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  1. More Bulls Problems

    If Orford seeking a release allows us to sign Price and /or Fielding, it will make far more difference to selling season tickets than him seeing out his contract. I am still a fan of Orford, but I felt from the start that we had placed a lot of eggs in one basket.
  2. Playoff system

    I'm hoping for great games, sell out crowds and hopefully a few shocks along the way You haven't thought this cunning plan out have you baldrick
  3. St Helens vs Bradford Bulls

    I'm not going to tip a shock Bradford win as that is probably pushing my optimism too little too far. However, even though the Bulls have come up short against teams who are struggling at the foot of the league in recent weeks and nobody on here seems to be giving them a sniff of winning, this game could be a little different. This is the first time that next years players (a large percentage of the team) will get to play in front of their new coach. As a direct result of this, I'm expecting a very creditable performance from the Bulls (even though this is likely to come up short of a win). There may also be some players on the saints side that are keen to impress - so I think it will be a good game. Time to stick my neck out (just a little): Saints by 8 and one of Bradford's best performances of the season or it could turn out as everybody else seems to think.
  4. Your Clubs Out-of-Contracts

    Bump Any more info from other clubs?
  5. Some Good News Bradford Fans

    Thanks for the update Mick, I could not make it tonight because of family commitments. Good news about Langley resigning. Lets hope that some of the younger players like Finigan, Addy and Wardle agree new deals soon. As for the "concentrated effort with marketing" it's well overdue but I have serious doubts as to the ability of the staff currently in place at the club. Were any question put forward about our future at Odsal? and Anything about the clubs financial state following our alarming drop in corporate sponsorship and the fact that our attendances are now significantly below previously stated break even figures?
  6. The 10m rule

    10M is good for the game - Alex is looking back at the past through rose tinted spectacles.
  7. When the fed trained players rules were brought in I posted on here at the time that I suspected that if it was challenged the rules would break EU employment laws - We are not even allowed to test if an EU doctor can speak an acceptable level of English now!!!! It is not that long ago that Quins released Ranaldi with a statement that this was due to the fed trained rules. If he was unable to find another club or had to take a drop in wages I feel sure he would have had a very stong case that he had been discriminated against. For what it is worth, I welcome the change of heart by the RFL and think it will benifit the French game in the long term as it has New Zealand in the southern hemisphere.
  8. Whilst I share your view on the current position of the club, Steve McNamara was only ever an employee - the blame lies higher up the tree IMO. The club has also gone from being the leagues shining example of how to do things like marketing and community involvement activities to being a complete joke in these areas in the same time frame.
  9. Your Clubs Out-of-Contracts

    From the list above the most important players to resign are Langley (who has been great this year when not injured) and some of the 'up and coming' youngsters like Finigan, Addy and Wardle. I think Steve Menzies has been great for the club but both he and Nero will have to go to free up wages and quota places. As for the rest, the questions are which ones Mick Potter thinks he can get an improvement out of, how much they want and possibly who effects the home grown player quota. I think at least 3 more players (in addition to Menzies and Nero) will need to be released for the club to have the funds to do anything in the transfer market that will start to win back missing fans.
  10. Your Clubs Out-of-Contracts

    Leon has another 12 months on his contract at saints Personally I think it would be good business for the bulls to get the cheque book out and make saints an offer. We desperately need to make some signings this year that will not only strengthen the team, but will also will generate some optimism and ticket sales.
  11. The funding for over 700 schools was also 'in place' using public money. The problem being that we can't go on borrowing