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  1. Pity I missed you Stuart, I was on the look out for you.... should have read this post earlier I suppose.
  2. Massive signing and a great signal. Well done all concerned!
  3. both 46 - 0 at the moment ....
  4. My condolences to Kevin and his family on their loss. Very sad news.
  5. So, where do we go from here?
  6. 12 minutes gone and we can go home already...
  7. For the masochists among you. The full match against the Bulls is now on the Supertyke website
  8. Sheffield Video on the Supertyke Website, if anyone is interested... https://www.supertyke.net/forum/#!/rugbyleague:sheffield-video
  9. First games always difficult to predict. There has been a lot going on in the pre season, and that makes predictions even more difficult. Dogs 22 - 12
  10. Yep, got it I think... You will see in a few minutes (if its correct) lol. Oh, and thanks for the birthday wishes
  11. Well, the days of me putting money in an envelope and sending it abroard have long since past. You're going to have to accept Paypal from me I fear Stuart ?
  12. Hahahaha, I never got this kind of welcome when I travelled from Hamburg to Toulouse last year. Although actually thats not completely true. I did get to meet some wonderful new folk that I had known previously only from the forum, and I also had a good chat with Kevin. Being serious though now, these are great stories. The comments by the chap from Sweden are wonderful. And that really is what it's all about
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