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  1. I've been thinking this Surely the capital has some lure for Marwan?
  2. The missus and I sheaths do a North Yorkshire Post Xmas weekend Would like to match this with going to the new stadium What sort of time scale we looking at? Any pre season friendlies in Feb?
  3. Saw Shed 7 in Brixton last year with Cast as support.... They were fantastic... Thought they were okay yesterday
  4. Sad for him, good for us GB/England fans he won't be playing Take him as an assistant coach?
  5. At last some recognition for me, thanks Cookey We are 10 years married. I am expecting an MBE when we get to 20
  6. It looked amazing Even the missus commented how good it looked ( and she only pretends to be interested)
  7. Gary is lots of fun but was wrong on this one He ain't the best articulator though so not sure he always means what he says
  8. Imagine Saint Helens gets picked up and moved to the Gold Coast (the World of Glass and everything) How would they get on? Incredible speed and organisation in defence. World class forwards, pivots coach etc I think they'd be top half How about when they play Roosters? If it's in England I'm definitley going this year... I think they could do it
  9. Delivers the water then picks up a ball, hands off a 12 year old ball boy and runs the length of the field for a try....... In 2 months the idiot will not be PM hopefully
  10. Got her indoors glued to it. As always she loves the aftermath more than the game..... Now I have to watch the dancing.....
  11. Always been mad as a box of frogs A London legend... One of my favourite Broncos chants of all time.... "He's got the longest name in Super League!! He's got the longest name in Super League!! He's got the longest name in Super League!! LOUIS!! .... MACARTHY!! ... SCARSBROOK!!!"
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