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  1. All of those who booed Warner have shown him who is boss.
  2. Rooooooooot. Gets nowt again, but apparently this isn't about him but all because he came in at 3 instead of five minutes later at 4.
  3. Network Rail will be narked at having to dig up both the East and West Coast Mainlines a month earlier than usual.
  4. You need to believe a bit harder.
  5. Just some thoughts as I don't know what the answers are. Firstly, the cultural issues runs deeper than what happens in the ground. I think there are quite a lot of people who enjoy coming to RL games because it is not like trying to enter a high-security prison, so be prepared to lose some fans if we follow the football route. And don't assume banning beer in the ground will make all the difference: a lot of people baulk at the cost of booze in stadia and tank up outside - only so much you can do about that. I can see that a stricter approach might improve the experience at the GF / CC Final, where much of the crowd seems to spend their afternoon on the way to or from the bogs/bar. As for the players, of course 'Mad Monday' is an embarrassing aberration. Presumably top-flight clubs have rules and regimes over this sort of thing, and if they are broken players get punished. Tbh I find it most annoying when you see players getting excited about Mad Monday on Twitter, when they have had a rubbish season and have already been eliminated. On the other hand, if London stay up on the last day and have a big party to celebrate a fine achievement, why not.
  6. Have I gone full Ian Botham, or is 17 overs not really that insane a workload for a 24yo in cool conditions on a green pitch?
  7. Well your post actually gave an example of someone who had stayed 2 and a bit years. So yes.
  8. Is saying something 'doom monging' if it is demonstrably true?
  9. You just have to call out his name, and you can be sure that, wherever he is, he'll come running.
  10. Behave. We did as much as was possible in the 3ish days that were available. Smith, and to a large extent Lyon, have gone from invincible to mortal in a couple of days, and Buttler and Bairstow should have gained some confidence from how they played in the second innings. Leach looked good yesterday. We still have one opener who is not currently worth a shirt (so do they), and Root isn't performing. You are right that we get nowt for it and we have to win this weekend. I am sure the Yorkshire weather will oblige.
  11. Nice to see England batting with a smile on their faces. They battled hard, rode their luck and got the rewards.
  12. Pretty much the first yard of space London have found in 40 minutes of play and they score.
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