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  1. I agree Same with union/RL tie in like cross code players I a really think the main forum should include anything RL relate including NRL and cross code things I don't think purely union topics that don't link to league should be before anyone moans
  2. This story is the bomb..... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-67602627 "Mrs Edwards said she used to bang her trowel on the bomb to remove earth after gardening.".......
  3. Is that all? I wouldn't get out of bed for 20 million
  4. No need to apologise....I'm not really a snooker follower but like most I have heard if him Has an ego the size of Jupiter....probably a bank balance like it too....which is galling for the fans who pay their tickets money if he is essentially saying the thing they are paying for is not his passion
  5. My kid is at middle school (unusual I know) and stated walking with mates aged 10 (first 5 mins by herself then with mates) A 20 min walk and have to say was never really nervous about it I think if I was in London I'd share your nerves but I guess it depends what part!
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/snooker/67580668 "Can't be bothered with snooker" I feel like he has said this annually for the past 20 years
  7. The one doing the round last few years I hate "It is what is is" Oh and "fair play to...."
  8. Mate I understand your passion for your club but the fact is you spent money on wages for the first team that should have been used to pay rent End of
  9. Punching above thier weight on the field for ages by not paying their bills off it .......without even attracting decent crowds.......I can honestly say I hope they survive but not in SL
  10. I think Salford being lost from RL would be awful .....lost from SL iI'm not so sure ....they fit the championship well in my opinion....at least while they settle thier finances and a proper structured club beyond the first team
  11. Agreed....Salford have been awful in terms of spending everything they have on the first team wages I personally don't think they'll start the season and Wakey will be in SL this year
  12. And a forced tattoo of the player with the bags of the club being loaned to
  13. Yes ER is a dump ....haven't changed my mind on that....but I like Leeds for a weekend so I'll live with it.....and more importantly I'll start going again Also just relieved it's not Newcastle with it's too far away location and ridiculous accomodation prices
  14. Don't mind this Leeds is a great city....will make the weekend of it
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