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  1. faithfulbyname

    Million £ game venue?

    That'll clash with some as yet to be announced England game
  2. Is that enough money to patch up Odsal??
  3. Not the sharpest tool in the box is Houston
  4. Great news - wish some of the SL clubs could achieve that ......
  5. faithfulbyname

    Scrums Taking Far Too Long

    Don't have a problem with it to be honest - In fact sometimes I think its OK just to have the odd breather sometimes, rather than this obsession we have with speeding the game up.
  6. Good of the organisers to give the underdogs an extra 2 days turnaround - they'll certainly need it to be able to match the French
  7. I think we all know the answer to that one...
  8. faithfulbyname

    Media Watch World Cup

    Someone got hold of the Union calculator
  9. Can't see past a Fiji win by a big scoreline to be honest. Hopefully USA get a couple of tries to show for their efforts, but its a big task for them.
  10. Brilliant news! I just moved to Switzerland 2 weeks ago - hopefully I can get MAXX via my Swisscom