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  1. in sundays programme for the wire game, there was an interview with matt beech, and he said that he will continue investing money into the club as he sees it as a good viable venture which will in turn help his own business, he has already put finance directly into the club as has roddy snedden,
  2. totally agree parky, licensing should stay beyond all doubt, the promised land can be reached if a club is determined enough to organise itself off the field as well as on it, widnes is a good example, and i am certain featherstone would make the step up sooner rather than later. a return to P&R is a retrograde step thought up by a pair of buffoons in red hall..........
  3. talking of sports finance and rich backers, it is a sobering thought that liverpool fc were within days of collapse before fenway sports bought the club....if one of our top football clubs can be in so much of a mess what chance do rugby league clubs have??
  4. exactly hindle, hanbury, cahill and winterstien and white have been excellent for us.
  5. widnes fans are rightly excited by the likes of mellor, hanbury,cahill etc etc, we have spent so many years signing bargain basement players who any other team wouldn't touch. now we have superb players in our team at long last.
  6. not at all mate, kev was superb for us at times this season...
  7. we wont have to offer a brown envelope for him either! unlike a certain team who play in blue and white.
  8. no need kev is already on a 4 year deal, and nice of you to recognise how talented he is.......
  9. about bloody time too................now for stefan marsh
  10. i think i may be one of the very few who actually saw peter gentle play, he played for nottingham against highfield at hoghton road sthelens.
  11. are wood and rimmer on a hell bent mission to destroy rugby league in britain? academies are the lifeblood of the clubs and have more non fed trained players is once again pacifying the clubs who just don't make the mark............
  12. wonder if they have re-signed brett waller? he battered the widnes pack in the cup tie this season.....
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