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  1. League express suggests he can’t play next week against Bradford. Not sure why, as surely today was his ban?
  2. Shayne Williams at Dewsbury. Signed Shayne and Darren Fleary on the same day. Shayne had more talent, size, speed and skill than Darren. But Darren has the work ethic. ReLly think Shayne should have been an international player if he’d had the work ethic of Darren. Best natural talent I’ve seen at Dewsbury in 30 years.
  3. http://bit.ly/2tCkgND great to see someone coming the other way. Just need SBW, Owen farrell and Falou to follow and it’ll make a real impact on everyone!
  4. thehullram

    York Game

    Was much better than I expected yesterday as our first match of the year. Some good performances across the park, and some disappointing ones as well. To me the biggest point of the match was Danny O dropping the ball in the act of scoring. If we’d have scored that, then we would have been 20-0 up with a kick to come. Not sure York would have come back from then. Shame the highlights don’t show the grounding of the last try, looked like it bounced from where we were. It is interesting to hear the referees on the highlights, as their mic is linked to the video. Not easy for any of the officials. Most of the dropped balls / stealing the ball, could be given either way. Hate that rule! Hopefully we’ll learn for next week, make a couple of changes where needed and get the win v Swinton! UTR
  5. Had a response to a message I posted to Jon Dutton. Draw this November. Ballot for tickets in July 2020 with release on general sale from November 2020!
  6. That’s disappointing, hoped it would be 2 years ahead
  7. Personally, yesterday, was a great plus for the game. Venues named over 2 years ahead. Good mix of new and old venues, with some new stadiums as well. Next step is to make sure the tickets are on sale at least 2 years in advance. Believe that the reason places like Doncaster, Teesside and Coventry got games was the amount of marketing money the local authority have agreed to pour into the build up. No reason why we can’t sell out every game in the men’s game! Very excited. Think I’ll have trips to SJP, Teesside, Hull, Leeds, Doncaster, Anfield, Emirates and Huddersfield! Better start saving now!
  8. Yesterday felt like an ‘event’. I took 2 non rugby girls (10 and 15 years old), don’t think they understood the rugby, but loved the build up, the remembrance ceremony, the anthems, Haka, fireworks, free flags, dust ups, drum and Mexican wave. Went back home saying they loved it. If they had come to Hull (as I did) there is no way I would have got them to another match
  9. England have ultimately beaten NZ whilst we were missing a number of first teamers. A number of players have moved up the pecking order (some without playing) and a number have moved down. Positives:- Mackinson proved to be international class Thompson fitted in really well, looked like he’d played 20 tests Sam Tomkins took his chances and must be considered Jonny Lomax, proved a good inclusion, made very few mistakes and worked well on attack Jake Connor, great partnership on the left wing, must be nailed down for a centre spot whitehead and Bateman. Nailed down both 2nd row spots for the next few years Negatives O’Loughlin, must be time for him to call it a day Percival, Bennett really can’t fancy him if he couldn’t get a game ahead of Gildart Milner, no impact in either game Myler, tried his hardest, tackled well, but not good enough for this level If we had all fit to face the Aussies next year my team would be:- Lomax Mackinson Connor Watkins Hall Widdop Tomkins T Burgess Hodgson Graham Whitehead Bateman S Burgess subs G Burgess Hill / Walmsley Thompson Clark / Roby
  10. 680 left on sale 30 mins ago. If that is all they are going to sell they should be saying less than 1000 left! If they are going to open the upper tier they should do it now! £10 adults £5 concessions.
  11. Greenwood and Myler in for Tomkins (broken hand) and Burgess (suspended). I’d like to see Ratchford come in at full back and Lomax to move up to half back.
  12. The joe.co.uk twitter video has been watched over 110,000 times, the Facebook nearly 1/4 million.
  13. @englandrl are actually doing some really good stuff on Twitter. Just a few months too late. It does feel as though the RFL can only sell one thing at a time.
  14. @englandrl on Twitter just tweeted over 25,000 sold for Sunday with 1,000 sold this morning already. If we can do 1,000 every day we’ll be over the 30,000 mark. I’d put all the upper tier East stand tickets at £10 adults, £5 concessions.
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