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  1. I stand by my and wilsden rams previous comments , someone is playing games and it aint us
  2. colin if sammut does not come to dewsbury will you agree to post on this forum " im a very silly billy " a dozen times one after the other please . not much to ask for someone so insistant.
  3. In 73 i was singing by 7pm ,i didnt know where i was or who i was by then or even what planet i was on but sing i did until i was ejected onto the street by some unforgiving landlord ( or landlady ).
  4. Sad news indeed , i knew julian for many years and he was a top bloke and a very good sports reporter . The sports grounds of west yorkshire have lost a fine man.
  5. Are you aware of this by divine intervention or are you just guessing like us other mere mortals?
  6. i hear jack addy has been in touch with an aussie to come over , bloke by the name of corey stewart .
  7. crown flatter , you`re a silly man .
  8. I cannot stand the flippant use of those french terms its all so blase`
  9. I think i saw you , were you wearing a bowler hat and a rosette by any chance.
  10. Hell fire BSJ you know more than anybody , you`re not tapping the phone of that wilsden ram are you ?
  11. Dont be saying that phil we of course want to win the final but for pure enjoyments sake we want to play you .God forbid london get to the final.
  12. Bsj is correct robin , we could not believe your chairmans offer either .ask mc if you like ,and to boot we could come nowhere near what terms you have offered the player over his contact so it would have not been fair to the player to stop him going
  13. The game was not a dirty one but blew up due to the niggling antics of jordan grayton . i think he will be looking for another club again before too long . otherwise a good game and a great effort from your lads .
  14. It was not only not nice of him but i believe we are capable of being dumb enough to throw a game away .
  15. sorry , piggy ,who i believe is not a real wild child but is a dog .