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  1. Too dangerous with all the grizzly bears and moose?
  2. I'd pay for any Champ/League 1 coverage that comes out as I suspect would a lot of us here The more coverage the better for me
  3. Yeah I'm looking forward to being thier too. I'm pretty desperate for Saints to not make it though.... Couldn't stand them winning another title
  4. Interesting pointed out before how Wire need to score first or they panic... Came true
  5. I think someond must have drugged the water bottles in the Wire changing room... They spilled so many simple easy takes it was like they were on something
  6. I agree he is a top contender. He's been consistently great at strong carries and is so hard to get down despite not bring a massive forward. Always looking for the offload too and can't remember seeing him make a handling error
  7. Can't see them getting over the line 3/4 times. Wigan try line defence in particular has been amazing so Leeds will need errors or another stellar perfomance from the fat 40 year old! Still don't think Lui should go home but sounds like it his missus who says they have to!
  8. Yeah I don't think he is really fit but I guess an injection or two and he and others will risk it
  9. And if it sells out for some games then good. Makes tickets rarer and more coveted The corporate side will need thinking about I think (I'm no expert on this!)
  10. Maybe. Look on YouTube for Salford FC games.... When it has 4000 in it looks a good atmosphere...
  11. This came up on here last week or so Ground looks better in terms of atmosphere with 4000 fans in compared to 4000 in AJ Bell Doesn't look like any corporate facilities though?
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