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  1. Castleford - Watts Catalans - Garcia Huddersfield - McIntosh Hull - Ellis Leeds - Hurrell Rovers - Linnett Salford - McCarthy St Helens - Fages Wakefield - Tupou Wigan - Gildart
  2. Best wishes to Luther for the future. He gave it a good go and I hope he finds a spot in rugby union. As for Man of Kent, the season gets worse and worse. Toronto not in the league, Burrell gone and Blake Austin playing great rugby. What can he obsess about next?
  3. Kris Radlinski Brett Dallas Jack Reed Kris Welham Chris Riley Kevin Ellis Greg Mackey James Graham Josh Wood Brad Meyers Liam Farrell Jack Hughes Harvey Livett
  4. I gave this my best shot but Catalans looked like a group of people meeting each other for the first time.
  5. Nothing wrong with a draw, bring them back.
  6. They had 20 chances to kick. Now a ridiculous six-again wins it for Saints.
  7. Very fair comments. I think Toby King really could end up as a Westwood-type player. Good defender, works hard, footwork of a back but not quite quick enough to be an electric three-quarter. He and Currie have been great in the laat two games.
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