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  1. Might as well order a Cleveland Browns one right now as "this is my year"* *quote on loan from Warrington
  2. I was working on Saturday afternoon and evening. Apart from one working man's club in a nearby village, which was packed, everywhere else in town seemed really quiet.
  3. A bit fishy you say. Read this thread... ...and even if this is only partially correct, it is total insanity!
  4. Box Tunnel. At the time it was the longest railway tunnel in the world and the rock from it was used to build Swindon's Railway Village. Both entrances, to the tunnel, are now Grade II listed.
  5. Visited it on a school trip in the late 70's/early 80's. Walked past it on quite a few occasions since when walking along the canal. A nice walk. ?
  6. A few more days of potential hurt with the relegation/promotion playoff to come.
  7. Happy for you due to your "life long" support of the River Islanders. ?
  8. The coolest man to ever collect a football trophy ? Hope he's back at Swindon for next season.
  9. Seeing that Liverpool have been so far ahead this season, I love it that Swindon Town were declared Champions before them. ?
  10. VAR and goal line technology are seperated, I think. If the ball crosses the line the refs watch is supposed to buzz. Maybe he forgot to switch it on. I'm surprised the VAR refs didn't intervene though. Not that it matters to me because Swindon Town are Champions! ?
  11. Due to Covid restrictions the ball must now be 2 metres over the line for a goal to be given. ?
  12. I didn't even know this place existed until I tried, and failed, to get Specials tickets. However it's pretty spectacular. I must visit sometime.
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