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    Shirt Sponsorship 2019

    Yep, got it I think... You will see in a few minutes (if its correct) lol. Oh, and thanks for the birthday wishes
  2. Supertyke

    Shirt Sponsorship 2019

    Well, the days of me putting money in an envelope and sending it abroard have long since past. You're going to have to accept Paypal from me I fear Stuart 😎
  3. Supertyke

    Shirt Sponsorship 2019

    Me too please...
  4. Supertyke

    Bulldogs international fanbase

    Hahahaha, I never got this kind of welcome when I travelled from Hamburg to Toulouse last year. Although actually thats not completely true. I did get to meet some wonderful new folk that I had known previously only from the forum, and I also had a good chat with Kevin. Being serious though now, these are great stories. The comments by the chap from Sweden are wonderful. And that really is what it's all about
  5. Supertyke

    Enough is enough

    Hahaha, well I was prophetic, if nothing else
  6. Supertyke

    Enough is enough

    I was just thinking, it won't be long before a certain Buford T Justice makes his annual guest appearance.... but 11 defeats in the last 12 games somehow speaks for itself... and the line up didn't look so bad this afternoon ....makes you think, at least.
  7. Supertyke

    Halifax @ Home on Saturday
  8. Supertyke

    Batley MOM

    Isaac Farrell Joel Farrell Reiss Butterworth
  9. Supertyke

    Toulouse away

    Well I wasn't going to mention it Jekyll, but I think he might just be showing off ..... :-D
  10. Supertyke

    Toulouse away

    Absolutely Stuart, had a great weekend. Got to know some wonderful people, hospitality in Toulouse was good too. Wrong time of year for me this time though Roger, but if you can make it, go for it.... just don't try to walk from Blagnac Airport into Toulouse City Centre. Its further than it looks, believe me :-D
  11. RT @reporterAndy1: Match report now online as @BatleyRLFC push @RLChampionships leaders @TOwolfpack close with terrific display https://t.c…

  12. Supertyke

    Batley Bulldogs v Toronto Wolfpack MOM

    Ward Harrison Brown
  13. @reporterAndy1 @BatleyRLFC @FevRovers Let's be positive and rmember victory in the @TheChallengeCup at Mount Pleasant in 2016

  14. Supertyke

    Onto Fev

    I hadn't noticed, but now I have, I can't unsee it.... :-D
  15. Challenge Cup vs. Leigh to go ahead!

  16. Supertyke

    batley v london broncos - match offer

    Full time: 68-12
  17. Supertyke

    batley v london broncos - match offer

    And to add insult to injury: RED for Brambani
  18. Supertyke

    batley v london broncos - match offer

    London score another on the half time hooter - 36-6
  19. Supertyke

    Challenge Cup draw

  20. Ich mag das @YouTube-Video: Tinky Minky Kukulinin Bütün Şarklıları ve En Komik Maceraları Bir Arada 2015

  21. @BatleyRLFC @loverugbyleague well done @loverugbyleague

  22. @drmarwanK Rugby League has relied on Sky TV for far too long. Its time for new concepts if the game is to expand.

  23. Supertyke

    Christmas Greetings.

    Happy Christmas Bulldogs!!
  24. Supertyke

    Omari Caro

    now that would be interesting ...