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  1. My attempt at shooting an NRL game. Very difficult at night by the way.
  2. Poor old Richard Lewis. We all know how desperately he doesn't want this to happen but those nasty Aussies are putting a gun to his head. He doesn't want him organisation to poach players from Wales, Ireland and Tonga etc but what on earth is he to do about it? He's only the boss of the RFL, it's out of his control.
  3. The rugby league scrum is no different from the union scrum. The side that feeds it wins it 99% of the time, except in RL we don't waste half an hour of every game packing and re-packing pointless scrums and spending hundreds of hours training just so a team can nullify the other side's equally pointless scrum push. As for backs being the same as forwards, it's just not true. The roles in RL are pretty clearly defined for the most part and the forwards and backs have their own roles.
  4. Good move for Salford. Once they get a second rate NRL coach they can start to buy some second rate NRL players.
  5. Paddy, if you're going to buy Canon - a great choice if I may say so - there are a couple of things to think about. Firstly, the 2000D is coming out soon. It will be better than the 1000D but that might mean you will get the 1000D cheaper and it will still be a good camera. But also, have a look at a 50D and compare prices. I got my 50D for a steal (about $900 Australian). It's a step up from the 1000D yet it's probably cheaper at the moment. Of course if you're looking at lens kits that will change things a bit. On lenses, a Canon 70-220mm F2.8 is a must for any fair dinkum photographer. Of course you have to be able to afford one but they are great. You'll need to get a 1.4x converter to go with it to give you some more focal length but it's worth it. The other reasonable option is to get a Canon 300mm F4. It will give you the focal length you will need without losing too much quality and it will be a bit cheaper than the other set-up. But it is a less versatile set-up than the previous option because it's not a zoom lens and you don't have the option of shooting at F2.8 without the converter attached. To be even cheaper you could look at Sigma's versions of the same lenses but they aren't quite as agood and aren't water proof. When I advise people on what to get that's what I always say. If you don't quite have the cash to get a 2.8 lens yet it's worth saving up and waiting. Trust me. If you buy a cheap lens now you'll only want a better one later anyway. If you're keen that is.
  6. Actually half the games are in New Zealand. So you're a prize goose aren't you.
  7. I know this is a wind up. But you really are kidding spud. Every year we hear about how great the pommy forwards are yet they never win anything. It's a myth.
  8. This system is perfectly okay. It's better and less complicated than the Macintyre system the NRL use and most NRL fans would probably rather it went back to the SL system. The top 5 system is the best, not doubt. The only problem - it means you can only have 5 teams in the finals. Obviously.
  9. The footy season is coming to a close so I thought I'd add some of my favourite shots from the games I've been to. and a couple I posted earlier in the year
  10. We all know the pitfalls of franchsing, but the RFL knows there are advantages to it as well. Providing stability for the lower teams in SL is a big plus. Allowing the likes of Salford, Cas, Quins and Crusaders the chance to build for a year or two and close the gap with the higher sides is clearly the aim. Yo-yoing up and down only ensures the lower clubs will never be competitive. And that's without considering other factors like finances, stability for players and promoting junior programs etc. There are some people who will never agree with franchising but you can't please all people all of the time.
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