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  1. Cut me in half it says Coventry Bears. I'll stick something blue on anyway, I'm going if I can
  2. Is it possible to get ticket for the Cov game next Sunday?
  3. I guess I can't wait for us to get involved. Some great fixtures amongst the chasing pack of England, Kiwis and those other 4 Will be great if we get some tours from the Pacific Islands over here
  4. I'm hopeful the rise of Tonga, Samoa, Fiji and maybe PNG will continue to revitalise the international calendar.... Once all this nonsense is over of course
  5. Hastings is a big *****a in real life too especially for a half. Makes some crunching challenges Don't think Johnson would do half the job Jacko does but I agree Johnson would be box office. Never quite forgiven him for stepping the line in 2013 against us.... 1 minute away we wuz ....
  6. Rent a room? https://m.spareroom.co.uk/flatshare/?search_id=1036419698&
  7. Wow, Zoom has really progressed its technology recently
  8. Ha! Pretend you are Zac Hardaker's dad
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