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  1. Kato Ottio

    so so sad rest in peace kato
  2. kato ottia

    widnes have announced tonight that new signing kato ottia has passed away aged 23
  3. Your club's greatest 1-17? Name them here

    i watched all of my choices playing for widnes from 1964 onwards
  4. Your club's greatest 1-17? Name them here

    smith and gayle in the halves before hardisty and hepworth ?????
  5. Your club's greatest 1-17? Name them here

    so many great players to pick from
  6. Your club's greatest 1-17? Name them here

    widnes 1 stuart spruuce 2 stuart wright 3 eric hughes 4 frank myler 5 martin offiah 6 tony myler 7 andy gregory 8 jim mills 9 keith elwell 10 kurt sorensen 11 jim measures 12 mick adams 13 vinty karalius subs 14 george nicholls 15 frank collier 16 phil mckenzie 17 doug laughton
  7. an insult to the good young british players like joe greenwood, matt whitely band jansin turgut to have a semi retired aussie journeyman in the squad before them
  8. shouldnt be in the squad full stop
  9. Depth in England is good ATM

    sneyd ffs 4th rate halfback that can kick
  10. Your 2021 england team

    and whitely
  11. Your 2021 england team

    danny richardson and danny walker wont be far away from selection
  12. France team to face Jamaica

    you mean like england did with heighington ??