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  1. Not in any era would today's weather conditions have produced a fast flowing game: that totally wicked pitch is a bit of a bog and it rained throughout.
  2. Proud of that effort. Not had the quality, and I didn't think we did before the game, but go out with our heads held high after going toe to toe with a decent side.
  3. Not sure that's a penalty either. And for balance I didn't think the one on Ratchford was high either.
  4. Frustrating. Think we delivered the gameplan, hung in there early on and weathered the storm. A try off a nothing penalty and a stupid penalty have cost us, but think we are in the armwrestle. If your TV screen broke and you could only hear Amor's punditry, you'd assume Saints were 40 points up.
  5. No Mikaele for us, which is probably the final nail in the coffin. Just hope we give a good account of ourselves.
  6. Not sure there was anything clever about it, but think the scoreline reflects the balance of play even if some of the decisions might be debated.
  7. He literally took two steps forward and knocked George King on his booty.
  8. Parcell appeared to block Smith's arm to stop him awarding a try then.
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