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  1. In that case I'll post my favourite photo I have ever taken. It's of my 9 year old son (10 years ago), stood on Putsborough Beach, North Devon, at sunset. I doubt I'll ever taken another one that I'll like more.
  2. It's from Peter Pan. It's the directions to Neverland. Neverland = 'ull
  3. And on that street there's (or used to be) a company with the name of "2nd star on the right & straight on till morning". Now that's an address and a half... 2nd star on the right & straight on till morning, Land of Green Ginger, 'ull
  4. Maybe could have been a win but when you're 1-0 down with just 2 mins to go, we'll take that point! The 1000+ Town fans in the away end definitely enjoyed it! I know it's early but I'm liking the look of the table.
  5. Off topic but I was amazed when I realised this when watching Homeland. It took me until the 4th series.
  6. Just arrived in Exeter. First away game in years. C'mon Swindon!!!
  7. I hate that loads of people appear to think it's socially acceptable to smoke weed!
  8. The game was dull but WHAT A WINNING GOAL!!!
  9. Actually it's a chance to see the new look side from Catalan play an actual Basque side.
  10. I stopped reading when you predicted the Browns losing to NE
  11. I hope his persistence pays off! https://sports.yahoo.com/browns-damon-sheehy-guiseppi-is-already-the-best-story-of-the-nfl-preseason-135838013.html
  12. Still "hate" the Broncos! The Denver ones, not London or Brisbane ones.
  13. Well, I've been hunting for that glory for a long time
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