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  1. This one in particular is relevant in League: (f) a kicker/punter, who is standing still or fading backwards after the ball has been kicked, is out of the play and must not be unnecessarily contacted by the receiving team through the end of the play or until he assumes a distinctly defensive position.
  2. The main two I have a problem with is late tackles on the kicker and the same on players in the act of scoring (especially out wide on centres and wingers).
  3. I see what you’re saying but I’m referring more to the half backs getting smashed after kicking on the 6th tackle and fouls in the act of scoring. This type of “unnecessary roughness” is whilst the tackled player is unable to defend themselves and therefore in a vulnerable position. I do however think it’s unreasonable to use the excuse to smash a player when they’ve taken a voluntary tackle.
  4. I’ve been watching NFL and noticed they give players extra protection with the rule “unnecessary roughness”. Considering the Burrow situation and the fanfare around concussions/mental health I feel a similar rule could benefit the sport? To particularly protect the playmakers. (I don’t pretend to be an expert on this stuff and I don’t want to see the physicality gone from our great game)
  5. Personally I think fans have got into the habit of not attending and therefore likely decreases in attendance. However there might be an initial spike as fans have been shut out for so long.
  6. I hope this might help encourage more black players to play TGG. A clever move considering this years race issues.
  7. What would be the loss of income from dropping these 5 fixtures?
  8. Aren’t the loop fixtures required to maintain / increase the TV income? I would rather we had away with them but I’m unsure that’s sustainable.
  9. I didn’t expect them to bring in someone with no head coaching experienced. Will be interesting to see how he goes but my initial feeling is shock.
  10. Can’t wait. Shame we potentially missed out on some fans in the stadium by a week. My money would go on Saints.
  11. I’m not Elstone’s biggest fan but I would say the disappointing deal was partly out of his control regarding COVID.
  12. He’s been very good this season. It’s good to see him back playing consistently well and he seems happier off the pitch too.
  13. Relegation in Rugby league in unsustainable.
  14. Best derby in the Super League, complete opposite of boring, canny wait.
  15. Kendall ref has been excellent hasn’t he? I think he’s a real positive for super league.
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