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  1. Interestingly this has made me think Assuming professional SL still exists in 125 years which current stadiums will be there? What's the projected lifespan of a new stsdium like the AJ Bell?
  2. At least the beer is cold and not warm bottles of Carlsberg..... and they take cards!!
  3. Or they could say something funny rather than 'look at this rugby match' Point is that marketing loves a rivalry..... Not saying union vs league would be the main driver for our marketing but why not have fun with it? Might create a bit of publicity
  4. Not really.... They saw an opportunity and went for it..... Would love the RFL to do the same..... Nothing stopping them commenting on a well shared backs try in the six nations with something like 'Toronto are going to sign this lad' etc... As a southern league fan I'm an expert on the Union vs League debate I've long since concluded that it's all good as long as its funny... Just enjoy it...... References to the b****y Vichy government are increasingly embarrassing when having a bit of banter
  5. Just read some of the comments underneath..... Not a good look for us A few cheeky/playful comebacks would be okay but the chippy stuff makes us look awful
  6. His nickname amongst the Broncos squad last year was Mo Salah so it's been previously noted Great to see Dragon doing well!
  7. Thanks Tim It'll be 3xl for me then! ... Will have a look as I'll get there this season and I always like a new shirt Any idea when game being rearranged to?
  8. The halves have not gelled at all... In fact there has been very little fluidity or evidence of set moves working so far.... Weather or pitch has been awful both games and set to be bad rain in Widnes too.... Roll on summer rugby
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