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  1. Swindon town centre has been on a downer for quite a while. Our Outlet Village, however, was growing before Covid and seems to be recovering well since it reopened. However, as my belief is only buy "stuff" that I actually need (with some very occasional "wants" purchases), I doubt I'll be helping our "buy more stuff economy" much.
  2. This is definitely my Official "unofficial" England song for Euro'21
  3. Watched the 1st episode of Loki. Enjoyed it. Looking forward to next Wednesday for episode 2. Having to wait a week for the next episode seems a bit last century
  4. Is it possible to have respect for what they have been able to physically and mentally achieve while also thinking they're completely insane for doing it?
  5. Well I had a great day And a few pints of cider too.
  6. I've always thought that if anyone could find out what happened to Shergar, it would be this man.
  7. And we're here again, 5th June... HAPPY WILTSHIRE DAY!!!
  8. I'm calling BS on this one... ...but it was fun last time
  9. As a Swindon Town fan I have to disagree with you on this bit.
  10. Tut-tut. The youth of today and their short attention spell
  11. This Hull City fan makes some good points about the state of the English Football Pyramid
  12. If they win their appeal then I look forward to Swindon Town et al being saved from relegation to Division 4 because "no one is being relegated from Division 4". Sheffield Wednesday et al will be saved from relegation to Division 3 and then no relegation from the PL. But then we'd get the counter suing from the "promoted" clubs. Of course none of this will happen as Southend and Grimsby will be relegated. I will be watching Swindon Town playing in Division 4 next season.
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