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  1. Leigh Sports Village is a hybrid pitch.
  2. You’ve misunderstood me a little, I don’t necessarily mean 1st v 2nd on the final day, but a round of games where the champions might be dependent on a couple of different games. Fans desperate to get updates from elsewhere, helicopter ready and waiting for whoever wins it, that kind of thing. With the regular season having a direct bearing on that scenario.
  3. I would suggest that, having moved from a 9pm to a 6pm kick off, Toronto have done more than most in accommodating for everyone else.
  4. Your final sentence is partly what I mean though. We’re at a stage where we have artificially created this end of season drama to the extent that, in my mind at least, so many of the Grand Finals and it’s winning sides have merged in to one because we’re resting everything on a 80 minute performance instead of a full season of performances. Yes you might get some years where there isn’t much of a race, but that is exactly what makes the good ones all the more memorable. Imagine the 1994 title race happening these days and what Sky could do with it if they played on the same night with simultaneous broadcasts, a live Sky Sports News switching between the grounds, helicopter ready and waiting with the trophy etc. It might sound daft, but sometimes we need bad games/bad seasons/bad teams or else how do we know when there are great ones?
  5. In fairness it is entirely doable in the current climate of Toronto kicking off at 6pm UK time.
  6. Other than the full stops and commers (sic) that are there, of course.
  7. No, I don’t feel it is the best way to crown the champions as by definition it doesn’t necessarily reward the most consistent side throughout the season and in turn has a negative effect on the regular season as a whole, an opinion that I have found to be somewhat common when working in RL for the last 15 years. However, I won’t be cutting my nose off to spite my face and will watch the play offs as at the end of the day I’m a fan of the game and even a contrived knock out system is better than nowt.
  8. From seeing the clip on Sky, this one certainly looked like an actual flare which is infinitely more dangerous than the usual smoke bombs.
  9. Your post presented nothing in the way of discussion and instead was an unnecessarily aggressive post, especially when you consider that I’d already addressed your point about this season’s points gap in my previous post. Just because I would prefer to see a trial return of first-past-the-post doesn’t automatically mean I automatically refuse to even acknowledge the Grand Final taking place. I’ve attended plenty of them in the past and this year I will be looking for a bar in Palmanova that will be showing the game ahead of any football or RU games that are on at the same time. Polarised, as I say.
  10. If there’s no golden point score after 10 minutes of extra team then the teams are awarded a point apiece. Unlikely, but....
  11. In fairness it would take a fair amount of planning to get through 80 minutes and then a further 10 minutes of golden point without either side getting a winner. The potential is there though, it has to be said.
  12. Huddersfield Town are at home on the Sunday so that isn’t an option unfortunately. Sky have just announced the Thursday and Friday as TBC. Only reasonable way I can see it is if everybody plays Friday, 7.45pm
  13. I’ve acknowledged the pros and cons and figured it is a debate well worth having. Clearly I’m wrong. Good lord, when did this country become so polarised?
  14. A final day straight fight for the title would provide tremendous viewing figures, on the proviso that Sky took it seriously with live games simultaneously on Arena/Action with a live update show on SSN etc.
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