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  1. I think Scotchy should get on to Simon Moran and advise him how to run his concerts better. All of those support acts he puts on are a waste of time and money.
  2. Good piece, thanks for flagging it.
  3. Hang on, are Scubby and Man of Kent the same person? Hadn't picked that one.
  4. This is quite a coup I think. Very few people will watch a draw live but being able to show a backdrop of Buck Palace on the news, future video clips etc, will give far more of an impression that this is a big deal than a leisure centre in Keighley.
  5. It's a real boring answer, but you have to take each case on its merits. Warrington almost moved to Burtonwood at the turn of the century: that would have been a disaster. In the end they built a new ground in the town centre: perfect.
  6. (I am genuinely not stalking you). I like a beer garden, but it has to be horses for courses. A beer garden is a great idea for a Toronto home game with few away fans, or for a York game where they are attracting RL fans from far and wide for a fun afternoon. You have to be a lot more careful with them for Warrington v Widnes on a Good Friday afternoon, it just is what it is. I don't think Fitzpatrick is a genius or has cracked anything yet; he has just made a very decent start for a bloke I initially thought has got a 'job for the boys' after being recruited from the coaching staff. There has been a genuine attempt to beef up the matchday experience with a new Wolfie and the Wire Flyer, but they will need to keep working away to keep things fresh.
  7. Good news and hopefully it hasn't been achieved by 'noisy' marketing.
  8. Thanks very much mate, just got a b******ing from my wife for not concentrating as I sniggered at the idea of a 'noisy' marketing department being a bad thing. We need to get back to proper RL silent promotion. 5% growth is 5% growth and weirdly I am happy to see that wherever it appears in RL.
  9. Three criteria: 1. Which broadcaster is going to get us the most eyes on screens (NOT just which broadcaster has the biggest reach, how are they going to get folk to watch - everyone has Movies4Men but I would never look there) 2. How much money are they giving us. 3. How good is the coverage going to be. Probably in that order of priority, but all crucial.
  10. Are you saying those aren't significant increases with a straight face?
  11. You would have thought Ramprakrap would be in his element talking about English batting failures.
  12. He has never let anyone down and Ricky Ponting said something good about him five years ago.
  13. Opposition video sessions before facing England probably last no more than ten minutes: - Bairstow - bowl at the stumps. - Stokes - good length wide of off, he'll flap at it. - Broad - bowl at his head. Don't even get me started on Stokes getting 'dehydrated' on day one of a test.
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