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  1. Don't know Just making the point their coverage of the kick and clap has been a class above. I wish they'd do it with the CC for our terrestrial coverage
  2. Even so... I just can't see the BBC getting new fans from their coverage. I really can from the Channel 4 approach
  3. I'm talking specifically the Channel 4 coverage of the Heinekin cup It is so much better than the BBC's CC cup coverage Bright, funny and vibrant. The build up show focusing on the players home lives etc
  4. Watching the Channel 4 coverage of the Heinekin cup. The Big Tackle build up show witj Ed Jackson is fantastic. Getting to know the personalities linked with the afternoons game The game coverage itself is fantastic too Time for us to ditch the BBC and let another terrestrial channel do something similar with the Challenge cup? New presenters, new format, a build up show getting to see the characters..... *please don't start any union vs league ######.... I'm just talking about the media coverage
  5. If Sky lose RL then my entire SKY sub would go. Apart from the odd cricket /union bits I wouldn't watch it
  6. Totally agree Plenty of dunder heads though who think every game should be Sunday 3pm regardless
  7. I've said it before BT allowing Channel 5 to cover some Prem games is excellent.... Everyone wins. Also the channel 5 format (with Flatman etc.) is great Apparently Sky dead against any free to air content....
  8. James Maloney... Droned back to the East Coast of Aus
  9. I'd like this if it meant I no longer subsidise Premiership football/Formula one Downside being the sport has a certain exposure to non-fans through Sky Sports... Not as much as terrestrial but certainly targeted at the general casual sports fan I think I'd quite like it overall. Especially if it means some new ideas and also if it makes SKY less arrogant about the amount they can give us
  10. I've visited all SL grounds with Broncos over the years. It is of course a royal dump of a ground but I am definitely most envious of the atmosphere at Cas Genuine local support.... Loud and passionate and intense Wish we had more of it
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