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  1. Now we have to put up with Gale, who has done nothing all night, spanning around like a rockstar.
  2. Wtf was Arona doing there? 10 yard pass, which was five yards forward, on his own line.
  3. Hicks should have come out for the second half with Ronnie the Rhino's head on.
  4. I like Kear, thought he was outstanding at London, and it's always good to see a player with a plan for their life post-rugby. Good luck to him. Imagine telling your 2001 self that, twenty years later, a player would leave Salford for the Bulls for a part-time contract.
  5. And indeed if your best players, your Fages and your Johnstones, are sat in the stands with head injuries.
  6. It is vaguely inconvenient but we do need to stop people being hit in the head.
  7. A bit unfair. There are teams who regularly trumpet how many players they have out but not sure that has ever been us.
  8. It seems very poor not to have had two separate games to maximise attendance. Even if that wasn't an option, Huddersfield would have seemed like a fairer middle-ish point for the four clubs with a much larger capacity. I have sympathy with the Hull fans here.
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