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  1. He would have made the bench at least for us at least this season
  2. Ha ha.... Knowing Rob's reputation is avoid voicing that in person to him
  3. No sense of positivity amongst the ones I go with/hang out with....though 3 or 4 pints in the chat gets cheerier
  4. I can honestly say I hear the same tone in union - in real life anyway You haven't heard the pinnacle of moaning (and some if it very pernicious) if you haven't heard a N. Saints fan at it
  5. Fantastic player and fantastic professional And before any of you northern monkey clubs get any ideas he is staying at Vallis way
  6. Such a low rent thing to do Hopefully just a few idiots and not the majority
  7. I follow union and cricket..... They are exactly the same Having a discussion /moan/rant is part of the fun Anything that means I don't have to depress myself by reading the real news (politics etc) is great by me
  8. I'd be happy if BT came in.... I could ditch Sky then and enjoy year round rugby cheaper
  9. In origin and NRL has been fantastic this year. Will bring real kudos to SL too Matty Smith will not be missed if he goes
  10. A shame, the boxing one was good Does anyone show the NRL magazine shows in the UK? Thinking of getting the NRL app for the summer but would prefer it to be on the telly rather than a phone
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