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  1. Zulu, pulp fiction, seven samurai, quadrophenia, big Wednesday. All watched 10 times each, at least.
  2. Seriously though, Kris radlinski and Gary Connolly must be worth a mention. Rads was a class act and Connolly was one of the best defenders ever. Alan bateman and jiffy were both damn good players too.
  3. Weirdest try of the year.
  4. That was a try. Wigan not getting the calls here.
  5. Not a sin bin. 8 point try probably right.
  6. Is the video ref from oz?
  7. That was a try. And I wish they would stop showing the other match.
  8. I was at the 44-4 catastrophe and at the 2013 semi final, and at morely's 12 second red card at Wigan. Am I a scud?
  9. Did Ellery have a few games with the London American football team?