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  1. The delay in 2x10 has been reported elsewhere as well: https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/rugby-league-structure-broadcast-deal-22067519 I suspect one or two Championship clubs might be regretting splashing the cash on players for next season now...
  2. Godzilla


    Talk is they will be in next season but will actually be using Bradford as their home ground
  3. They obviously do have a value as it costs money to televise the games, so if Sky are showing them they are of value to them.
  4. I wonder if the £10 on the day price is partly to encourage people to buy a £15 day pass instead
  5. The Featherstone game is available on YouTube but I wouldn't recommend watching it unless you are VERY keen.
  6. This may be because teams have realised they can slow the game down by standing offside for 30 seconds at every hand over while the clock runs down, very exciting...
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