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  1. Knowles destroyed us a few years ago v Sheffield. Thought he was brilliant. If he's half the player he was then we've a good buy here. Looking good for the future.
  2. Dewsbury team going back 25 years or so. Darren Coen eddie rombo darren rodgers brendan williams dennis bailey chris vasey mark conway Gary cocks neil kelly AKA god darren fleary shane Williams (should have been an international with his skill glenn bell les holliday Subs paul Delaney kevin carruthers brendan o meara andy dickinson
  3. We seem to have a lot of players again all of a sudden. Any ideas if any of the fringe players are still around? Hemingway, Tonks, stringer or Potts?
  4. Listening to the commentary of matches over the last couple of days it made me realise how many ex-dewsbury players are still playing. If you could pick a team of all the current and ex players still playing what would it look like? gudzek morton grady bretherton turner brough finn england o'brian singleton Bostock Spicer addy subs hirst thackery Igbegedion Douglas not a bad team that. Sure there will be more I've missed out!!
  5. Managed to find the highlights here.
  6. Real shame we've lost him to Fev, was really impressed with him from what I saw. Wonder if we tried to sign him permanently.
  7. How would the change into specific sport channels affect RL???
  8. HIghlights here any idea of there are any from the Oldham match at all?
  9. Hopefully we can manage the squad so that we have a number of players that have only played one of the two matches this week, or have had limited game time . Something like:- gudzek potts hallett walshaw Morton sykes moore sheriffe hemmingway tonks ollett hayes glover subs new prop (from London) speakman day ward
  10. Woooooo hooooooo 🏉
  11. Gudzek morton hallett sykes / squires potts speakman moore sherrife day teanby igbinedon walshaw brown subs ward adamson tonks / johnson Spicer
  12. Any squad announcements at all?
  13. Obviously there have been huge changes in the squad over the last few weeks. Some players have come in and done very well, others have left, but there are quite a few that are either injured or are just not playing. Anyone a full list of players we currently have and whether they are 'our' players or on loan?
  14. Halifax away in the play offs, where I think we stopped them from scoring....
  15. Really good performance. Both second rows were immense. Great to see a scrum half dictating for us, and some great goal line defence. Still lots of players to come back from injury, meaning that we should only get stronger. Still some hope left for this season. Up the Rams!