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  1. You might find something about him in Mike Brocken's excellent book about rugby league in Liverpool. Liverpool City RLFC: Rugby League in a Football City
  2. Is Thomas Lacans any relation to Pierre Lacans, who switched from FC Lézignan to 'amateur' XV in the late seventies?
  3. I was amazed at the time how the 'amateur' French union allowed a league side into their leagues without any problems from the international union authorities. Mind when Jean Marc Bourret left league for union they convinced them that league in France was amateur.
  4. I still think that there was an opportunity to get a 30,000 crowd for this. This would have involved a lot more effort and publicity. I see Newcastle RU have already sold 24,000 tickets for their 'event' at St James' Park on Saturday. There will be no end of articles about the wonderful crowd and how it is the 'biggest ever in northern rugby. They don't miss a trick.
  5. Tony Collins did a very good piece on this and other London Underground posters for the Wembley final a few years back: All Aboard for Wembley-Tony Collins
  6. I complained to the BBC about this at the time. Two weeks later they sent this reply: Thanks for getting in touch about the Rugby League link in the top navigation of the BBC Sport website. The reason Rugby League has been moved to the second level of navigation outside the UK is as a result of analysing almost two years' worth of audience data. For example, our Rugby League page is not in the top 10 most visited BBC Sport pages outside the UK. And in a global survey in which our audience were asked which sports they most liked to read about on the BBC Sport website, Rugby League was 13th. Rugby League is also the sport most removed by users in our customised mobile app navigation. That same research tells us that Cycling is the sport our international audience are most interested in after Football, Cricket, Tennis, Formula 1, Rugby Union, Golf and Athletics. For that reason, Cycling has been added to the top navigation. BBC Sport is committed to coverage of Rugby League on all its platforms as the recent World Cup showed. BBC were the rights holders of the Rugby League World Cup in the UK. We continue to cover international rugby league, the Super League and the Challenge Cup online. In the UK, the BBC airs Super League highlights and live Challenge Cup games on TV and radio. Rugby League is still very easy to find on the BBC Sport website in the 'More Sport' fly-out menu and will be regularly promoted on the BBC Sport homepage. Regards, BBC Sport
  7. The only problem with his hypothesis, that the Canadians basically invented many RL rules, is that the poster believes that the touring side from Canada played St Helens of the NU, when they actually played Swansea RU at their St Helens ground.
  8. There were a few articles on West Papua some months back: http://www.radionz.co.nz/international/pacific-news/313927/sport-west-papua-warriors-to-take-on-pngs-best https://sports.vice.com/en_au/article/wnvgaz/the-west-papuan-warriors-are-a-rugby-league-team-trying-to-stop-a-genocide
  9. In the 1950s the Sydney Tests against GB and France all had huge crowds in excess of 60,000. This at a time when club football attendances were considerably lower.
  10. Steve Rea was a Barrow fan in that. The only thing I remember about the series is him fantasizing about scoring for Great Britain after taking a pass from Joe Lydon.
  11. Jack and Vera's son Terry used to play RL although it was rarely mentioned. They had a photo of him on the mantelpiece in his chevron jersey.
  12. I vaguely recall the Barry Rutter character singing 'Red, Red Robin' when he finds out that Rovers had won.
  13. I always remember rugby league being mentioned in 'Murphy's Mob', the Children's football series, in the early eighties. Janet Fielding, later famous as Tegan in Doctor Who and here playing Mac Murphy's niece from Sydney, defends rugby league. About min 4.40 in this not too great quality clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXVkZ26wY3g
  14. Springer does seem to be in now : Le groupe : Bastien ADER – TO Olivier ARNAUD – Avignon Jason BAITIERI – Dragons William BARTHAU – London Broncos Guillaume BONNET – Lézignan John BOUDEBZA – London Broncos Julian BOUSQUET – Dragons Clément BOYER – TO Windy BUCHE – Lézignan Bastien CANET – TO Damien CARDACE – Lézignan Rémi CASTY – Dragons Vincent DUPORT – Dragons Théo FAGES – St Helens Stan ROBIN – TO Ben GARCIA – Dragons Tony GIGOT – Dragons Maxime HEROLD – Limoux Benjamin JULLIEN – Warrington Kevin LARROYER – Castleford Thibaud MARGALET – Dragons Rémy MARGINET – Sheffield Antoni MARIA – Leigh Hakim MILOUDI – Carcassonne Kuni MINGA – TO Romain NAVARETTE – Wigan Eloi PELISSIER – Leigh Arthur ROMANO – St Estève-XIII Catalan Mickaël ROUCH – Limoux Mickaël SIMON – Dragons Gadwin SPRINGER – Castleford Fouad YAHA – Dragons http://www.ffr13.fr/equipes-de-france/32-bleus-en-stage-de-cohesion/
  15. Contributions for Adam's family can be made here: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/culchethcarney2017
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