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  1. I played for Plymouth in that one (programme cover below) and refereed the game twelve months later when Plymouth won 126-4 (the Redditch try should actually have been disallowed but it was about 80-0 at the time). We used to have the same referee every home game, Terry Parker who travelled up from Penzance as he was nearest but he was unavailable that week. The after match food and drink was always a bit of a challenge, with regular visits from the local constabulary to check that our "private party" wasn't 'selling' beer. Conveniently though, the day we entertained West Midlands Police there was a distinct lack of interest from the boys in blue! Dave Kay visited Plymouth in a development role on a number of occasions, once with Peter Deakin from Open Rugby (at the time) where they brought a vhs copy of a New Zealand v Australia test match (gold dust back then). Unfortunately for them they left the video in the machine and left with a copy of Coronation Street or something similar by mistake. Plymouth entered the National Cup twice, the first time was a visit to the Ship Inn, Keyingham (Hull). That meant leaving at 4am on the Sunday morning and getting back home at 1am on the Monday. We led 2-0 after about two minutes but ended up losing 70-2!
  2. Just cancelled my yearly subscription to Premier Sports, I paid £99 back in January. The lady asked why I was cancelling and I said it was because they were losing their contract for Rugby League and I wasn't interested in any of the other sports they are showing (particularly Union). She put me on hold and then came back with an offer of £4.99 a month and admitted that they had lost the NRL but would be showing Championship matches featuring Toronto and Rugby League Backchat. I declined the offer and told her I would be using the money to pay for an Internet subscription to the new NRL online service. if anyone else is considering phoning up to cancel Premier Sports there is an alternative number 0333 0033773 which is charged at a normal rate rather than the premium rate number they advertise on their website, I got through after about three rings.
  3. Free sport (Sky 424) has not yet appeared on my epg. How can you perform a forced reboot or whatever to obtain it?
  4. Tarka Storm RLFC http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/tarkastormrlfc/ @TSRLFC
  5. Tarka Storm RLFC http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/tarkastormrlfc/ @TSRLFC
  6. What happened to the application from Devon Sharks? Are the two Bath clubs connected or separate?
  7. Who are in the the other semi, where and when?
  8. Just reading the Mirror article above..... A rugby LEAGUE team based in the UAE for three months! Lucky they didn't get Sol Mokdad involved!
  9. London Broncos wore sleeveless (vest) shirts when they played in the Dubai 7s back in the Griffin Park days. I my memory serves me they were red with blue and gold trims sponsored by British Airways and made by ISC. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/rugby-league-sheikhrattle-and-roll-its-1596083
  10. Just watched the BBC Three offshoot Extra Gear, thought it was better than the main show.
  11. It's not a new idea, long before Nigel Wood the Woolies Cup pre season comp in Brisbane used to use a system of awarding points for portions of matches (can't remember the full details, it was either per quarter or half) in the qualifying league before the semies and final. The comp ran from the mid seventies until the launch of the Broncos in 1988. They only played a few rounds of matches in the league part so it was usful for splitting teams who would have been level on the table using the traditional points system but it isn't really necessary over twenty odd rounds. Also, if all games were played indoors with no elements to effect the game it might be fair but consider a game at Batley or Fev... Running up the hill into a gale with pouring rain in the first half then, the wind drops and rain stops for the opposition going uphill in the second.
  12. West of England Portsmouth 71, Bristol Sonics 58! South West Cornish Rebels 38, Devon Sharks 22 Exeter Centurions 62, Plymouth Titans 42
  13. And in the North Devon Gazette.... http://www.northdevongazette.co.uk/sport/rugby/raiders_new_coach_to_revolutionise_rugby_league_in_north_devon_1_4439764
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