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  1. Lots of Oldham games here: http://www.roughyeds.co.uk/roughyeds-tv/ including the full Bradford game from last Sunday.
  2. I think the RFL may feel the game lost it's integrity some time ago, so what the heck.........
  3. A 10 team SL1, with a 10 team SL2 below that, play everyone in your division H & A, plus 1 game against each team in the other division, with 2 up, 2 down (& some kind of promotion and relegation at the bottom of SL2). In an ideal world it'd be better with 2x8 or 2x9, but clubs need the games for the cash. (Steve Gill was interesting on Radio Yorkshire about this a few weeks ago - worth a listen on the podcast). That reduces the number of repeat fixtures and means the SL2 teams would get more (and more even) funding than the Championship teams get atm.
  4. He says the same thing (it may be the same interview - not watched Backchat) on the BBC RL Podcast.
  5. Sky own the rights to Championship 1, (& pay money to the clubs) they just choose not to show games. http://www.totalrl.com/ins-outs-super-leagues-lucrative-new-tv-deal/ (Though Premier Sports will be showing the Toronto games next year according to this week's BBC RL podcast, I doubt whether that will include the games over here though).
  6. But when will any points deduction be applied ? Before or after the split ?
  7. When you set up a "Get Inspired" event you load your own photo...........
  8. "Promotion and relegation shall normally be on the basis of two up and two down in between all divisions. The Management Group shall have the final decision on the composition of the divisions prior to the season commencing." http://media.rladmin.co.uk/docs/NWML%20Competition%20Rules%202015.PDF.pdf
  9. You couldn't make this stuff up: "...all the Wolves’ first-team squad will be dual-registered with the Hornets, whose players will be made available for the Wolves’ new reserve team." http://www.theguardian.com/sport/2015/oct/29/warrington-rochdale-player-swap-partnership Anyone that thought having a reserve team comp would make dual reg less of a farce, think again !
  10. The game is on Vimeo here:
  11. The champ v SL game that mattered was 18-16 with c.2 minutes left, how much closer do you want it to be ?
  12. So, Salford enjoyed the middle 8s so much this year that they are planning on giving them another go next season.........
  13. Are you sure the problem is not one with sky+ (on non Sky channels) rather than premier ? my brother gets the same thing all the time watching college American football on ESPN (he usually also records the following programme just in case) ?
  14. The road was supposed to be finished August last year, but it's a bit (lot) behind schedule. I think Salford have to play all their Super League games at the A J Bell but I've seen it suggested that they could take a Challenge Cup game to another stadium.