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  1. eaton must go

    The simple fact is, weve used DR and look where its got us. Second bottom at the end of the season..... Obviously working then?
  2. eaton must go

    Takes two to tango......
  3. Eaton's comments after Donny

    Last season for me! Why, cause we were winning games, being competative, played good rugby and had a leader on the park.
  4. Eaton's comments after Donny

    Sorry ramone, you are wrong. Apart from keinhorst, all have been average. Even yates hasnt been the same player as he was two years ago. Walters!! Did you go to the game against donny, if so then you will have noticed his two mised simple one on one tackles which led to two tries! And no i wouldnt like to be playing coventry and hemel every week. What i do want tho, is to see us been competive in games, which we cant even do against the poorer teams in the championship. Its embarressing and deflating this every week, therefore if that means we can we competative in league 1, yes im up for that and were out of our depth here and punching well above our weight. I take you like to see us getting hammered every week ramone?
  5. Eaton's comments after Donny

    Just read Eatons' comments from after the game v Donny last Sunday................ Barry Eaton, the Hunslet Hawks coach, said that playing three games in seven days prior to the defeat at Doncaster may have had an affect but refused to use that as an excuse. “There were some factors out of our control on Sunday that led to more than a few momentum swings,” he said. “For 55 minutes we were outstanding.” Is he for real? What game was he watching? We were shocking first half too against the weakest team in the Championship. For him to use the EXCUSE that we played 3 games in EIGHT days, is laughable. How many players were quoted as being rested for the Bulls and Leigh games, as we were targeting the Donny game as 'must win'? Thought we had the best quality and most in depth squad than we have had in years? Surely a squad of that magnatude could deal with 3 games in 8 days and also what worries me is the quality of the squad. For us to keep using average and below par loan and DR players says it all. OR is it down to Barry having his favouites? Any other sporting club would have seen Barry sacked by now. Second time in three years he is going to take us down. Why havent our board addressed this? OR is it they are too scared of the backlash from Hetherington? My views might seem controversial to some. Views?
  6. Barry, sorry about that message about celtic last night - thought you were having a pop at me.

    Its Mark by the way - i work at npower with your Mel.