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  1. It's a bit of fun, Offiah and Henson are a bit of a comedy squabbling duo. I get a bit annoyed by some of the production / rules too - for example, the hunters have great resources for locating the celebs but only have a couple of people actually chasing - but is a good watch for a good cause.
  2. FT 84-28. Second match is on Wednesday.
  3. England 32-0 up after about 14 minutes.
  4. Three is the usual number. First year usually goes ok. Few lessons to be learned, but we will improve for next time. Second year it flatlines and no serious improvements are made. Third year it is announced, but met with such apathy from the RL public that the authorities make no effort to promote or improve it, and by the time the event comes around it is largely accepted as dead.
  5. Fair old commute from Dorset to St Helens I would think.
  6. It was serendipitous that no other sport was on. A very low-key set of football internationals and the union lot on the other side of the world gave us a free run at it. Very good news and very good figures.
  7. We should keep asking the question, because Old Trafford is looking a bit tatty these days and the pitch is much smaller than we would like. But, for now, I think it ticks more boxes than any other options. Wigan and Warrington fans couldn't be persuaded to attend playoff games at their own grounds this year, so mobilising 20,000+ to go to Cardiff in perhaps a week looks risky.
  8. Strictly speaking, isn't this the first time the MPG has been a Championship match? Hitherto, it has been a SL Qualifier (albeit usually contested by 1 or 2 Champ clubs).
  9. Do you only accept blue sponsors? Best of luck - great to see this. Four years is a decent length of time to build some momentum.
  10. I think you are onto something. "Walkaway" would have been perfect for Celtic Rooster and all those other fans who have packed it in down the years. I have been to a few Grand Finals and am usually too nervous about the rugby to care much about the music. But last year, when Blossoms (a band I like) were on, the sound quality was so bad you could hardly recognise the song.
  11. No thanks. Garry has rightly climbed down from his poorly worded comments. Let's move on and think about how we improve the access to, and standard of, all forms of the game - women's, men's, LD, PD, juniors, wheelchair, and so on.
  12. Kendall gives Salford their first decision of the half with a minute left. Funny how often that happens.
  13. Lovely second effort by the competition-winner to force a, ahem, 'knock-on'.
  14. Apart from the man closest to it who appealed straight to the ref.
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