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  1. I concur I'm a normal person who liked it My wife, a Trekkie, also liked it
  2. Watching a T-Rex drive a Mercedes while bring hit in the head by golf balls is absolutely hilarious Oh yeah, Top Gear is back
  3. Would the vastly superior Marmite also work?
  4. This is not the best song ever, but since watching the Rhinos documentary on Amazon, maybe this is as good as it gets...
  5. When you go to watch this, watch it on the biggest screen you can. It is a film to be experienced.
  6. Great film, cleverly made. You do feel immersed in it. Cinema was packed too.
  7. Congratulations. Good solid choice in Grandad. However if you wanted something different here are a few options. How about the Danish or Hawaiian one?
  8. No need to justify your liking of the song or your disliking on the band/artist
  9. My phones ringtone is the "best song ever"
  11. Watched Fisherman's Friends over the weekend. Enjoyable but nothing special as a film but I now realise how much I'd enjoy a good sea shanty sing-a-long. '
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