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  1. So what are peoples thoughts about us having this French side in SL? Personally I think having the team in Paris may be a mistake and they should have gone for one of the rugby heartland areas in the South of France Guess we'll see By the way has anyone listened to that new 2Unlimited album yet? I hear it's great
  2. Ha! We have a jar of Sainsbury cumin from 1993!....absolutely zero smell of cumin
  3. Excellent well done I'm going to go and panic buy some fusilli with the savings
  4. I agree, London just needs success Success needs big investment Melbourne Storm size investment!
  5. Dream world says a couple of massive backers take on both clubs and they both storm SL London and the South East is an enormous (and wealthy market) just a couple of hours from the heartlands Why Argyll couldn't take on Broncos from Hughes I'll never know
  6. How about the 30 million people in the South of England?.... All of which are much closer to the heartlands than France/Canada and some of which are the same as Newcastle ( e.g. Luton is 2.5 hours from Cas..... when I drive fast)
  7. Personally I think in the long term scrapping loop fixtures will be better financially for clubs Make fixtures more 'special' and increase rarity so that attendances increase overall
  8. No Sky Sports on the telly so what classic game gets shown? I vote the million pound fame from 2018.....not the most entertaining but what a game that was for us Broncos
  9. It is stupid and there seems to be a decent movement against it it however..... I've seen it all levels in the 30 years I've been involved with the game both at Hemel/London and on trips playing/watching up north. It isn't anything new or to do with social media it's been ever present. I suspect it may even have been worse in the old days before modern stadium security staffing--stories from players in the 1920s getting bottles thrown at them - I assume refs got worse! Education is key. Let's get the refs on media more - telly, podcasts and such. Show they are just human beings and it will go some way to change folks minds Also challenge it yourself in the stands
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