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  1. Anyone know what's happening with the Watch NRL subs? Currently £2 a week but I assume it's going up this week?
  2. Think he's back playing league somewhere? Heard it on a podcast.... He looked fat in the podcast
  3. Wait a minute..... How old are you and was this in the 1940s?
  4. I've been near a fly by from a Tornado jet..... I've always maintained the feeling is so terrifying that it must make enemies give up to certain extent even before any bombs are dropped
  5. I wonder of NRL clubs consider the publicity factor? I guess not as they don't need it... Whereas a SL club could fine out on nicking Cipriani for all its worth.....
  6. I've always wanted to see Cipriani in league.... Think there was rumours of him fancying giving it a go I agree he could never hope to be a star half back in NRL but I think he'd do a job for a middling SL team pretty much straight away... Great rugby brain and great passer
  7. Yep.... There is at least one Muslim I speak to who goes regularly and one Jewish family.... London is a melting pot!
  8. Fair enough.... Don't know many religious people myself.... Good for you having faith..... I sometimes think it might do me good to pray for the Broncos
  9. The Wigan vs Leeds game was great But also... Didn't it 'look' amazing? Graphics looked brilliant, crowd looked big, atmosphere and everything else just looked like a big event / sport.... Even Carney and Wells looked sharp in their suits and on field screen Have Sky reduced their budget for coverage these days as I don't think it has that same sheen these days God I miss Rugby.....
  10. I was there for that one.... Great game but what I really remember is a fight between a group of KR/Hull fans out of the ground... At least half of them were women.... Scary fat women I had 4 southern mates with me... Some of them at their first ever league game.... Was great .... One of them is now a fellow season ticket holder at Ealing
  11. Can people please rember this is a local forum for local people..... Every Bronco signing shout out gets me excited before I realise its a purple horsey signing not a black one
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