable to really concentrate. Looking forward tonight. Good luck to all the players in Rovers colours. I watched the bit about Rovers from the 60's the other day my how things have changed for the better
  6. What a great event it was on Friday. A very professional event which says a lot about the direction of the club. Thanks to the Joint Supporters for all the hard work and effort that went into the night and throughout the season
  7. Had the pleasure of attending yesterday afternoon. What an incredible experience it was. Lots of folk enjoying themselves. The players and committee out in full force. It really opened my eyes as to what has really happened to the club over the past few years. Well done and a big thankyou to all concerned.
  8. just having a pot of tea in my " Champions 2010" pot. Enough said, we have a "Champion team
  9. Well i have now settled down after the victory on Sunday and its implications. I would like to pay an immense thank you to all the team, the Board of Directors, the back room staff, coaches, club shop bar staff for a brilliant season so far. There have been sweeping changes over the past few years and this has reflected in the professionalism of the club both on and off the field. Thanks again and good luck for the remaing few games.
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