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  1. I think I've mentioned this in an earlier thread on this, but Huddersfield played in navy blue shirts in their early days. The switch to claret and gold wasn't popular, according to local press reports.
  2. Leeds Parish Church played in blue and black hoops, and occasionally white. Stockport NU were known as The Clarets. Pontefract (Yorkshire Challenge Cup winners) played in crimson in their RFU days. The original Castleford club (no relation to the current team) wore red and blue (I think). The original Leeds RFC* (the first ever rugby club in Yorkshire, providing the catalyst for the growth of the code in the county) played in all white, which ties in quite nicely with LUFC's choice of colours. *A strictly amateur club which folded in the 1880s(?) as they couldn't find any local clubs to play that weren't suspected of being professional in some form.
  3. The local council has recently concluded a consultation period with local residents and released a blueprint for the redevelopment of Huddersfield town centre this week. The George Hotel is earmarked for redevelopment as part of the Station Gateway zone, but I don't know any more than that.
  4. They have experimented with other colours before. All red for a season in the mid-1980s and then white with red trim when using the Lakers nickname (2006ish). The home kit looks a lot like Manly, but I'm not sure why the club chose to adopt those colours, to be honest.
  5. Re: Doncaster's shirts - the official press release stated that the maroon one is home, blue and gold away.
  6. England Finland (if RL ever got off the ground here)
  7. Just announced via Doncaster's social media.
  8. Thanks Gav. It just reminded me of some association football grounds that have been designed to incorporate increased capacity without much alteration to the original framework.
  9. The stand along the far touchline from where the photos are taken - has that been designed to facilitate expansion? The roof is very high in relation to the seating, so it looks like they could add additional rows of seating without raising the height of the stand.
  10. My team: Doncaster Second team: York Just ahead of Huddersfield (where I lived for most of my childhood). Reasons: 1) I like York as place and; 2) that the city has a strong rugby heritage. Edit: 3) a strong York side is a great asset to RL.
  11. Re: the Huddersfield crest, it might be a case of the club adopting two designs, similar to what the soccer club has done. Huddersfield Town use both a traditional coat of arms and a stylised Terrier badge.
  12. From before my time, but would any poster agree that Danny Wilson falls into this category?
  13. I noticed that Wakefield AFC are reforming. Would a groundshare* open up the possibility of extra stadium development money (e.g. in the form of a grant)? *I haven't seen anything to suggest this might happen. It was just a thought.
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