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  1. Should Bennett Stay?

    I previously wanted him gone, and, a reasonable WC notwithstanding, haven't changed my mind much. He's a miserable old goat who couldn't put a side out to manage even a point in the final. Give us Powell.
  2. Probably because when Roby comes on, Hodgson doesn't go off and Bennett shuffles the team around so that nobody knows what they're doing. Definitely gives Tonga a chance.
  3. Team for the quarter final???

    I don't think Hill has deserved his place, Roby has always been better than Hodgson (including in this WC) and Bateman can't pass and has been poor all year. Apart from that it's a great team! I do think that the Widdop/Brown/Gale selection is right though - although Brown has yet to face a real test, I was impressed with his display against France. I'll be happy to see the back of Bennett whatever happens.
  4. And maybe first of all it might be nice if the B (should that be 'E') BC could even show the Scotland WC games live. It's no wonder nobody in Scotland knows anything about Scotland RL, given the lack of exposure. How is it supposed to grow when starved of any publicity? And that's before we start talking about the (lack of) funding from Red Hall. I don't have a problem with heritage teams as such. Danny Brough has become more Scottish than anyone over the period he's the Scotland captain, even to the point of being sent home in disgrace in the best Scottish sporting tradition. The youtube footage of the Scotland team celebrating druing the last WC when they found out they'd qualified from the groups was inspirational. People could have easily come to cherish and support that team. But any chance of it sowing any seeds in Scotland have been cast aside through a total lack of funding and profile. If we're not going to back these heritage teams up organisationally and financially, then they are indeed a waste of time. I can only assume that they do a far better job of it, with far less financial or other resources, in Lebanon, which should be a source of shame for the RFL, the BBC and the Scottish Government.
  5. If PNG could cut out the errors then they might give England a fright. If they were all to have the game of their lives then they'd be good enough to win against a misfiring England. Luckily I don't think they can. I've been totally underwhelmed by Bennett's team selections and substitiutions so far though, so anything is possible.
  6. I don't see that we have much of an option as for as Watkins is concerned. If we can't even manage to put out 2 proper centres then I don't see the point of arguing about the merits of the genuine centre of the two selected. I'm far more concerned about Bateman. He was fantastic last year, but he's been poor this season and was almost embarrassingly bad in Wigan's last game against Wakey. I genuinely thought that was his chance of a WC spot gone. If we need a defensive centre then surely it should have been Shenton. Of the squad in Aus, then Percival has to be the better option. Never mind, we'll beat Lebanon anyway.
  7. Scotland squad

    That's looking rubbish TBH - no repeat of 2013 likely. And I can't fathom the Bentley brothers selection, it was hard enough thinking of them as French.
  8. England Squad Named

    Let's not forget that George probably only gave away the penalty because he was exhausted, and McNamara put him back on the park when he had an unused sub on the bench. But it was Sinfield's inexplicable kick back inside to RTS that ultimately did for us. I haven't been able to watch the recording 4 years on. I still have the horrors. The sudden shocked silence at Wembley. Help nurse!
  9. A detailed analysis of Grand Final referee James Child

    Happy with that, and pleased for Child. He's deserved it. Another last minute pen for Cas to win it please James.
  10. I agree, but if you're having to step backwards over someone than that would indicate that there was nothing to prevent the defender rolling away in the first place, so the existing interpretation would apply i.e. a penalty to the attacker. I want to see a stop to attackers stepping over defenders in any direction.
  11. I really don't see that as being such a big issue. We're not talking dozens of metres.
  12. They gain a yard in space though. Why should they gain an extra yard by stepping forward? No reason it would be slower with a backward step than a forward one. We're already looking at a fast PTB by definition if the defender hasn't had time to get to his feet.
  13. NFL indeed! (LOL - too many TLAs!) I wasn't suggesting there should have been a penalty or the like, just that it was mayhem on the pitch, and that Bod's unhappiness wasn't entirely without basis.
  14. I've no objection to penalising players who lie in the ruck if they've made no attempt to move, but when the attacker is stepping over the defender in order to play the ball into him, as we saw last night, then surely the rule about not playing the ball on the mark should be invoked to penalise the attacker. And for those who would say, as per last night, that Lomax was on the mark, what was to stop the attacker taking a step backwards and playing the ball rather than a step forwards? Surely the fact that the defender is on the deck is enough of an advantage without milking a penalty. No rule changes needed, just blatant gamesmanship needing stopped.
  15. That's not an entirely unreasonable point - it looked like the NFL out there for a moment.