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  1. Our new position in the EU

    You can't look at the EU institutions using that model. The European Council is where National Governments sit. The European Parliament, directly elected by citizens, represents citizens, and the Commission sees itself as the guardian of the treaties, that is, they enforce the treaties that individual governments have already signed up to.
  2. Zulu, pulp fiction, seven samurai, quadrophenia, big Wednesday. All watched 10 times each, at least.
  3. Who is the best player you've ever seen?

    Seriously though, Kris radlinski and Gary Connolly must be worth a mention. Rads was a class act and Connolly was one of the best defenders ever. Alan bateman and jiffy were both damn good players too.
  4. Weirdest try of the year.
  5. That was a try. Wigan not getting the calls here.
  6. Not a sin bin. 8 point try probably right.
  7. Is the video ref from oz?
  8. That was a try. And I wish they would stop showing the other match.