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  1. great game for the neutral
  2. how was that not even a yellow card? clear intent to take the player out off the ball.
  3. definitely should have been a penalty to Warrington there
  4. Seems like the other lot have suddenly discovered Toronto, amongst other places...
  5. I wish they'd get rid of that music they play whenever a try is scored....
  6. But Mr Irvine, I thought you had to stay through the full match to file your match report....
  7. Justin Webb is exceedingly irritating - he's like a simpering schoolgirl whenever any of his RU England "heroes" are on the radio. Not surprising it got derailed at all.
  8. You can still get tickets in sections 107 and 109 in the lower tier - even though its greyed out as "not for sale". Just ordered a couple more tonight.
  9. Just bought 3 x £50 tickets in the greyed out sections in lower tier of the West stand at OP. I don't quite understand how the site works though - I did a search on "best available" and couldn't get 3 x £50 tickets but I then clicked on the greyed out section and not all of the greyed out bits are sold yet.
  10. Radio 4 news at 7:30 am. About 5 minutes of Will Greenwood raving over the Barbarians v SA RU match, with the Radio 4 presenters practically wetting themselves every time Lord Greenwood said anything. 4 Nations ? not a squeak
  11. just sat in reception listening in to Steve Ganson explaining the refereeing situation to Mal Meninga and his staff.....
  12. tempted to stick a leg out this morning at breakfast as Greg Inglis was getting his toast!!
  13. Just seen a few of the Australian team in the bar here at the team hotel in Hull - bumped into Jonathan Thurston on the stairs.
  14. Good stuff, well deserved