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  1. Kevin Spacey will know. He’s well acquainted with the common
  2. All monies to grass roots clubs in the community like Mount Murray Marauders and Peel Eels. Rich clubs like Ballasalla Barracudas can raise enough finance through their banker backers.
  3. One mention of Rugby League World and it’s all Coronation street and cobblers.
  4. London Transport Museum are offering a great deal on RL themed poster mugs featuring Challenge cup posters of a bygone era. https://www.ltmuseumshop.co.uk/homeware/category/mugs-cups/rugby-posters-mug-gift-set A must have for all true Rugby League fans and members of the Rugby League family
  5. Bring them upto date with head to toe cheap and misspelled tattoos. Hida-4-eva
  6. Weatherfield Wolfpack, funded by fashion tycoon Mike Baldwin and playing down at the Red Req (weather permitting). Run with the pack!
  7. Isn't rosta in italy? Love to see an Italian team in SL
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