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  1. If Aus & NZ don’t play does that void the BBC deal or any other advertising agreements? Or could it at least mean a reduced deal?
  2. I expect attendances to be indefinitely affected. When the new TV rights allow all matches to be monetised, it’ll be a welcomed opportunity to make up the shortfall from lower gate receipts.
  3. Rhinos did pretty well without him didn’t they! Always felt he’s a bit overrated.
  4. This so called risk to the players…… does anyone know of any player that has become seriously ill or lost their life due to covid?
  5. Anyone have an estimate cost of losses if it were to be postponed at this point?
  6. Yes mate but surely you’ll find a squad worth of players that would want to play in a World Cup? Those that want to spend time with their family’s fine.
  7. Underwhelming names for Wigan. Obviously time will tell but doesn’t look good on paper. Miski has been pretty good but at championship level and was released by Manly.
  8. This is positive! Good old Trent encouraging his players to play in the WC.
  9. Catalans on fire here. Gone up a gear or two after the break. Top match so far.
  10. Amir Bourouh has been recalled by Wigan. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/amir-bourouh-wigan-warriors-loan-21068029
  11. There’d always be an asterisk against the winner.
  12. A token team will still have a good chance of winning…. And if they don’t then covid will be the excuse. No lose for the Aussies.
  13. Rugby league is different to other sports in the fact that Australian are by far the best nation in the world. It’s like having a baseball World Cup without USA. How would you feel about that? Having said that I think Aus will put out a team. It just might be a gesture rather than a strong selection.
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