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  1. I’m not an NFL expert but surely he should be making the 53? I wonder how many positions can he cover etc.
  2. The only one that would work on these shores would be North v South. Hopefully one day this will be possible. We’re definitely getting closer with the increase in participation down south.
  3. London needs to be run on the same business plan as Melbourne Storm but we simply don’t have the funds.
  4. I used to like the biff and shoulder charges. I still like it for the off the cuff stuff, great offloads, desperate defence, big hits and airborne tries.
  5. 25k capacity is good. Hotbed of rugby league. Wouldn’t be a bad choice.
  6. Very disappointing crowds. Fans rattling around in that stadium with no atmosphere. The concept is done for me. Time to look for a new idea.
  7. Good player, always liked watching him play. Tough and powerful but also mobile for a forward. I do however feel he needs to shape up a bit when I’ve seen him recently.
  8. Why am I always sceptical when Union befriend RL !!
  9. This is why they give tickets away as they know fans will come out in droves to spend at the beer garden! I imagine this is where they make good profits.
  10. Not sure he’s classed as a rookie (23 yo) but I like watching new Canberra FB Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad
  11. Anyone know why he’s left mid-season? I saw him play a few weeks back and I have to say he looked well out of shape and severely lacking speed/agility. I’m assuming he just couldn’t / didn’t want to put in the hard graft anymore.
  12. Wakey continue to surprise me on and off the field. They’ve nearly been relegated/ out of business on a number of occasions. They’ve got a cracking team, finally sorting out their ground and now this. Well played to all involved.
  13. What’s likely to happen to interest / crowds if Wolfpack we’re uncompetitive in SL? Unless they seriously improve their squad they’re unlikely to win too many imo.
  14. Can you imagine a team travelling to Toronto only for the game to be cancelled due to the weather! Nightmare.
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