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  1. Think Jenna did it but equally great on every way Both of them ideally
  2. So I purchased digital tickets I don't have them on the email to print off. I don't have them on the website to print off from my account When do we get them?
  3. I'm not saying Hill and Watkins are rubbish .....it's just depressing they are the 'best' option which they may well be I'm starting to get really worried about our WC campaign
  4. Thank God someone has finally come out said what we were all thinking
  5. Exactly I've said it before ....my kids are ALWAYS more interested in what happens before the game, half time or after and around the ground. It isn't there fault .....they are getting slowly indoctrinated by me and will enjoy the tries and cheers too but if they aren't that excited when teams are exchanging sets in an arm wrestle My kids have talked/remembered as much about the things below than the actual game - Cheerleaders dancing - Mascots - The minis playing matches at half time - competitions /Zorb fights at half time - chips and gravy/drinks from the van -bands/singers ....and the opera singing -thr crowds who have drums/ trumpets -big screen shout outs/zoom in on crowd Etc etc If they are happy then I am more likely to pay and go to games with them.....it's obvs that we need more than just the game
  6. The atmosphere felt decent for the most part inside .....it really lifted before half time when Leeds scored. Once Saints ran away it ebbed though .Outside was a squib
  7. We were there....worst atmosphere in terms of build up and off pitch stuff in a long time Needs a big revamp
  8. Wait and see how his shoulder holds up today I would not be surprised if he pulls out sometime from Sunday afterwards
  9. I suspect they've had influence to avoid Morgan missing the England game. Avoiding a superstar like him missing the games club showpiece at OT is an added bonus
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