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  1. Simon Booth. His mum was an English teacher at Bedford High in Leigh when I was there. Enjoyed the 1996 final the best myself. That era probably struck the right balance for me with deeper attacking lines and less substitutions. Meant the creative players weren’t just trying to avoid getting smashed and allowed that bit more space as defences tired. 8 future Leigh players between the two sides that day plus one future coach, though the less said the better on that front.
  2. Luke & Toby Adamson and Iain & Andy Thornley all played together for Leigh last season.
  3. You can pause your subscription HERE so you won't be charged - you do still have access to their channels so best of both worlds really.
  4. Newcastle’s Challenge Cup game. Sky won’t be taking any notice of that one.
  5. Coronavirus isn't even in the top 10 diseases I'd be worrying about catching in Salford. 2019 rerun of Peruvian Bogsnorkelling to be shown on Main Event.
  6. National League and Northern Premier League football fixtures going ahead tomorrow, presumably in a move of solidarity with the RFL.
  7. The clubs need those gate receipts to pay said wages so it is literally no different to any other small business suffering a drop in revenue because of cancelled events or lower footfall.
  8. And what about those employed by the clubs/stadiums?
  9. I personally find it bizarre that the RFL haven't followed suit already. And the longer they leave it, the more damage it could cause with people having already set off to attend games etc. When the SPFL are cancelling everything on an Old Firm weekend then you know it is worth taking seriously.
  10. Why not? Sports clubs bring huge amount of revenue - and tax - in to this country.
  11. I don't think that will last once one or more players contracts the virus as we're now seeing with football over here.
  12. Hull showing all the hallmarks of a side that I backed from scratch
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