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  1. Sad to hear the news of the death of an old friend Alan Ogden. Condolences to his Family. RIP Alan
  2. That looks awful, Best Wishes for a speedy recovery Lewis
  3. higgy


    Got to fear the worst after today's result.
  4. higgy


    Another woeful performance you have got to fear the worst now?
  5. The NRL adopted this rule last season its far better than having a scrum. It also gives the kicking team the reward for a good kick rather than running the risk of the chance that the defending team striking against the head in a scrum (I know that doesn't happen much nowadays).One Good rule change.
  6. One thing about surrendering the lease could mean that lottery grants would be available to the football club, I don't think they would be available to a professional club? I may be wrong.
  7. I think it is. I seem to think that the highest score against any Oldham team was by Hull KR and was something like 67 or 62 but I don't think we have ever been niled.
  8. You are talking b--locks the result is a disgrace, St Anne's.Mayfield or Saddleworth would have performed better. there is no excuse for a result like today.
  9. You have got to be joking this has got to be the most embarrassing defeat in the history of Oldham rugby league. It's a total disgrace. Did we turn up, every member of the team and coaching staff should be fully embarrassed.. Paying good money to watch this I don't think so..
  10. RIP Steve, condolences to his family .
  11. This is nothing to do with chips or votes. I stood at a meeting all them years ago when the then chair of the council John Battye promised that the council would provide Oldham with a ground on the provision that the sale of Watersheddings went through,on which they renegaded. You mention ticket prices going up at Boundary Park if you add the cost of travelling expenses to and from Bower Fold to the ticket price there I would be surprised if there was any difference. Surely its not to much to asked the council to help in negotiations to bring us back in town.
  12. Got to disagree on your comment (Out of town isn't so bad), It's terrible and a disgrace to the town and it's council. We are Oldham Roughyeds we might as well remove the name Oldham from the title. I know I'm covering old ground but we should be at Boundary Park and it would have then been interesting what our crowds would have been like?
  13. It's a shame for Jon just when we got him full time, Good luck to him on his recovery and would love to see him back with us at some stage.
  14. One of my memories of the game with Bronco's was Paul Sykes applauding our players off the field at the end of the game.
  15. higgy

    Summer bash

    It does work I recorded Catalan yesterday and it was OK
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