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  1. Ha ha... After the last one of yours I watched I am wary of opening this!
  2. I didn't even know next month was that! Maybe I'll look at it It's one of those challenges I have in life. A big one was learning a language fluently which I did from scratch when I moved abroad Another one is visiting 100 countries. I'm half way there with that and fancy it before I'm 60 I guess I have a novel pencilled in for retirement. I get through one a week or do so I have an idea of structure. I think I'd probably like to do a course first maybe
  3. Good on her.... Hope they both eat their greens!
  4. They say we all have over in us They also say authors ships write about t what they know I read a lot of murder mysteries and whatever chick lit trash my wife has finished with. I then mix it up with more worthy stuff in the holidays when my mind is up to it (Booker nominations etc) I'll definitely do it one day. Think mine will be a murder mystery one but interested what other people would fancy
  5. I'm guessing it won't happen anyway Harry... Austin will be on the wing!
  6. Yes... This!!! I always watch NRL games in the evening.... Worth a bit of NRL360 first to get a build up going I've been lucky that only very infrequently do I get the result spoiled. A bloke at work who is a fan of the game has had a flea in his ear for doing it once or twice
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