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  1. What happened to the application from Devon Sharks? Are the two Bath clubs connected or separate?
  2. Who are in the the other semi, where and when?
  3. Just reading the Mirror article above..... A rugby LEAGUE team based in the UAE for three months! Lucky they didn't get Sol Mokdad involved!
  4. London Broncos wore sleeveless (vest) shirts when they played in the Dubai 7s back in the Griffin Park days. I my memory serves me they were red with blue and gold trims sponsored by British Airways and made by ISC. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/rugby-league-sheikhrattle-and-roll-its-1596083
  5. Just watched the BBC Three offshoot Extra Gear, thought it was better than the main show.
  6. It's not a new idea, long before Nigel Wood the Woolies Cup pre season comp in Brisbane used to use a system of awarding points for portions of matches (can't remember the full details, it was either per quarter or half) in the qualifying league before the semies and final. The comp ran from the mid seventies until the launch of the Broncos in 1988. They only played a few rounds of matches in the league part so it was usful for splitting teams who would have been level on the table using the traditional points system but it isn't really necessary over twenty odd rounds. Also, if all games were played indoors with no elements to effect the game it might be fair but consider a game at Batley or Fev... Running up the hill into a gale with pouring rain in the first half then, the wind drops and rain stops for the opposition going uphill in the second.
  7. West of England Portsmouth 71, Bristol Sonics 58! South West Cornish Rebels 38, Devon Sharks 22 Exeter Centurions 62, Plymouth Titans 42
  8. And in the North Devon Gazette.... http://www.northdevongazette.co.uk/sport/rugby/raiders_new_coach_to_revolutionise_rugby_league_in_north_devon_1_4439764
  9. Coverage in both of the local papers this week. The North Devon Journal..... http://www.northdevonjournal.co.uk/North-Devon-Raiders-coach-keen-restore-pride/story-28853499-detail/story.html
  10. Seems like they are rising from the dead..... http://rugby-league.com/article/33644/raiders-looking-to-revolutionise-rugby-league-in-north-devon
  11. North Devon Raiders on Twitter: "If anyone is interested in taking over the running of the North Devon Raiders, please get in touch. The new season is approaching." https://www.facebook.com/groups/369296522383/ Twitter @NDRAIDERSRL
  12. Report here... http://www.therfl.co.uk/news/article/33200/old-trafford-celebrations-for-the
  13. It's a great development for the Rebels and another great piece of work from Rob and John following on from being accepted on the Embed the Pathway programme and, hopefully, getting loads of Cornish schools involved in Rugby League. Coupled with the possibility that schools in South Devon will also be joining the Embed the Pathway scheme there is the hope that in five years time there will be a steady stream of youngsters brought up with Rugby League in the South West. However, the South West is unlike the heartlands in that there are only four clubs in Devon and Cornwall, a large area with poor transport links, especially in the summer with the influx of holidaymakers. Last season, of twenty scheduled League games only thirteen were played and of those, only two - the games between Devon Sharks (Torquay) and Exeter Centurions - were played by players representing their own clubs. The rest were variations of the home team against either some of the away team plus some home players swapping sides or a collection players loaned from the rest of the league to bulk out a travelling side. The worry is that whilst Rebels go from strength to strength, though even they forfeited their visit to Exeter, there won't be any teams for them to play. What can be done to strengthen the other clubs, and to encourage new clubs to be formed is anyone's guess. There has also been an exodus of the stalwarts who have kept the club's going for the past seven or eight years since the end of the season, perhaps the new blood coming in to take over can move them forward with new ideas. The Rebels are in a difficult position going forward, they seem to be getting too big for the SW League but what viable alternatives are there? The distances to the nearest alternative tier 5 league are unworkable. Bristol, Corsham, Swindon, Somerset and Cheltenham down the M5/A30 would be monster trips in the summer on a Saturday whilst moving up to whatever the Southern Conference turns into next year would be worse, even if they could cope with the rise in standard of play.
  14. Devon regained the Martin Roddy MBE Trophy for the first time in three years with an emphatic 50-16 over Cornwall at Bitton Park, Teignmouth today. Following a narrow two point win at Redruth in May and a six point reverse at Launceston in July, it was the men in green who opened the scoring and went into the half time break 16-12 to the good. An exchange of converted tries in the opening ten minutes of the second half made it 22-16 and then the floodgates opened with five Devon tries in the final half hour with two more being denied by last gasp tackles on Nick Woolley following fifty metre bursts from the former Plymouth Titan. Devon had had the better of the opening game in the three match County of Origin series with two late scores flattering the Cornish but there was to be no let up this time as they dominated their opponents both in the forwards and out wide, the best scoring move being a three man interchange down the grandstand side which left black and gold defenders grasping at thin air. Devon's impressive performance provided some relief to the county's Rugby League supporters a week after the Cornish Rebels inflicted a record South West League Grand Final defeat on Exeter Centurions whilst the Cornishmen must regroup for their Harry Jepson Trophy clash in a fortnight when Rebels face Bath & Wiltshire Romans in the Quarter Final.
  15. Does anyone know the draw for this year's Harry Jepson? Cornish Rebels beat Exeter Centurions 94-12 in the South West League Grand Final at Launceston yesterday. Bath and Wiltshire Romans play Bristol Sonics in the West of England GF on Sunday. Who else has qualified or are in their respective Grand Finals and who plays who in the Trophy?