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  1. Whether that bigger crowd will be paying any attention to the game - I'm thinking every Magic weekend ever where you get team A playing team B to the background noise of team Cs fans - is another matter. In terms of the post-match transport, I think that's always going to be a challenge when trying to do a double header where one of the games is set in stone as 3pm.
  2. Yes I'm sure that would have been fine and maybe I didn't phrase it well, but the point remains that leaving on Saturday morning to have enough time to get to the hotel, drop the bags off and then get to Wembley for 12 (ideally earlier) is a big ask in anyone's book.
  3. I don't think many people will be turning up at 12 either to be honest Dave because of the rush to get there at that time. The later kick off was very much the lesser of two evils in my view. Hope it is a success all the same. Without wishing to necessarily repeat myself whenever this topic comes up, but personally I'd be scrapping the Bash and hosting the 1895 Cup Final at Blackpool as a standalone event, as was the case with the Northern Rail Cup.
  4. Four less neutral attendees here. Thought the kick off times were ideal last year as it gave us time to travel down in the morning, check in to our hotel then watch the Challenge Cup curtain raiser and then the 1895 main event. We had already booked the Saturday night for this year based on the same kick off times but the new kick off time means we wouldn't be able to access the hotel in time for getting to Wembley in time for the 1895 final. End result, hotel cancelled and we'll just wait and see if Leigh get to either final(!) and do a day trip on the train. Although we risk missing out on the cheaper advance train tickets, it will still work out cheaper than paying for two nights in a hotel. Well done to the RFL for doing the right thing on the play off venues though.
  5. ‪Just catching up via Sky On Demand. Such a tough watch at the end, especially when Barry Mac of all people breaks down, but my word what an inspiration Rob Burrow is. ‬ Must say that Brian Carney did a cracking job of holding the presentation together.
  6. Correct. I once went to Keighley v Leigh at 3pm in blazing sunshine - featuring Tommy Martyn taking a drop out that went out for a drop out at the other end - and then Bradford v Warrington at 6, greeted At Odsal by torrential rain and a thunderstorm.
  7. In fairness it is only promoting the website to which the forum is attached.
  8. Yesterday afternoon, but it only seems to have appeared on the official Facebook page for some reason with nothing on Twitter or official website as yet.
  9. "LEIGH CENTURIONS GAMES SELECTED FOR OUR LEAGUE COVERAGE Four Betfred Championship fixtures involving Leigh Centurions have been selected for the OurLeague app between March and May. On Sunday, March 1, our derby against Swinton Lions at Heywood Road, Sale, will be streamed live on the app with the game kicking off at 3pm as originally planned. The Easter Monday trip to Whitehaven will also be shown on the app with a 3pm kick-off. Our home game against Toulouse Olympique on Sunday, April 26 will be broadcast with a 3pm start while the away fixture with Bradford Bulls (at Dewsbury) on May 17, will now kick-off at the later time of 6.15pm." So it looks like there is the option to stay at 3pm if so desired.
  10. The problem with your analogy there is that those people go to watch Leeds Utd because their town has never had a team to call their own so naturally gravitate towards the nearest big team. They can't miss what they've never had. If, using your example, Leigh dropped to a level equivalent to non-league football, it would take generations before Wigan saw any benefit of that, in much the same way that Bury's demise hasn't seen my club Bolton suddenly recruit a couple of thousand extra season ticket holders with a BL9 postcode.
  11. Sounds like our rule of only getting the first mid-game pint when Leigh concede a try. Sometimes though it does conflict with our “kick off is overrated” motto. When your team aren’t doing well, I would advise against having any drinking patterns that are based on on-field events. Once made the mistake of pledging to get a pint every time Cas scored past us at Wheldon Road once. Think we lost 64-10. Similarly, we were stood on halfway with a group of Wakey fans in the cup one year and agreed between us that, whenever a try was scored, the next round would be bought by the fans of the team who conceded the try. We lost 60-0 and I spent a small fortune. To the extent that between me and my mate one of us would rejoin the back of the bar queue once we’d got served in anticipation of the next try.* *This was at the bar on the West Terrace where you can still watch the game as you queue.
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