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  1. Keith Senior

    maybe you should of posted this topic last week!!!
  2. Exactly, if he was so bad why would he make the leeds 1st team!! at the end of the day, he goes on the field and does his job - wind the opposition up so they concentrate on him more than his team mates!!
  3. it certainly does. What additional evidence is used for the review panel that wouldnt be available to the original disciplinary panel? None I presume, apart from a more rehersed 'im a good boy' routine! I think that when the panel give out the punishment on diciplinary night the 'offender' and co should be given an hour to oppose the punishment.. I dont think there should be a review a week later. These overturn bans are happening more and the RFL are now setting a presidence in letting ppl off.
  4. And rightly so... however, I think the disciplinary panel and subsequant review panel is a bit of a joke and need sorting.
  5. World's ten best full backs

    Just out of interest, how many first choice english fullbacks to we have in Super League?
  6. Didnt golden bo**ocks Pat Richards miss 3 penalty kicks to win the game!!!! well, blame him! Im sure none of the wigan player have ever pulled a player back have they.. maybe if Mcguire had pulled him back 5 meters from the line you would have an argument to call him whatever you want, but lets face, it was on wigan's 40 meter line and you wouldnt of scored anyway! Stop being so pathetic!
  7. Radford Wins Appeal

    From the website:
  8. :o Beeb attend Lance Todd Dinner

    Correct me if im wrong but isnt the Lance Todd trophy for the man of the match for the CC final?? Why isnt it presented at the end of the game as it always used to be?? Im sure Briers would of prefered to have received it infront of his fans rather than a punch od suited and booted sponsors only there for the free meal!!
  9. Thierry Alibert

    The only thing that let Alibert down was that he should of sent James Graham to the sin bin for his outburst towards him! Graham seems to be getting away with it far too often. Maybe Ailbert didnt understand him!!