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  1. thehullram

    Swinton H

    Great result boys. Well done all concerned on staying up again!
  2. Any word on which matches will be on Sky?
  3. thehullram


    Worrincy, speakman, spicer, Hallet and of course Moore.
  4. thehullram


    First game in a while I’ve been able to get to. Impressed by Potts, Ryder, Sykes (as always), Walshaw, Knowles and Brown today. Be good to know the reasons some players don’t seem to be playing, be that injury, coach decision, or they have left the club. Maine great desire to win, first 20 mins after half time was very good. Both starting front rowers dropped too much ball, and we also dropped too much ball, made silly mistakes when we had the ball in their 20. Can’t remember us getting to a 6th tackle kick!
  5. thehullram

    Fan's forum announced

    Can anyone post the main headlines from the forum, if there were any please
  6. Just booked 8 tickets for hull, most as Xmas presents that the RFL have missed out on before! The new ticketing system is much better, and will be buying 7 or 8 more for Leeds shortly. If you haven’t got yours yet, then get them. The earlier they sell out, the more it proves to the RFL that getting tickets out early is by far the best way to sell them!
  7. thehullram

    2018 Squad confirmed

    Hallett gone to swinton
  8. thehullram

    2018 Series v NZ

    I wonder if there is going to either be a mid season test or warm up match in London? As said previously, 2 big stadiums and 1 25500 Stadium are better than Wigan, Huddersfield and hull as it could have been. Hull have sold out there last 2 internationals, and I’ll be booking for 2 or 3 to see the world champions! 😬
  9. Lots of decisions to make. I’d go with:- widdop mcgillivary watkins percival hall brown gale graham hodgson hill burgess whitehead loughlin subs roby walmsley burgess currie/bateman
  10. Dewsbury would have the 4 burgess brothers and Danny Brough shepherding them around the Tetleys Stadium!
  11. thehullram

    65k expected for Challenge Cup final

    I went yesterday as a neutral, thought the atmosphere was great and after. Or attending for a number of years, I'll certainly be back. Think the reduction in numbers is down to a few reasons. In the 80's and 90's it was THE big day out in RL, possibly alongside the London GB test as well. Now it's got to compete with the Grand Final, Magic Weekend and a trip to Catalans for Super League clubs. League 1 and championship teams also have a trip to Toulouse and now Toronto as well as the summer bash. August bank holiday doesn't help, the big gaps between rounds doesn't help, but look at the amount of Hull fans there, great effort. Moving forwards, the RFL have to think about how to sell the extra 20k seats to make it a 'must attend event' again. If I were them I'd be looking at using the amateur and professional game more, saying all ticket sales they sell in the upper tier they get to keep 75% of revenue. These clubs needn't I come and selling 50 or so tickets at £20 will quite easily make them some easy cash to invest back into the game. You could get university teams, junior teams and the pro teams all doing it. Offer all pro clubs season ticket holders the best offer, so there is more value to buying a club season ticket (could be used for internationals as well). If they can't be bothered to market the game themselves then do what others say and let the RFL sell the lower bowl and CW tickets and sell the rights to the upper tier to a company who will market and sell it out. There must be some great companies based down south that can do that. To end on a positive. I, as a Dewsbury fan, had Whitehaven fans infrobt, 3 non English speaking spaniards behind and was in touching distance of 4 French Catalan fans and about 20 Whitehaven fans. The product is fab, we just need to start thinking out of the box!
  12. thehullram


    Great result. Looking forward to watching the highlights later
  13. thehullram


    Reckon our good form may run out today. Rams 12, Toulouse 28
  14. thehullram

    Sponsoring a player

    I would
  15. thehullram

    He signs.

    Heard at the match yesterday there is just Jack T and Aaron B to sign deals they have been offered. Everyone else has signed.