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  1. Great day in Wales yesterday Newport 1-2 Swindon Town Our away form vs our home form is nuts Home 6pts from a possible 21 Away 23pts from a possible 27 Two home games this week
  2. Many an hour "wasted" playing this with mates. The good old days when you had to sit in the same room to play against each other.
  3. Going to watch Swindon Wildcats v Basingstoke Bison on Saturday. First hockey game of the season for me. Yep, it's a great sport to watch!
  4. I don't watch the show but I would if Richard Ayoade became the Doctor
  5. As usual I'm late to the party... ...3 episodes into the first series of Money Heist... ...why did I keep putting off watching this? It's great!
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