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  1. I hear Australia hasn’t been as near badly affected by the virus as us here in UK. Last I heard only 50 deaths!! Maybe 28th May doesn’t seem too unrealistic if cases stay under control.
  2. Brilliant interview. Sad to hear some Welsh Union teams would disown players if they tried-out for League !!
  3. That’s bad news. Cats in big trouble, mark my word. Relegation fight beckons.
  4. NZ womens beating Aus in the 9’s final. London doing the double over St Helens (bottom beating top). Tonga basketball try against GB. Warrington finally winning a trophy.
  5. I’m concerned for Catalans this season. Coming off the back of a terrible season, one good signing is not going to be enough. Unfortunately I think they’ll be fighting relegation.
  6. I like Leeming but not sure he’s what Leeds need right now. Surprising, seems risky.
  7. Whilst for the neutral the GB games have been competitive and exciting, from an GB point of view it’s been disappointing. Let’s hope they can at least get one win this tour.
  8. That was a bad call. Refs have to defend players in that position. It’s dangerous play, lomax was in a vulnerable position as his eyes were on the ball.
  9. There’s such little invention in attack. Bennetts teams are so robotic. It’s sad to see.
  10. The SkySports interview with SBW and Brian was very insightful and surprisingly professional for Rugby League - it was a good advert for TGG.
  11. I assume they’re happy with his attitude following the Bali incident. There’s no doubt he’s a huge talent, £750k per season looks ok if he stays out of trouble.
  12. Top 2 from each group through to the next round or only top team?
  13. I miss the 4 nations tournaments. They were fantastic in my opinion.
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