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  1. I genuinely can't wait for the day that RL is seen as a bandwagon worth jumping on.
  2. Hold on a second. We have a fair claim on that title too.
  3. We can be positive about the fact they have only broken their line a couple of times for tries - two of their tries were from ###### attack leading to breakaways.
  4. We are a fairly hopeless side with a shocking lack of brains and resolve. No idea how we are in 2nd.
  5. Hang on, is Richard Short the Tory Trade Unionist supposed to be a real person? I thought he was a Viz / Harry Enfield character.
  6. That random guy has certainly put a lot of words in a row. But even in the article he accepts Johnson is wrong by recognising that the IoM is not bound by EU law. He can keep talking about NASA but there is no EU law governing smoked fish.
  7. It was a far better game than some are saying. Good defence, result in doubt, the better team just got over the line.
  8. All of this stuff about troops is entirely in your head. But if certain groups see new civilian structures as a target, then troops and armed guards will inevitably follow.
  9. I have heard no-one say that. But there will be international, EU and UK laws about goods entering and leaving through an external border that will need to be complied with. And short of a technical solution, those will require new infrastructure to ensure compliance with this laws. The UK can of course choose to break its own laws, which isn't a great look but not terminal. But it certainly waves goodbye to your exciting free trade deals: we would be seen as a pariah in the WTO and a paradise for smuggling. On the EU side, if no infrastructure is constructed in Ireland countries like Bulgaria and Poland will understandably start asking why they are bothering to police the EU's external border when the Irish aren't bothering.
  10. Worth remembering that the law that created the two year window was passed under the previous Parliament, not this one.
  11. There are a few teams who simply can't be ###### after a certain point in the season. There are too many, and it happens too often, to be a coincidence.
  12. They have enriched the country culturally and economically.
  13. I've met James Crisp. Lovely bloke. He is about as Daily Telegraph as Trojan is.
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