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  1. The result of one child winning a million dollars doing this? Inspiring millions more children to sit still for hours by themselves (playing games) Exactly how many will make a 'career' out of that? How many more will have increased risk of obesity / poor mental health / poor fitness / poor social awareness / poor academic performance? Compare this to the smile on a kids face after a rugby / soccer / netball / hockey training session with his team mates
  2. Do not try and defend something that encourages children to sit still by themselves for hours and hours on end We should all hate this and discourage it in the same way we discourage and hate children smoking or taking drugs
  3. "She said she once threw out an Xbox after an argument - but now accepts Jaden's career choice as a professional esports player" Jesus H Christ..... What is the world coming to?????
  4. I absolutely and thoroughly hate everything about this When I am king I will limit every person to 20 minutes of computer game playing a day - dependant on them completing a 1 hour rugby league skills or conditioning session first (alternately). Same for anything else like it, eg. drone racing Dont anyone even try and defend it by the way https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-49141738
  5. Seems a no brainer to me Maybe Sky might feel there would be subscribers who would cancel if they got 4 games for free a season any way?
  6. Mate.... Go to Old Trafford for GF and see for yourself.... My team has never made it but its still spine tingling being there with the lights on and 70,000 others.... Even a packed Headingly would not compare
  7. Yes of course it's easy to say here and I'm no producer. Surely this is the place to speculate and suggest ideas though? Personally I think it may be a fair assumption that C5 ain't paying much to show the Gallagher Prem.... The RFU and BT know it's a winner getting the games on free to air. I happen to think Durden-Smith and Flatman do a good job as well
  8. Take it further Do what union does and put 5 further games on channel 5....Sky would benefit if more people get interested
  9. Much better.... 19oC and rainy.... Just the way Broncos like it
  10. I believe it was Wembleys decision not the RFL but may be wrong Either way I'll be there with 3 comendeered union mates until the end..... I may not be speaking clearly or walking straight by the end but I'll be there
  11. Huddy, Wakey, Salford and yes Broncos have a very limited shot at a final.....its barely ever happened Totonto potentially may be favourites to make it to the GF every year Big difference
  12. Always enjoyed the Toronto idea, games and razzamatazz However one of the Podcasts (might have been the Total RL one) this week pointed out what might happen if they get to the grand final I was there for Catalan's CC win last year and it was great but Wembley was half full. Maybe the first year it happened at Old Trafford the neutrals would come but let's say they keep doing it.... Might we end up with OT not being filled for the GF? Again... I'll reemphasise I quite like TW but this might be a stumbling block
  13. Even if they went very easy on the opposition this would be dangerous.... Unless it was touch
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