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  1. Thank goodness, Such a lot a money to waste on a training session for a coach who can only spare you three days. Some dedicated coach that is! Spend money as required? ......... by all means. Waste money? ......... when there are still people living cold and hungry in winter in so many parts of the world. "Do they know it's Christmas time at all?" Remember that ..... or has it been relegated recently to the dustbin of history?
  2. That looks absolutely correct to me. Not being in government, or even in opposition, neither the Leave nor the Remain campaign `teams' were in a position to promise anything at all. Neither was that their purpose. That is the purpose of political parties contesting either a general, a bi, or a local government election. The purpose on this occasion was to persuade every registered, eligible voter, to listen to the arguments put forward by teams on both sides of the question `Should Britain pull out of the European Union?'. The purpose of the eligible electorate, was individually to think about those arguments (all of them) very carefully, weigh them in the twin balances of merit and probability and, having done so, make the responsible effort it requires to go to a polling booth on the designated day, put a pencil cross in a printed box on a piece of paper, fold it, and drop it through the handy slit provided in a large, sealed box. That's all. That's what happened. And in Britain generally, what happens thereafter is that voters hear the result, feel delighted or disappointed depending on how they voted, and then get back to doing whatever it is they normally do. Anything else is just hot air. Fun, of course, but entirely irrelevant.
  3. Dull, dull, dull .......... We have just witnessed the most invigorating political `event' (action, phenomenon - call it what you will) in British politics in a generation. Whether we like it or not (both winners and losers in the referendum vote), we have before us a future that offers an opportunity to change: - to act instead of grudgingly accept - to think instead of put off thinking `just for now' - to embrace compromise and work with its verdicts, rather than sulk, skulk and blame - to listen, discuss, compromise where only compromise will work and then - to be bold, decisive, grasp the banner of liberty to choose and the best the Conservative party can come up with, to surge forward at the head of us all is ....... ... a fence-sitting, self-righteous geriatric in kitten heels. Oh brave new world!
  4. Match report submitted by Media Manager, BARLA ... Steve Manning JAMAICA B 10 : BARLA LIONS 58 Three minutes into the game Matty Harling took raced through a gap to go 60 yards to open the BARLA account , Bradbury added the extras 0-6, a break down the right hand side for Jamaica was halted by BARLA on the 20 m line, both teams tested each other and some strong defence from Heppell and French forced a error, on the restart a good show and go and a 30m dash from ostle on the 30 min mark , Bradbury missed the extras-0-10 , of the restart Bri Ritchie took 2 hit ups from the 6 and on his second broke the line drew the fullback and passed to hunter who crossed right corner, Bradbury missed the conversion 0-14, some good work released grainey down the right side to score 0-18 , this time Leicester adds stage extras 0-20,some good Jamaica defence stopped the flood gates opening HT 0-20. Second half and the Jamaicans upped there game and a big hit on Hopkins spilled the ball, Jamaica took advantage and some good play and Jamal McKenzie crossed The BARLA line , conversion missed by grant , 4-20 BARLA responded immediately with a hunter try , Leicester added the extras 4-26 , 50mins in ostle released hopper under the posts 4-30 , Leicester added the extras 4-32 , a good passage BARLA from right to left on 54 mins,and Cahill dummies over 4-36 Leicester missed the conversion. Some good defence and a ball spill and Shaw collected and barges over the Jamaican line, this time Leicester added the extras 4-42, BARLA worked hard up the middle and Cahill was to quick to the line for the chasing Jamaicans 4-46 Leicester again added the extras 4-48, Jamaica crossed the line through the big man Antonio Baker , grant added the extras 10-48, some good exchanged but BARLA come out on top when hunter crossed for he's hatrick, 10-52 Leicester missed a difficult touch line conversion , Jamaica tried a short kick off but Leicester received the ball and outpaced the Jamaicans down the middle of the park and then added the goal to he's try 10-58. The game ended that way with both teams contesting in a good hard game of rugby league played in good spirits. . BARLA LIONS : 1. Danny Cahill : Driglington, 2. Braden Hunte : Mirfield Stags, 3. Sam Grainey : Leigh East, 4. Perry Singleton : Barrow Island, 5. Matty Harling : Hull Dockers, 6. Josh Bradbury : Saddleworth Rangers, 7. Andy Ostle : Ellenborough Rangers, 8. Ryan Bowie : Eastmoor Dragons, 9. Matt Elliott : Walney Central, 10. James Shaw : Oldham St Anne's, 11. Jordan Thomson : Hensingham, 12. Branden French : Shaw Cross Sharks : 13. Harry Bromwich : York Acorn, 14. Marcus O'Brien : Millom,15. Liam Wood : Seaton Rangers, 16. Tommy Hopkins : Askam, 17. Sam Heppell : Hull Dockers, 18. Sean Leicester : Thatto Heath Crusaders, 19. Bryan Richie : Distington, 20. Jordan Welsby : Blackbrook. Tries: Harling, Ostle, Hunter 3, Grainey, Hopper, Cahill 2, Shaw, Leicester Goals: Bradbury, Leicester 6. JAMAICA B : 1. Robert Rodney : Duhaney Park, : 2. Demetrius Campbell : Liguanea, 3. Jamal McKenzie : Liverpool J Moore University, 4. Lewis Bowman-:-Unattached, 5. Andrae McFarlane : Duhaney Park, 6. Ryan Grant : GC Foster College, 7. Romeo Monteith : Washington Blvd, 8. Jade Harrison : Vauxhall, 9. Mathew Simms : University Of Technology, 10. Kadeem Williams : Unattached, 11. Antonio Baker : Mico University College, 12. Aston Stephenson : London Skolars, 13. Romaen Campbell : Washington Blvd, 14. Shannon Harris : Liguanea, 15. Donovan Jackson : Liguanea, 16. Demone Mcdougal : University Of Technology, 17. Mark Edwards : Excelsior Community College, 18. Paul Terrelonge : GC Foster College, 19. Stefan Lounds, 20. Ethon Dwyer : Jamaica Defence Force. Tries: McKenzie, Baker Goals: Grant Man of the Match: Brian Ritchie, BARLA Lions.
