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  1. frankb

    Easter Monday: Town v Leigh

    they did when I was there. They could not teach me though cos they said I was not bright enough
  2. frankb

    Leigh game

    Well I have been watching Leigh since 1956 and recently I have been to POR when you were good and have posted some big scores against us. Time for us to get our own back so I'll go for Leigh 68 16. PS I have had a few.
  3. frankb

    Leigh game

    See you Sunday Dave int George & Dragon.
  4. frankb

    Leigh game

    Should be a great game. You will need to win to be sure off a top four finish. Leigh will want to win to practically be sure of winning the Championship.
  5. frankb

    Can we Still Make the Top 4?

    We Leigh fans were very pleased with your win at Bradford. We still don't think you'll make the top 4 though unless you beat us. Come in numbers and have a chat int George and Dragon b4 the game. My mates and I will be there just after 12pm on the day.
  6. frankb

    Leigh on Sunday

    Watch the dvd' you can on Leigh Centurions TV. It's obvious a Batley player started the trouble when he realised his side were well beaten.
  7. frankb

    ref for sunday

    Lol brilliant reply. At least I go to our games home and away.
  8. frankb

    ref for sunday

    Game after game ? How many Leigh games have you watched this season ? Watch the game again andyou might realise that like most of the posts on this thread you are one bitter and biased supporter. Oh' I am a Leyther' there were faults on both sides but Leigh are clearly the better team.
  9. frankb

    haggerty and Armstrong.

    Irrespective of injuries and suspensions Leigh will still have a very strong team on Sunday.
  10. frankb

    Leigh sunday

    Refs don't win or lose matches. Players do that.
  11. frankb

    Leigh Centurions – Travel Pack

    Public Transport directions are daft too.
  12. There is a TUC march in Manchester Sunday and consequently the 26 bus will run from Shudehill Bus Station Stand H between 10-15am and 2pm approx' instead of Piccadilly.
  13. frankb

    Does it get any...

    Not often I agree with a Fev fan.
  14. frankb

    Featherstone V Leigh.Thurs 7.30pm

    You have had a good season results wise but lose your last 3 and it will not matter. Even if you go undefeated it will not matter.That is what annoys me so much about franchising. Trouble is now 99.99% of clubs are playing friendlies every week.