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  1. Just announced via Doncaster's social media.
  2. Thanks Gav. It just reminded me of some association football grounds that have been designed to incorporate increased capacity without much alteration to the original framework.
  3. The stand along the far touchline from where the photos are taken - has that been designed to facilitate expansion? The roof is very high in relation to the seating, so it looks like they could add additional rows of seating without raising the height of the stand.
  4. My team: Doncaster Second team: York Just ahead of Huddersfield (where I lived for most of my childhood). Reasons: 1) I like York as place and; 2) that the city has a strong rugby heritage. Edit: 3) a strong York side is a great asset to RL.
  5. Re: the Huddersfield crest, it might be a case of the club adopting two designs, similar to what the soccer club has done. Huddersfield Town use both a traditional coat of arms and a stylised Terrier badge.
  6. From before my time, but would any poster agree that Danny Wilson falls into this category?
  7. I noticed that Wakefield AFC are reforming. Would a groundshare* open up the possibility of extra stadium development money (e.g. in the form of a grant)? *I haven't seen anything to suggest this might happen. It was just a thought.
  8. NRL set to force clubs to relocate or risk folding under new clause in licensing agreement. Link to story on foxsports here
  9. I think York's stadium will have similar seat patterns to those in Australia. Red, white and amber if I recall correctly.
  10. I'm pretty sure something like the NU annual handbooks will contain that kind of info. As Kev P suggests, The RL Heritage Centre in Huddersfield might have those items (I think Meast provided the link above). Re: newspaper archives - it might be worth joining the British Newspaper Archive. It has a good search function, so checking Lancs and Yorks newspapers is fairly painless. Alternatively, get in touch with Professor Tony Collins. He is very quick to respond and generously provided me with some information when I requested it. His blog (with contact information) is at http://www.rugbyreloaded.com
  11. Doncaster's original home at York Road Stadium was used for greyhound racing, but later hosted speedway.
  12. I like Penrith, but also follow the progress of Souths and Parramatta. I don't dislike any RL team.
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