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  1. Congrats

    superb effort they say defence wins games and what a cracking job they did on ranghi chase congrats.
  2. Fan assaulted - Fev or Fax fan?

    thats the only problem with grand finals you get people going or should i say idiots going to the game who give the real supporters a bad name.the real supporters of every club know that the true supporters of each club are not thugs and are their to watch their team play the game and for the supporters to have their day cant tar all supporters with the same brush just because of a few idiots,cracking season for fev gutted for your supporters after yesterdays game i was just willing finn or briggs to pop the one pointer over and close the game out.
  3. Why Kick to Halifax

    anyone that plays sport knows that if you get a chance to win the game you take it you dont let the opposition have a give fax the kick-off was a terrible decision i can only assume that dickens had a massive brain fart and never realised the consequences of his decision gutted for the lad great season for fev though
  4. congratulations

    didnt get to watch the match till gone midnight due to work, congratulations on reaching the grand final and well played i remember watching last fev year at craven park and stuart dickens was goosed after 30 mins so credit to your fitness and conditioning staff cause they have done a hell of a job with not just him but your whole squad.hopefully and i mean hopefully barrow can win against sheffield tonight and also turn fax over at the shay resulting in a fev and barrow grand final, cause after tasting the atmosphere that we had last year at the halliwell jones i want a bit more of it superb day out with a cracking atmosphere heres hoping.
  5. Well done Fev

    credit where credits due well done fev no easy task travelling away on a tuesday night and returning with the spoils well done. this leagues wide open and it should be even more interesting towards the end of the season.
  6. Who is going to stop us?

    lol you sound a little like halifax last season and what did they end up winning. im waiting for that famous quote to appear {best team in the league by a country mile ) but then again your coach isnt as dumb as matt calland to make such a statement.long way to go yet and i have no doubt that fev will lose games just as barrow will also, lots of twists and turns to come throughout the season which makes the championship alot more exciting than super league
  7. We're so lucky!

    lol it makes you wonder who actually makes these statements credit where credits due to say barrow were injury ravaged is laughable fev outplayed barrow with your coach getting your teams tactics right on the night and the players stuck to his game plan, defensively fev look a different team this year compared to the one that barrow took apart in the league encounters at barrow and fev,i have no doubt there will be lots of surprises this season so savour the high points (like your having now) and enjoy the rest of the season i wouldnt like to predict who will make the grand final this season as well as the nrc final which to me is brilliant for the fans and also alot more entertaining than super league good luck for the rest of the season (apart from when barrow travel to your place)
  8. Barra

    robin its quite apparent that the proper fev fans know who the culprit is but are obviously sworn to secrecy i just hope barrow draw fev in the nrc cup and the lad realises that he has offended alot of barrow fans as well as embarrassing his own FANS and has the balls to apologise other than that he should start following a football team as for me i wouldnt let the tool into your own stadium and barrows ground again
  9. Barra

    certainly can credit where credits due fev were well up for it barrow didnt play badly fev just stopped them playing quite a few barrow supporters had it in there head that it would be a foregone conclusion but after last years cup game fev were bound to be well up for it and it certainly showed in there defence alone its only one game lost for barra and they will bounce back for sure just like they did last year after the loss at batley
  10. Barra

    last nights over and done with now well played fev gary you cant educate pork just a shame that 1 absolute tool spoilt the night and took the shine off fevs performance which is what should of been the topic of discussion on here