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  1. A previous multipule winner of Worlds biggest liar is already in there
  2. Well we now have a pitch worse than the Rec. serious questions need to be asked why this work has stopped. Surely we must have had assurances that the work would be completed.
  3. Could be way off with this, but here goes. Articles I have seen published indicate that the Safety Certificate for BP run out this month. So how will we able to play our next home game at BP while the pitch is repaid at DP? Hope it's a mistake in what's been published
  4. MikeMc


    England v Scotland on at 19:45 on the same night. (Football, World Cup qualifiers) So would expect that effect any chance of a sellout.
  5. Shaun Wane season 93 - 94 8 App 2 of these as sub. Scored 2 try's Tony Smith season 1996 9 Apps Scored 1 try
  6. That was it Andy Eyres. Old grey matter starting to go
  7. The playoff wins at Huddersfield and Rochdale will always be 2 of the greatest days. We were never supposed to have won either. When the tickets for the final were handed over to Town after the match they had already been opened and had already been distributed among Rochdale board members (we'll that was always one of the rumours) and had to be returned back to the original envelopes. Turned up at DP the following morning at stupid o'clock to find a queue a mile long for tickets for the final. The finals at OT, well they are just days that will never be forgotten. Too many tales to tell from those two days. One of my best memories was being back at Leeds road the following year (93/94 season I think, in fact just looked it up and I was correct). Huddersfield were unbeaten in their first 10 games (they had beaten us at home in the first game of the season 9 - 10) and boy did their fans let you know it. Another day we were not supposed to win! We came away 20 - 4 victors. We ended up champions with a win on the last day at Bramley. Still got pictures on the pitch from that day. Wasn't one of the greatest days (well the result that is) but the trip to Paris in 1996. Being told that it was £8 a pint in Paris and just telling everyone "it won't be!" Boy was I wrong. Think the cheapest drink I had that weekend was £5 (it was still Francs back in 96) Here's a few to jog a few memories. Jimmy Pickering getting sent off against Keighley after taking offence to A certain Mr Hay taking Phil McKenzie out off the ball. Play carried on and Jimmy just grabbed him and pounded him, by the time the ref knew what was happening and everyone ran back, Hay's face was like and egg box and it took about 4 or 5 to pull Jimmy off him. Think his ban took him out until the playoff semi-final. The challenge cup tie at Leeds. Now Who was it that got us all to assemble in front of the scoreboard? I'm sure he will make himself known!!!
  8. MikeMc

    Keith T

    Thanks for the update Mark. Get well soon Keith.
  9. Close! 1 Mulligan 2 Penrice 3 Kay 4 Burns 5 Bond 6 Carter 7 Marwood 8 Schubert 9 Roskell 10 Riley 11 Oglanby 12 Armstrong 13 Hepi 14 Smith 15 Scott Try's Mulligan and Penrice goals 2 Marwood Attendance 7682
  10. Saw a link to this on Face Book http://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/league/10442759/Cult-hero-Hitro-Okesenes-Cumbrian-sunset One of my hero's. always gave 100%
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