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  1. I wonder if the £10 on the day price is partly to encourage people to buy a £15 day pass instead
  2. The Featherstone game is available on YouTube but I wouldn't recommend watching it unless you are VERY keen.
  3. This may be because teams have realised they can slow the game down by standing offside for 30 seconds at every hand over while the clock runs down, very exciting...
  4. I went to all the 1995 matches you listed and they were all great (apart from the final! (ahem)). The PNG - Tonga game and the England - Wales semi were also pretty good and well worth a watch if you can find them (I've got the lot on DVD transferred from VHS)).
  5. A marquee player's salary counts as £150,000 on the cap. The salary of a "returning player" counts as 50% of it's actual value on the cap for the first year. If the returning player is also a marquee player is that 50% of £150.000, 50% of the actual value or £150,000 (assuming the actual value is £300,000+) ? Anybody know how it works?
  6. But you will have to pay!!!.... https://www.rugby-league.com/article/55875/knights-v-jamaica-to-be-shown-on-our-league
  7. No it doesn't, the decline in the amateur game in Oldham has very little to do with the decline of the professional club.
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