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  1. How on earth are you going to justify asking the general public (including kids etc) to keep away from others and avoid contact when they are watching their heroes and role models doing the exact opposite, live, on the telly? And who is picking up the insurance bill for those players taking the risk of contracting a potential deadly disease, through actions that the Government has just proscribed in law? I don't give a whether it is Gary Hetherington, Robert Elstone or Blake Austin - it's bonkers.
  2. I recognise that there are a lot of bored young men sat on sofas without much to do at the moment, but there is probably a wider public interest. So no, not a good idea.
  3. Must admit I have noticed a lot of 'essential' home improvements carrying on round our way.
  4. Agree with all the sentiments in this, but League Weekly isn't a LPL publication is it?
  5. I was trying to think what Jane McDonald would get a cruise ship singing along to. Not a bad shout.
  6. Oh thank God it's not just me. I get it in my head around 10-11am every morning and there it stays all day.
  7. Someone needs to press 'ok' on that telly behind Powell or it is going to switch itself off.
  8. Seeing a player hoof a grubber dead by not putting any angle on it (i.e. giving it no chance to hold up in-goal) is one of the cringiest things in RL.
  9. Not nice, one of those where the player thinks he can get away with a cheap shot by virtue of being 'committed'.
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