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  1. Sol Mokdad / UAE Rugby League (merged threads)

    I could be wrong, but my interpretation is that the union authorities in the UAE are happy with an outcome that sees them dropping charges in favour of the RLIF allowing them to remain the official, legal voice.
  2. Sol Mokdad / UAE Rugby League (merged threads)

    This makes it sound like the RLIF has caved in to RU following Mokdad being bullied out of the sport.
  3. Union's playing strength, administration and resources in Italy are irrelevant to rugby league. None of those things will ever make a contribution to our code. What can make a contribution however is when a player or a team which has at some point been/is associated with rugby union decides they would like to play rugby league, under the control of the official governing body of the code worldwide (RLIF),whether as a means to keep fit during their off-season, or as a preferred code in general. It means they are rugby league players/clubs, regardless of any other interests they may have. In similar fashion if a club isn't part of an organisation which is recognised by the world's official RL governing body, do they really have a right to call themselves a rugby league club? I'd argue that the RLIF could take the rebels to court for breach of intellectual property. The RLIF maintains ownership of the game, for the game, and whilst their lack of organisation has seen the code grow unchecked in many areas, that does not provide for those unchecked areas to proclaim that they are official in any sense, unless the RLIF says so. Whilst CONI has recognised the group in question, it has recognised them in a de facto manner, only by their association with a previously recognised rugby union body, who do not legally have the right to run a game of rugby league. If the RLIF remain slow on the uptake and allow things to slide, the current situation in Italy will continue, but the game regardless of the rules will be rugby union.
  4. I do appreciate the struggles that these nations are going through. Being given an opportunity to pay for insurance and afford some of the simple necessities is a very enticing carrot, however the idea that the various union bodies have seen value in rugby league over the past couple of years, and now want our sport to be a part of their organisations, without any alternate motives just doesn't fly. The only thing union has to gain is a tight control of how rugby league grows, and a leash that ensures that a thriving code becomes nothing more than a training tool for semi-skilled union players in their brief off-seasons.
  5. At the moment there is one issue that I just can't help but be disturbed by, enough that I would bother to write this after a very long silence. The issue is the recent trend for developing rugby league nations to step into the arms of rugby union, and then claim that they have legitimacy as a body representing our code. I personally see it as quite the opposite. I feel that the RLEF, RLIF and every other major rugby league body should distance themselves from such moves, as to legitimise such behaviour is to see the code strangled before it can rise. Italy stepping into the arms of rugby union does not make them an official body. All it achieves is reduce rugby league to being no more than a form of rugby union in the eyes of not only the Italian Olympic body, but potentially to many other organisations around the globe. The IOC does not determine who the official RL body is. Rugby league and the RLIF does. I hope that Danny Kazandijan and David Collier don't lose sight of this. Rugby union must not be allowed to be given power to determine the future of a sport other than its own. This sort of rot began with Norway and spread to South Africa, who understandably have tried every currently available avenue for government recognition. It was a positive that the SARU came to the table to attempt to help sort out the issue, but that has backfired. The SARL along with every other governing body should be made to distance themselves completely from accepting any half-baked compromise that results in one sport being recognised only as an arm of another. It is not a solution, and because the RLIF has failed to act it's likely it will continue to spread. We need stronger leadership.
  6. Rugby League in the NW usa?

    Whilst there was once a small Oregon based league in the 1980's (three clubs), well before the AMNRL were founded, there hasn't been anything in the area since. I would wonder if any of the people who had a hand in that first league would be still interested in supporting a new club or league.
  7. On the surface it sounds like a step forward that Rugby League and rugby onion can work together, to further both sports. However, Rugby League has made solid strides in Italy, through both official and non-officially RLEF recognised organisations. To see that potentially jeopardised if union at some point decides to withdraw its support, where clubs, players and officials choose to remain loyal to a governing body they will have developed an affinity for, is of great concern. Personally, I don't believe that any nation whose funding or accreditation comes from a rival code should ever be given any green light to take part in international competition. They should be welcome to play, and develop the game, but through lack of backbone or persistence they should foreit their right to take their place within the Rugby League community.
  8. Is Touch Rugby League?

    I don't see why rugby league can't set up a pro touch RL competition, played in summer, to give us the game all year 'round. If the NRL/ARL were smart they could take control of the most popular minimal contact version of the game in one swoop, aligning new leagues with the NSWRL, CRL, QRL etc, all on the back of a televised summer comp which would be heavily branded for rugby league awareness. If the rules were pure rugby league without contact I really can't imagine the current bastardised form of touch rugby league enduring in the face of the competition.
  9. Russell Crowe has been good for attracting the likes of Burgess and some sponsorship deals, but he no longer tips in his own money, and is no longer really required for securing major sponsors or gun players. The club makes a profit primarily on the back of our strong membership base and good policies, which Crowe pushed, but is no longer required to pilot. Warrington are doing reasonably well with what they have, but like just about every other club they are afraid of plunging into the abyss. So marketing is a bit of an afterthought because of the outlay required. It's seen as a gamble rather than a sound investment. A shame really. Having a rich backer whom you know is in for the long haul, rather than just saying they are, is one way of getting past those fears. The other route would see a central fund for all clubs, spent by the RFL, catering to marketing and other areas such as club investments or development funds. But then, that would require the RFL to be forward thinking as well. They have improved greatly in recent years, but matters needs to be further developed. If the RFL or NRL were forward-thinking they would look to doing all of their marketing, design and video production in-house, enabling a much greater output for a similar cost factor to what is currently being spent.
  10. Sam Burgess and Rabbitohs

    Burgess has been brilliant for us all season long. As far as Souths efforts go though - we've got a great forward pack and a good back line, however Chris Sandow is too much of a liability. He has the skills, but I've never known a bloke to lose confidence so quickly. Mentally he's just too soft. The club will be lucky to make the top 8.
  11. The Photography Thread

    I enjoy photography, but I think I get more of a kick out of manipulating my photos.
  12. The Photography Thread

    Some of my recent shots, taken using a Nikon D70. Lenses ranging from 18mm - 300mm.