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  1. Think you can download it to on demand from Sky Sports if you have it
  2. An excellent watch on Sky Sports Fascinating insight into a very interesting guy Atherton excellent as always
  3. You've got to delete any old ones on your log in... Then need to use a Website to make the jpeg smaller... It is a pain
  4. My wife describes him as handsome too He can't have everything
  5. Yes maybe I'm being unfair. Was a great watch and in fairness Pakistan are a great side to watch with their leggies and their fiery pacemen
  6. I'm hoping it will eventually be forgotten the same way Sir Ian Botham's smoking gange etc eventually was Maybe he needs to do some charity walks
  7. Yep maybe I'm being a bit too Rugby league and looking for negatives that are not there
  8. I think I've been drunk on most dates in my life! I did lots of Internet dating before I met my wife. Had a lot of fun but avoided 'dinner dates' after a while as it got expensive! I actually had some nice cafe dates with coffee drinking! I usually had a couple of drinks to loosen myself up before going though!
  9. Yes it does suck the joy for me... Plenty of nations have cheats but Pakistanis record in cricket is something else Salim Malik, Amir, Asif, Kaneria, Akmul.... The list goes on They get paid a lot less than a lot of other nations which makes it tempting Not saying the game was definitely fixed but from my experience Pakistan has had some very unusual results along with the prosecutions for fixing
  10. The betting markets get analyzed... Will be interesting to see if anything comes up
  11. He walks his own path... be it selling fish fingers with a Birds Eye view or this Miami Vice number
  12. Just watched the highlights without knowing what happened since 3pm....what a chase.... Except its against Pakistan.... Their skipper made some utterly bizarre fielding placements.... Hmmm... Pakistan has had a few of these type of unbelievable games over the years
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