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  1. Toronto got the calibre of Brian McDermott. I’m not saying it’s a bad acquisition just not as high profile As I was expecting.
  2. Will appeal to the French speaking Canadians I guess. A bit underwhelming.
  3. Around £225k. i fear due to COVID and his shoulder injury he may have to set his sights lower than the reported £500k + pa.
  4. Michael Morgan for me he’s one of the worst players I’ve ever seen play Origin.
  5. I’ve been critical of the NRL blowout scores but this one has been a very good, even contest ?
  6. I thought Parra would win by 12+ but early signs it’s going to be closer. Sea Eagles are usually a very tough defensive outfit. Tight start.
  7. I can’t believe I’m still watching this 35-0, I must really miss Rugby League !!
  8. I love the NRL but there’s way too many blowout scores these days. It was always deemed a competitive comp but I truly believe the Super League is overall more competitive at the moment.
  9. Putting my neck on the line I’ll think he’ll do as well as Kallum Watkins did. Not got the attributes to be a success down there. Hope I’m wrong though.
  10. I didn’t know the stats, I was maybe a bit harsh, just always feel a rookie needs to try and make a name for himself. Could’ve got more involved especially as he was so fresh when opponents are tiring.
  11. I thought he should’ve gone looking for work to try and turn the game. Wasn’t enough effort for me but hopefully he’ll learn.
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