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  1. i got mine today as well. it doubles up as your season ticket
  2. saw this on another forum so some people might have already seen it but after constant pressure from fans to get rid of eddie and stevo sky have given this bloke a trial on a few games. he is from hull but lives in canada.
  3. Heres mine FB - Sam Tomkins WG - Tom Briscoe C - Michael Shenton C - Ryan Atkins WG - Darrell Goulding FE - Kevin Brown HB - Luke Robinson PR - Adrian Morley H - Shaun Lunt PR - James Graham SR - Sam Burgess SR - Gareth Ellis L - Sean O'Loughlin S1 - James Roby S2 - Joel Tomkins S3 - Stuart Fielden S4 - Eorl Crabtree
  4. i think your right cos it does look like the number 25 can be seen with some writing
  5. from looking at the stadium plan and from what tickets people have already said they have purchased seems we are gonna be dotted all over the place. heres stadium plan http://www.superleague.co.uk/tickets_event.php?id=6
  6. behind the sticks for me as well lets pack it out like we did at headingley when we were all behind the sticks that day
  7. i do
  8. Fev 30 Fax 16 1st try Dale Att 2895 MOM Saxton
  9. I know Robin. theres a few others who i was surprised with as well
  10. sorry if this has already been posted somewhere http://www.sportinglife.com/rugbyleague/ne...ampionship.html
  11. i had a really good time last night there was also a facebook group created and event created (ian jefferson was the man behind that) am sure more people will turn up if it was to be done again next year
  12. yeah Greg Davies is booked in for the December show
  13. really enjoyed last night. looking forward to next one
  14. Comedy Night this Friday the first show was really good. hope to see you all there
  15. Just to remind you all The next comedy night willl take place on Friday 6th August