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  1. Jacksonville Jaguars San Francisco 49ers Washington Philadelphia Eagles New England Patriots Chicago Bears Buffalo Bills Pittsburgh Steelers Tennessee Titans Los Angeles Chargers Indianapolis Colts Seattle Seahawks Arizona Cardinals Tampa Bay Buccaneers Green Bay Packers Kansas City Chiefs
  2. So the Browns beat the Bengals. Victories are really going to hamper the Browns season long aim to draft Trevor Lawrence.
  3. Surely Nomansland should be an area in a war zone, not a quaint village on the Wiltshire/Hampshire border.
  4. Cincinnati Bengals Chicago Bears Los Angeles Rams Dallas Cowboys Carolina Panthers New York Jets Pittsburgh Steelers Tennessee Titans Green Bay Packers Buffalo Bills Minnesota Vikings Arizona Cardinals Houston Texans Kansas City Chiefs Seattle Seahawks New Orleans Saints
  5. "Life in a Railway Factory" by Alfred Williams Written in 1915, about the reason why my home town even exists, and described as "the most important literary work ever produced in Swindon, about Swindon"
  6. Swindon Town lost over 50 goals from last years squad. Today, to make up for that loss, our "General" decided to score his first goal for 5 years as Town won their opening league game for the *7th straight season. *Only Man City (top 4 teirs) has a better current run of winning season opening games (9 years)
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