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  1. Top 2 from each group through to the next round or only top team?
  2. I miss the 4 nations tournaments. They were fantastic in my opinion.
  3. I reckon there was a thought process that by bringing back GB (whilst the home nations were playing in the Union WC) would somehow attract a larger interest in the matches. but I don’t think it’s worked. Bring back the home nations in the lead up to the WC21.
  4. Good idea, it’s arguably a more exciting version of our game and easier for new fans to understand. Once they’ve got the gist they’ll be yearning for the full version For North American fans it’s kind of a mix between NFL and Basketball.
  5. Regarding the England squad - I think we look a tad immobile and lacking invention, which I believe is more important for this format with more space available!!
  6. Probably asked before (sorry) but is this being televised?
  7. I was hoping he’d be having more of an impact, he’s been disappointing and his comments seem to be very scattergun. We need a strong character with strong ideas and whom can get things done. Or maybe he just doesn’t have the funds to carry out his plans.....
  8. I remember watching him at the stoop looked like the next big thing but too many errors with ball in hand.
  9. Please bring back franchising with an MPG bottom SL v Top Championship (highest Championship club that meets franchise criteria). This way we can also keep the Championship playoff system.
  10. The problem is we don’t have enough money to rent a better stadium. The gulf in finances between league and football is so vast that a football club in London would not entertain the sort of offers we could make. It’s a drop in the ocean.
  11. I expected over 10k for their last game at the odsal. Glad they won it. Do they still have a shot at the playoffs?
  12. I’m not an NFL expert but surely he should be making the 53? I wonder how many positions can he cover etc.
  13. The only one that would work on these shores would be North v South. Hopefully one day this will be possible. We’re definitely getting closer with the increase in participation down south.
  14. London needs to be run on the same business plan as Melbourne Storm but we simply don’t have the funds.
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