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  1. Sarginson slams Hemel move

    Agreed the RFL dont care as long as a team plays. Even your team allows local players to train local my club hasn't, we suggested if there could be a split training camp and the answer was no if they want to train they have to go the 340mile round trip 3 times a week. Amongst a whole host of other issues it is to give a vehicle for Dewsbury fringe players to play competitively because they couldn't get any game time. Why they didn't team up with the abundance of local clubs up there I do not know. And to put it another way why don't the players travel down here 3 times a week for training?
  2. Sarginson slams Hemel move

    We know that Oxford are a bussed down team. Out of interest how do your local players train? Wrexham to Manchester 55miles approx 1hr 10mins. Rochdale to Warrington 30miles approx less then 1hr
  3. Sarginson slams Hemel move

    It was said at the meeting because one person asked why they were £1 but cost £10 to buy, it was explained that the rest was admin and funds towards the team. No breakdown was given. I,m surprised [or not surprised] you received nothing because I actually helped print off Share Certificates for the members, I do not know if they were then sent out. The lack of communication is something that the club has always fell short off.
  4. Sarginson slams Hemel move

    And that is the crux of the matter, do you deal with the symptoms or deal with the disease.
  5. Sarginson slams Hemel move

    There was only one expression of interest to go on the board which didn't amount to anything. The first season there was from memory about 80+ Supporters Trust members.
  6. Sarginson slams Hemel move

    Bearman, that is a silly answer. Would you relocate your training to suit your Yorkshire based players, no you don't you send a car to bring them to training.
  7. Sarginson slams Hemel move

    You make very astute and pertinent points none of which I can disagree with. 1 There are only 7 - 9 people involved with Hemel who seem to agree with this, 2 The silly dream they are chasing is to have a successful and winning team at virtually any cost to the community and loyal fans. Their idea of successful is to finish top of the southern teams [which I believe can be done without this ludicrous move]. 3 Selling their soul rather then to live up to reality. Hemel could continue in Champs 1 and aim to become the best of the rest. Not a lack of ambition just taking off rose tinted glasses.
  8. Sarginson slams Hemel move

    Agreed Parksider but how many players are willing to do a 340 mile round trip 3 times a week for training.
  9. Sarginson slams Hemel move

    I agree , a lot of the community club feel has been lost. the club needs to re engage with its supporters and volunteers. They can start to do that by opening up the board to a broader range of ideas and listening to people who have the clubs best interests at heart.
  10. Sarginson slams Hemel move

    Why am I not surprised.
  11. Karl Pryce

    I understand he will be involved with the Dewsbury Stags side of things
  12. Sarginson slams Hemel move

    There are fans of rugby league, who like yourself just want to see a game, and then there are those of us who have spent many years dirtying our hands to make sure there is a game for people to see. I personally have spent many thousands of man hours[unpaid] in helping to build the club into what it was.
  13. Sarginson slams Hemel move

    Family Gold membership has shareholdings included. So you should have been getting information regarding AGM's etc.
  14. Sarginson slams Hemel move

    A new company was set up on 13/09/2016 called Hemel Stags(2016) Ltd No 10372615,with just one named director.People can draw their own conclusions on why this company was set up and what the intentions are for it.
  15. Sarginson slams Hemel move

    They are taking their ball home because they do not like the supporters having a voice. Who said democracy was dead.