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  1. Has joined Oldham, that a big bit of the salary cap free then Oldham have signed former St Helens halfback Lewis Charnock on a two-year deal from Barrow. The 25-year-old made six appearances for Saints between 2013 and 2016, whilst also having loan spells with Rochdale, Leigh and Bradford.
  2. Good I could do with finding where we are for my anniversary in April
  3. I don't think Mark Tyson wants to go pro TBH
  4. Nobody realised they would be allowed a £1+m salary cap when they joined champ 1 whereas the other teams in champ 1 had assembled teams on budgets of around £200,000 or thereabout therefore it was a no brainer how they would get on
  5. Because they should have been placed in SL straight away not allowed to rampage through champ 1 and champ
  6. As a supporter of a championship team who got hammered for breaking the salary cap spending £400,000 all I can say to the team that was allowed to spend £1.2 m in champ 1 is goodbye and good riddance please dont come back
  7. Wait until you get Toronto next year average away fans are 10 if your lucky
  8. What a surprize the majority of the Cresta out teams have bothered to post on this forum ,30 times . this shows either they are young and new or bandwagon jumpers, there is an odd exception but not many
  9. Is that mug a real item or just photoshop? If it's real where can you get them?
  10. Tell that to Dan Toal and I don't think he was the only one TBH but I am not sure
  11. So we only lost the second half 22-6 which for a team of 15 is actually quite good
  12. I only posted this to see if the usual suspects would reply......and they did!
  13. The ref this week is the one and only Gareth Hewer!!!!!!!!
  14. Championship DEWSBURY RAMS V BARROW RAIDERS Sunday 7th July Tetley's Stadium | KO : 15:00 Referee J. Smith Touch Judge 1 N. Bennett Touch Judge 2 K. Moore Reserve Referee S. Daniel M Com S. Williams Time Keeper S. Pease
  15. 1895 Cup LEIGH CENTURIONS V BARROW RAIDERS Wednesday 26th June Totally Wicked Stadium | KO : 19:30 Referee G. Hewer Touch Judge 1 G. Jones Touch Judge 2 H. Neville Reserve Referee T. Jones M Com A. Mills Time Keeper D. Campbell
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