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  1. Watching England is a bit like watching Salford!!

  2. Wondering how many Salford will get thrapped by at Wakefield!!

  3. I knew that Palaesina was coming but not Bailey. Seems that Wilky is reaching into his "let's start winning before we get kicked out of Super League" wallet. Too little too late?
  4. 170 odd points against in three games. Same old Salford.
  5. We have a Robin, #### galore, Collared Doves, Wood Pigeons, Rock Doves (just a fancy name for Pigeons) and Mr and Mrs Blackbird that visit the garden. A pair of Magpies nest in the conifer next door but one. The cat does her utmost to catch the lot!! So far she has failed. On the tow path there is a Kingfisher and Song Thrushes.
  6. Remember Scrumdown

    Yorkshire TV showed Scrumdown. Granada TV showed Prisoner Cell Block H!!!!! Which, I believe, got considerably more viewers than the Rugby League. Scrumdown was biased in favour of Yorkshire teams. (maybe cos they produced it?)Leeds especially. Have a look at the Top Tries video. It's all Gary Bloody Schofield!
  7. Had an interesting conversation with Simon Moran last week. He was just hoping that the Reds didn't whitewash Wire again this season. At least we let you win the friendly Simon, if you tune into these pages