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  1. Would you really want folk who watch RL getting the final say? We would bring back community singing, the four tackle set and hanging.
  2. I didn't realise Bougainville had roots in rugby league. Brings a new meaning to bush footy.
  3. Because they are upside down innit. Martin is a very good goal kicker, a goal kicker of that quality will win you a couple of games a season and I'm surprised by how many SL sides in recent years have been happy to settle for very inconsistent ones.
  4. Imagine if we had a RLWC or a Challenge Cup Final opening ceremony which explained why 1895 was important or the history of say the World Cup formation? That would be both entertaining and about the game.
  5. If every team plays each other home and away, I make it that your pairings would have to play each other seven times to get you to 23 games. 8 x H&A = 16 games Play the 9th team 7 times = 7 games Total 23
  6. Entertainment shouldn't just be an add on to the game, the whole experience should be an enhancement of the game, to give you the feeling that you are part of a special event. People are entitled to be interested only in seeing the players run on with their names read out over them PA, but I despair if people think that is how you get new folk hooked on RL.
  7. It is a poor attendance and the trend is downwards. Folk have seen our big teams play each other in Grand Finals and it offers nothing new for many of them. There is a 90% chance next season's Grand Final will involve two of Saints, Leeds and Wigan: few are getting excited about that beyond fans of those clubs, and even they are starting to shrug.
  8. Certainly a lot of Saints fans in this pub in Warrington, very odd mentality.
  9. I agree, it was an obstruction even if the folk who go round doing laughing reactions but not putting forward any opinions presumably don't.
  10. I feel like if the Leeds players had thrown their arms up it would have been spotted. Hardaker has had a class game for Leeds, and Bentley has stood up again. Sutcliffe has had the ball in space a few times and Saints are happy to watch him as he is ######.
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