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  1. Very occasionally. If at all. But, yes, they were very much at the forefront of McManus’ mind when building the new stadium. Saints are just filling the gap.
  2. The current Bulls are little more than a tribute act. A tribute act without the rights to the songs of the original group. That's not a dig as such as I find it quite depressing to compare the current state of the club to the one at the height of Bullmania and don't really think it would do much for Super League on the branding front.
  3. My only request is that they keep the "grunt" (they could do with some of that in their pack as well...)
  4. Not even sure where to start with here, other than it quite being a niche piece of work to assume there's a market for such things! Just don't let anyone see this one...
  5. With the size of the main stand, they'll only need to pay a finite amount to bring that up to safety standards and they've satisfied the 5,000 capacity criteria. You'd have to assume the long-term plan is to share with Bradford (Park Avenue) but there again that would be on the assumption that there is any sort of long-term plan.
  6. You could be on to something there. Odds on Dominic Cummings' next role being with SL...?!
  7. Looks like someone has already had a go at it (lifted from Google when looking to see if any clubs elsewhere had already gone down the 'subtle Rhino' route)* *Things you never thought you'd write in life. The things RL does to us, eh?!
  8. That's absolutely how I'd have seen it going if it was a club vote, but surely that sort of thing can't come in to the thinking of an independent body? I suspect HS wasn't quite being serious. You're spot on with all the above, though. I think folk's memories are playing tricks on them when it comes to Odsal. We were (un)lucky enough to play there in 2019 and I've never felt so disconnected from a game since last going to the Don Valley Stadium. You're so distant from everything that you might as well be watching it on TV. If the telly was in the next room to you. BTW I'm fairly sure we're going to be full-time in the Championship regardless of the promotion outcome FWIW.
  9. Without turning it in to a Toronto thread, they certainly went the wrong way about things in terms of not looking after the players wages (as understandable as it may have been to an extent with the lack of furlough etc), but having been over there for the Leigh game in 2018 and seen first hand the enthusiasm for RL over there, I just feel it was far too big an opportunity for the game as a whole to be just cast aside at the best of times, never mind in the midst of a pandemic when surely any shortcomings may have been overlooked to a certain extent. The lack of protection from relegation may certainly make promotion a poisoned chalice if Bradford or York get the nod, but I'd fully expect Leigh to more than compete and I'm sure Toulouse or London would give it a decent fist as well, while Fev would probably depend on how they'd cope without their dual reg options from Leeds. I think granting exemptions at this stage might be a first step to pulling up the drawbridge which personally I don't feel is an option while we only have a 12 team top tier.
  10. Apologies, I hadn't meant to come across as divisional as I acknowledged in a thread the damage that has done to the game post-licencing and indeed wider society post-Brexit in particular. Yes I would be watching along with most others on this forum, but that's more out of a fierce loyalty to the game and maybe a touch of morbid fascination more than anything else. The neutral viewer that we're so desperate to attract isn't going to stick around for long when turning on to see a once iconic club getting stuffed playing in a crumbling wreck with a pitch that has to have carpet over the corners of the in-goal area. First off, let me say that I'd have kept Toronto in. On their removal, we should have stuck with the expansion theme and automatically promoted Toulouse or London. Still, we're stuck with this polarising vanity parade, so in that spirit I would say that Leigh offer an already competitive full-time team, world-class facilities, a proven core support, private financing and, if Bradford can use a 'recovering giant' narrative, then I don't see why we can't go down the route of 'small town punching above its weight' and emphasise just how central the club is to the local community. In many ways I'd rather Super League just had a plan and made their choice - as unpopular as it may be or otherwise - and state their reasons for it rather than creating this charade.
  11. Nothing will attract Sky viewers like Bradford getting thumped 60-0 in the murkiness of a crumbling Odsal.
  12. With the capacity requirement cut from 12,000 to 5,000 then I would suspect they'd only spend the money required to open the main stand (4,890 according to Wiki) and the hospitality suites behind the sticks and leave the terracing to rot.
  13. In my years of posting on here, I'd like to think of myself as quite a fair-minded speccy when it comes to these things, but as comparisons are being made about a process within which Leigh are directly involved then it is only fair and right that Leigh fans respond to these, and I'd expect no different of any other set of fans. Of course these arguments may naturally be weighted with a Leigh bias, but I suppose that's the whole point of the process really. Were the topic of conversation to be the bids of Bradford, Featherstone or A N Other, then I'm sure the same comparisons would be made rather than this being particularly 'against' York. Personally, I feel that the most damaging option to the Super League brand would be admitting a side that ends up getting tonked every week, which in turn could potentially have a devastating effect on the club in question, and this is where I feel York may need to be careful what they wish for. There's very much a feeling of 2008/2011 when it comes to these processes creating slanging matches between fans that merely become a question of who can shout loudest and longest, only now we can also chuck in the additional polarisation nature of society post-indyref/Brexit/Covid. All of the bids - and the clubs presenting them - have their strengths and weaknesses, but without knowing which single aspect SL are looking to achieve, be it on-field, expansion or purely commercial, we're all just pontificating really. Once again, the aim has been to please everybody and instead will satisfy nobody.
  14. So getting a train and then a bus to the stadium is acceptable for a game in York, but not Leigh?
  15. Is that because of the number of cross-border competitions like the MLS or NHL, or are the CFL and Canadian Premier League (suppose they should be the CPL...) in the same boat?
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