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  1. Just finished watching The Spy on Netflix. Borat can do serious.
  2. Fiat Strada. Bought for £90. Ran it into the ground for a couple of years (earning my no claims) until it failed its MOT and then sold it for scrap for £90. It was a heap of #### but I loved it!
  3. Chiefs, Rams, Bills, Jaguars, Vikings, Packers, Texans, Giants, 49ers, Titans, Saints, Seahawks, Eagles, Patriots
  4. ...and UEFA will do nothing. If it was England fans however...
  5. Congrats to St Helens, they deserve tonight for their performances all season. Well done to Salford for showing ALL Superleague clubs can compete.
  6. At last an advert that understands me completely
  7. "The M1 was closed today after a major accident. Witnesses say it was caused by drivers becoming confused when they saw a BMW change lanes while signalling"
  8. Patriots, Panthers, Browns (always live in hope), Chiefs, Redskins, Eagles, Saints, Ravens, Rams, Falcons, Broncos, Cowboys, Chargers, Packers
  9. I have no problem with small northern towns playing RL. If it wasn't for small northern towns there would be no RL. However BM wants to grow and expand the RL market and he believes Toronto vs Barcelona would be more inviting to sponsors than Leigh vs Hunslet. Is a big city SL pie in the sky? Probably. But so is expecting money to come to a small northern town game.
  10. I know this is a thread about who we can't stand on TV but I think I could enjoy certain aspects of Italian football.
  11. I've discovered the joy, yes I mean JOY, of shaving my head, with a razor, in the shower every other morning. Absolutely love the feel of my big bald slap head!
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