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  1. Serious question for a minute; are there any of the 'core' Hull FC players you would move on? Thinking of Houghton, Sneyd, Connor, Taylor, Tuimavave. These guys have all played for Hull with distinction, but also been present through periods of abject failure. I'm asking because there are players in my team who I think of as greats of the club who have also been on the field in some horrendous performances- Ratchford, Hill, etc.
  2. Best team won, thought 19-0 flattered us. Just sat there cringing for two hours at our 'performance'.
  3. Where do they keep it these days John? Presume Latics don't let you keep it on site; is it in one of those out of town lock-ups.
  4. I'm probably not the biggest Wigan fan, but even I feel a bit sad to see Jackson Hastings hitting the ball up, one-out, with a few hundred hardy souls watching on.
  5. Sounds like the best resolution for all concerned would be for Blake to go and coin it in in Japanese RU and for Graveyard to go along as his groupie.
  6. I feel like the campness of this team name needs at least noting. It has two musicals in it!
  7. So are you saying Lino was sinbinned for missing a goal kick? That does sound harsh. As for Hull's season, erm, wow.
  8. Why tf are they doing the interviews under a speaker? That was ludicrous.
  9. I don't have a lot of faith in the HIA thing. Litten was clearly dazed there, should be checked properly.
  10. The rules state: "Dangerous throw (d) If, in any tackle of, or contact with, an opponent that player is so lifted that he is placed in a position where it is likely that the first part of his body to make contact with the ground will be his head or neck (“the dangerous position”), then that tackle or contact will be deemed to be a dangerous throw unless, with the exercise of reasonable care, the dangerous position could not have been avoided." Quite a bit of room within that for a case when someone flicks a players leg, the players jumps into the air and lands on the ball, as we saw there.
  11. I don't enjoy this refereeing by numbers stuff. Not the refs' fault, but there are times when tackles are dangerous and other times where they are clearly not. Like that one.
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