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  1. Who’s coaching us for the rest of the season now then?
  2. Called the Hock situation months ago and got absolutely slaughtered for it, better off with out him 3 players coming in with his money, who will keep you up, good luck for rest of the season
  3. I’d be careful talking sense on here, you’ll get banned
  4. Dropping Sutton for Lancaster this morning sums him up
  5. AndyD

    Hock gone?

    He has gone hence the Johnson signing expect another one to come in early next week
  6. AndyD

    2019 signings

    OldRake9 should I reveal your identity to the forum? ???
  7. I honestly couldn’t care less
  8. AndyD

    2019 signings

    Penky will sign for Leigh. Gutted
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