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  1. The main difference, as I see it, between racism and anti-semitism is how it is racism is seen as an oppressor punching down whereas anti-semitism is seen as punching up at the oppressor. Of course this is wrong. Racism is racism. As for the Isreal/Palestine issue, not worth discussing in a debate about anti-semitism as it blurs the lines and gives reasons/justification for people's views.
  2. No top bun will ever "grace" my skinhead!
  3. To be truthful my wife clips them but using the word PLUCKER seemed more appropriate in a rant.
  4. For 47 years I have never had to touch my eyebrows. They've been the same for that long. But now there's a few hairs on either side that had decided to go grey AND GROW QUICKER THAN THE REST! WTF!!! NOW I'VE HAD TO BECOME A PLUCKER!!!
  5. My mother-in-law is from 'ull. Some of the words she uses are totally "foreign". One day she told me there was an "os on flags". And she thought I was the odd one because I couldn't work out she was telling me about the horse outside on the pavement.
  6. Or Mexico. As the Jimmy Kimmel Show is filmed in LA, which is only 3hrs drive from the border, you'd think someone in LA would have mentioned it. I can point to Leeds on a map and that's about the same distance from where I am as LA to Tijuana.
  7. It should shock us that most people in that video couldn't even name the country they actually live in.
  8. Not this time. Luckily I knew both answers. Next time I might not be as fortunate with @Bob8's "interrogation"
  9. I enjoy their "All or Nothing" series plus "As Good As It Gets". I enjoyed Bosch, Goliath and the first series of Sneaky Pete. Life in Pieces is very funny. Currently watching Hanna
  10. Yes. Top left, just east of Washington and Oregon. If the most populus country in Africa is Nigeria, which I think it is, then it's Abuja.
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