  5. Former Rhinos captain backing Sinfield Iestyn Harris it is ..... doing his best to sound like he thinks it's real but, like so many Rugby League fans beaten by that inevitable, dyed-in-the-wool pessimism despite himself. Noddy Badge for trying though. Read his thoughts is you haven't already: News | Leeds Rhinos | Official Site: Tweet it if you haven't already Tweeted. http://www.therhinos.co.uk/news/28075.php#.VnKjg9vc-u1.twitter But most of all, no matter what club you support, if you are a Rugby League supporter and you care about the game of Rugby League then vote, vote, vote ! Words are fine but in the end it's only actions that win and winning action starts with `the man in the mirror'.
  6. That reminds me of a band called Fivepenny Piece - from Ashton-Under-Line I think but not sure because I only heard them in Zimbabwe, on a vinyl record lent to us by a chap newly out from UK. Long moons ago now but I found this on You Tube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6ijUgBZDRg Big Jim. Longely out ynil heard
  7. Remember this one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nEeoXS18Ww
  8. The Jamaicans have begun preparations for the 2017 Rugby League World Cup Qualifiers – Americas, comfortable in the fact that they will be classed as underdogs. The Reggae Warriors face hosts USA on December 4th followed by a match up with in-form Canada four days later, both matches in Florida. A scarcity of resources has seen the side play no practice games in the lead up, while their opponents faced each other in September and October in the Colonial Cup. The lack of international games has seen the Jamaicans fall to number 29 in the world rankings, while USA and Canada are 10th and 13th respectively, with the ratings set to change after this series of games. Jamaica head coach Romeo Monteith remains upbeat despite the disadvantages. “Anything can happen over 80 minutes, our players are really motivated as they have never beaten the USA before and we have lost to Canada in our last three meetings,” he said, as preparations began in earnest. “Our aim is to play good rugby, enjoy the games and give a good account ourselves. There is a lot of pride in our camp as our programme here has been steadily improving over the years and we know many people are rooting for us to do well.” Monteith believes the biggest challenge the Warriors will face is a lack of match fitness. “We will definitely be cold in that first game, our combinations and team chemistry will be heavily tested and it’s up to us as the coaching staff to mentally stimulate the team and get them switched on,” he acknowledged. “We have been addressing that with some high pressure training sessions in Kingston and the squad has been responding well. We have over 30 players vying for positions and they are trying to create a competitive environment within the squad to compensate for the lack of actual matches"
  9. USARL chairman, Peter Illfield, who is also US Hawks coach for the two-game Colonial Cup series, is confident that despite their first game defeat to Canada the national side is making progress. Illfield will hand over the reins to Leeds Rhinos coach Brian McDermott for the up-coming Firehouse Subs Rugby League World Cup Qualifiers - Americas in December. One of USA, Canada or Jamaica will qualify for the 2017 World Cup, the Hawks looking to emulate the side from the 2013 global tournament that, against the odds, made the quarter finals. “We will need to step up again if we are going to qualify for our second consecutive World Cup,” said Illfield. “We are only too aware of the improvements that need to be made in just over a month. “Encouragingly, our forwards responding positively to the challenges set by the coaching staff after game one against Canada, showing greater penetration in attack and the back three outside backs scored all 28 of the teams' points.” Illfield added: “Heritage players from Australia have shown an interest and will add some expertise and skill to the squad. English Super League Champions and treble-winning Leeds coach, Brian McDermott, will raise the bar when he takes over coaching responsibilities, which will provide a far more consistent and intense preparation. “McDermott's experience will be vital not only for the World Cup Qualifiers, but will be crucial in the development of rugby league in the US. He will be holding a coaching clinic and the Hawks players can transfer the new knowledge gained to their USARL teammates prior to the 2016 season.” The USA Hawks will play their first match against Jamaica on the 4th of December and will follow it up against Canada on the 12th with both game to be played at Hodges Stadium, Jacksonville.
  10. Now that's a woman for you - abolutely outstanding strength ... and performance on Saturday! I salute you Lizzie. https://t.co/9hpl1lbMUJ

  11. How can the value of an award be questionable, that is specifically designed to throw up whichever player clocks up the most consistently good performance for their club throughout the regular season, if it "does tend just to throw up half-backs who are consistent at their clubs." ? Bit of a riddle that.
  12. Thanks Frightful and Futtocks (can't call you old because that would mean me too). :-) Yes, I did see the one by Russell Jesse on Amazon but I didn't think the cover looked promising ..... Not for a Super League players autobiography. I'll just tell the chap who wrote to us that we think it is unlikely, but to keep an eye on Totalrl.com ..... how's that for advertising!
  13. A letter came in today from a man wanting know where he could purchase a copy of Stuart Fielden's autobiography. Is there one out? Mentions in the office say there have been rumours he's doing one but nothing definitive. If anybody has concrete details please advise so I can pass them on to our correspondent. From his letter it seems likely he is an avid Fielden admirer - even though he lives in Leicestershire. Thank you Honor James, at League Express