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  1. No it was Barrow they tied in the first count in 1972 and were replaced by hereford after the second. they were on course to get back this year until covid interfered now they are waiting to see what happens next
  2. Southport FC used to be in the football league untill 1978, when the club was voted out of the Football League following three consecutive 23rd (out of 24) placed finishes, and was replaced by Wigan Athletic
  3. Don't Forget Barrow , Keighley and Rochdale
  4. He was quite a good player at our level when he wanted to be but occasionally had days where he looked uninterested and did not bother trying
  5. We should call this pub the hideaway as we are staying in hiding from that v***s
  6. He went on the local floating nightclub and punched a hole through a bar pump, I am not certain but IIRC (can anybody confirm either way)he had a spell in HMP for A/GBH
  7. Is this the Ian Bell who ended up at Barrow(08 ish)& Doncaster played center or a different one?
  8. Looking at the forecast next sunday looks messy too with 60 mph wind forecast and heavy rain
  9. I would seriously consider Jono Smith(Barrow). He might not be the tallest rugby player but by heck he can tackle
  10. Has joined Oldham, that a big bit of the salary cap free then Oldham have signed former St Helens halfback Lewis Charnock on a two-year deal from Barrow. The 25-year-old made six appearances for Saints between 2013 and 2016, whilst also having loan spells with Rochdale, Leigh and Bradford.
  11. Good I could do with finding where we are for my anniversary in April
  12. I don't think Mark Tyson wants to go pro TBH
  13. Nobody realised they would be allowed a £1+m salary cap when they joined champ 1 whereas the other teams in champ 1 had assembled teams on budgets of around £200,000 or thereabout therefore it was a no brainer how they would get on
  14. Because they should have been placed in SL straight away not allowed to rampage through champ 1 and champ
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