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  1. I don't understand why some people care about things that just aren't worth caring about.
  2. Surely this should be on the Cross-Code part of the forum
  3. I've only read the first few chapters of the first book but I'm enjoying it. They seem to be written so younger readers can enjoy them too but I'm enjoying getting back in touch with my younger self.
  4. Watching Lupin on Netflix. Enjoying it so much I spent a whole 99p on Kindle to buy the collection of novels.
  5. In Portugal's Primeira Liga, another win for Sporting puts them 10pts clear of 2nd placed Porto. I'm still expecting them to somehow mess it up as, with 15 games left, it's way too early to be "happy".
  6. If I was coaching a team, who was down by one with less than 10secs on the clock, and I had to choose one player to have that responsibility of the game winning shot I'd choose Larry Bird every single time.
  7. Yep, incredible performance... ...and still lost! When you take into account shooting, rebounding, passing, unselfishness and "clutch" play, Larry is the GOAT.
  8. Agreed. It's obviously "The Hick from French Lick", Mr Larry Bird. Bird vs Jordan Head to Head Bird 23 wins, Jordan 11 wins In the playoffs (when it matters) Bird 6 wins, Jordan 0 wins
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