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  1. This is why we don't let Australians have history.
  2. Clive James, 80. Undertakers' Xmas bonus has been sorted out today.
  3. I remember the GB v Australia first test in 2001 quite fondly. It was the David Waite era so we had loose forwards at scrum half (Forshaw!), stand-off (Sculthorpe, MoM), hooker (Sinfield) and loose forward (Farrell). The Aussies claimed to have a weak side since it was just after 9/11 and a few were worried about possible terrorism in Huddersfield, but it was a team full of great players.
  4. Four Nations Final 2014 was a belter. Watch that and have a good laugh at the Aussies who say Shaun Johnson is/was no good.
  5. I see the sense in this, but it does create an unlikely, but possible, perverse incentive for two sides to settle for a draw in normal time. Only time will tell.
  6. Good grief. It would only take one impassioned post-match speech - tears in the eyes, looking away from the camera, completely unrelated to the question asked - before we started to yearn for one of Bennett's monosyllabic efforts.
  7. Their period is usually 3-4 weeks earlier in the calendar, when they all meet up for a big shindig then hibernate for 10 months.
  8. I love the "Thing x should happen" / "It is time for x" threads you get at this time of year. Makes me start to feel Christmassy.
  9. England should have played a test series against the Celtic Tigers, would have been massive.
  10. Bloody hell, just seen the score. This tour is certainly doing a great job of fostering excitement in tier 2 countries.
  11. Does he object to being tackled? If so he sounds like a like-for-like with McGuire.
  12. Increasing the number of tackles would just make sticking it up the jumper more of a percentage option. The seven-tackle rule already guarantees you reach the opponents 20 without having to take any risks. I would actually love to see five tackles trialled.
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