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  1. Well, they’re not in super league and not had the years to build like Salford so it’s difficult to say. I think there’s at least a few clubs that have better potential for bigger crowds. Bradford, Toulouse, Newcastle, York....
  2. Apart from the challenge cup win he failed to take Hull to new level they were capable of with the squad. I feel he did a poor job there so I can’t see how he’s going to be any better at a club with arguably less talent and less funds. As for keeping cas classy well Hull weren’t great to watch whilst he was there if I remember rightly.
  3. Salford wouldn’t be a big loss to the super league. They add very little value to the comp. Marwan Koukash made them relevant during his time but even his money couldn’t see them grow. They’ve failed to reach acceptable crowds and their homegrown success is abysmal. They’re a dead duck whether they lose the stadium or not. Time to move over and give one of the upcoming championship clubs a shot.
  4. Why would the Perth Bible College have anything to do with it then?
  5. This is something the super league clubs really need massive improvement. It will be interesting to see how Hull KR get on with their festival type offering.
  6. I hear his girlfriend is pregnant, which might be an obvious reason he’s looking to return.
  7. Dom Young is back for NSW Cup after injury.
  8. I want to see Sam Tomkins back in the halves. On current form Hardaker at FB.
  9. Why are Rugby League fans so tight? Such a stereotypical northern mentality that helping to hold back the great game.
  10. Aussies always have a plethora of talent to choose from. I’m worried by the end of the season we’ll be scuffling around for players because of injuries.
  11. Am I the only one who can’t stand a st georges cross on a shirt. The ones we’ve had in the past look awful/tacky. https://images.app.goo.gl/i94ccNqbBtmQUiD89
  12. In general rugby league fans hate change and many come across as dinosaurs. However both rule changes add excitement to the game and improve the spectacle. I look forward to the next changes in this great game.
  13. We definitely need to change our name if this European competition goes ahead. I can’t see any benefit in keeping the super league name? Our Super League name and branding would surely be swamped by this new soccer comp. I’m thinking Google searches etc. NRL Europe here we come.
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