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  1. After winning the toss, why did Stuart dickens choose to kick off, giving Halifax the first opportunity for a drop kick, Do you think he didnt know it was the golden point straight away?.
  2. I agree Fev Lions juniors are a good club & have produced some good players for the pro game but they dont have the best teams or nearly the best teams at all age groups last seasons Yorkshire Junior League tables show, the Lions have only one team in the top division, & that team didnt win a game, but still a well run junior section.
  3. Patterson is a pivot, and if he doesnt out pivot his opposition he will end up losing his jumper & be sat in the sheds before he knows it.
  4. Yes I think Big Fellas would be a perfect sponser for Newton.
  5. Sounds a bit like a ground not far from POR.
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