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  1. salford by 10 they are looking good this season and saints are there for the taking
  2. take a massive bow ryan ince, ive been raving about this kid for years and today he looked like he is going to fulfill his promise, ryan was up against one of the great wingers and stood up to the task
  3. matty whitely is back this week, i can see a vikings win by 10
  4. people already writing the obituraies for widnes should have been at the game yesterday. they out thought and outfought the rhinos
  5. not forgetting the horrendous injury list
  6. erm we finished 7th not 8th
  7. off field discipline at widnes is extremely strict, ask anthony watts and scott moore
  8. widnes in trouble is an understatement they are pathetic at the moment, no guts, no game plan and no on field leader,, i think its time betts fell on his sword
  9. a more pertinent question would be why were crusaders forced to start from league one whilst bradford can stay in the championship, when cru went ###### up they were in super league but that counted for nothing with the west yorkshire mafia at red hall.
  10. what has annoyed me most is that they are being promised a championship place whilst crusaders had to start again in championship 1,
  11. hooker or half back
  12. jordan johnstone at widnes
  13. erm matt whitely anyone runner up in the young player of the year and a massive prospect
  14. i have a liverpool season ticket for the lower main stand its a dam sight better now after the rebuild i think its a fantastic stadium and with football its all about getting as many people in as they can
  15. the park or the albert at the kop end