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  1. Not true, there is a huge intrest in international rugby league. We just consistent tournaments and fixtures to reach its potential.
  2. Game is being streamed in Foxtel/Kayo aswell. Not sure if it will be available in england but it might be. Still can’t believe the bloke isn’t playing first grade, it’s a proper joke. He would be guaranteed starter for a whole lot of NRL teams. He should be looking to leave if O’Brien doesn’t give him opportunities in the next few weeks. Like seriously Jack Cogger over Pryce, I can’t imagine what Huddersfield fans would think of that.
  3. Only just got back from injury two weeks ago and has only played a few reserve grade games. Was named as number 19 for the roosters last week though and was very close to debuting. Should continue to dominate in the NSW cup and hopefully plays a few games this year in the NRL.
  4. A test against PNG or Fiji as a warm up match would be much better than those fixtures.
  5. Hunslet, Albi, Workington and many many more bottom teams in Europe have defeated Australia plenty times aswell. Times have changed though and the gap between the best professional players in the world and amateur and semi pro players is incredibly large now.
  6. Western Australia and even NSW residents against England, seriously? Why would you put a team of amateur players against some of the best in the world. It’s like putting Cornwall to play Penrith or Wigan. Completely pointless matches with no contest at all.
  7. England wouldn’t lose to any of those 3 teams in a million years. Indigenous side could be somewhat competitive but will still likely be 50-60 points+.
  8. Nu Brown heading to St George and Joey Manu officially leaving Roosters and RL next year to join some Japanese union club.
  9. Against Tonga in the final test, he had a cracker of a game. Was MOTM I believe.
  10. Walmsley is one of the greatest English props to ever lace up, Harrison has only played 40 SL games his whole career. He’s on good form but to even compare to Walmlsey is an insult. Walmlsey is still miles clear of Harrison.
  11. Bateman was far and away Englands best player in the last game they played, seems harsh to drop him.
  12. Saints absolutely dreadful, whole spine very poor. No organisation and way to many errors.
  13. You just can’t admit you’re wrong can you mate.
  14. Smithies expectional as per usual. 43 Tackles, 0 Missed 163 Metres
  15. All 6 of those players are full-team professional rugby league players in their NRL sides top 30 squad. They train and play every week just like every other player. They are not "former" players . Just because they are yet to appear in the opening six rounds doesn't mean they don't exist.
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