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  1. I’d be amazed if Moor Lane didn’t become anything other than housing, proceeds to Neville & Co as a thank you for bailing the council out of their liabilities for the AJ Bell when they move in their Man Utd tribute act.
  2. That was the highest level of the Welsh pyramid that they were allowed to enter as a 'new' club
  3. I think Bash would only ever really work at Blackpool. Colwyn Bay isn't really that kind of town. Pleasant surprise to see the positive reaction to the news. Would have thought the football ground would be more suitable but it looks like Conwy Council are a driving force and presumably they own Eirias. Personally, I find it a bit of a shame considering even post-Super League there was a spell when Crusaders were regularly getting over 1,000 at the Racecourse. Hopefully this move works out though. I've got a trip lined up to Llandudno this summer so might pop along if the fixture
  4. People still buy newspapers?! And local ones, at that?!
  5. Not done the walk since the 2003 Arriva Cup Final, was knackered by the end and I was a lot younger back then! Have supped in the town centre in recent years before Leigh have played there though and got a taxi.
  6. Straight in the diary and looking forward to it. Railway station is a proper trek from the ground and in reality is a bit of a moot point for a Friday evening kick off.
  7. According to Wiki (which admittedly suggests the York game was at Blagnac which I don’t think was the case) 3,151 v York 2,318 v Oldham Nothing listed for the game against Batley
  8. Apologies, you're right. Four months in Super League and it looks like I've already forgotten about the serfs
  9. All of your club's league games, both home and away
  10. There aren't any individual passes available to purchase for Super League games. Access is just for the season ticket holders of the two clubs involved. Not sure whether this will change once limited numbers of fans are allowed back in games.
  11. The plan was to use the athletics stadium, immediately adjacent to the main Etihad Stadium, owned by the council and a venue for the Women's Grand Final and North West Counties finals previously, rather than the Academy Stadium which is owned by Man City directly for the purpose of their women's team and development squad.
  12. Although it looks good on the surface, the actual stands are temporary metal steps rather than concrete terracing, with the toilets and food outlets still being portakabins and the like. But yes the pitch would be a big issue.
  13. If Salford City were to buy the AJ Bell alongside Sale then I'd expect Moor Lane to be sold for housing to finance said move and/or line the pockets of the sainted 'Class of 92'. Even with the ground improvements, I wouldn't expect Moor Lane - a former home of Swinton, no less - to be suitable for Super League as it is still pretty basic in real terms and the pitch is both small and in poor condition.
  14. Salford City are a lot of things, but short of cash is not one of them! MEN seems to suggest they may be in cahoots with Sale in terms of buying the ground. Although a sizeable amount has been spent on Moor Lane, they're essentially temporary stands and I expect the land it sits on is worth a fortune.
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