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  1. I'll take John Godber over Shakespeare any day. Actually, I'd take the LibDem Party Conference over Shakespeare.
  2. My street was totally quiet last night at 6 o'clock. There was a fox wandering about our (open plan) gardens
  3. Restricting my upper clothing to company polo shirts and company sweatshirts. Loads of pairs of trousers but mainly using track suit bottoms. Hopefully, I can get through this lockdown without having to do any ironing.
  4. Johnny Wolford and Barry John are two of the three greatest standoffs I have ever seen. However, neither routinely put you on the edge of your seat. They could have had a quet game then suddenly in ten decisive minutes make two devastating breaks as if they had been an afterthought. Their teammates had big celebrations but they always looked like they couldn't see what all the fuss was about. The third was Iestyn Harris at Leeds. He generally did do something every time he got the ball. The early Sam Tomkins and Ellery Hanley certainly got you off yur feet but they weren't conventional halfbacks. I always remember Dave Barends'' 70 yards dash against Leeds in (I think) his first game at Odsal. He had phenomenal pace and, for a little bloke, no fear of tackling big forwards. I met him once a couple of years ago; he's a very nice bloke and stil big friends with Jimmy Thompson. Odsal has had some very exciting wingers down the years. Any of Lesley Vainikolo, Tevita Vaikona, Phil Ford and (my favourite) Dave Redfearn could get you on your feet. In the opposition, Henderson Gill, Jason Robinson, Darren Albert and Brett Dallas always had you nervous on the terrace. We've had some fantastic forwards at Odsal but most have been of the type thay put in full-on effort rather than blockbusting running. The best I ever saw at scattering defences for us were Stuart Fielden, Paul Anderson and Harvey "The Night Train" Howard. For the oppsition it would be Kelvin Skerrett, Gareth Carvell and Nick Fozzard.
  5. The courts are still working. So criminal-law and property-law lawyers are required to work.
  6. Had to go to a construction site in Barnsley this morning. Got as far a Dewsbury on the motorway, when I got a text .... "You must stay at home .... ". The Govt is tracking our mobiles. I will be turning mine off next time I have to go to a job, not just during this crisis but for ever afterwards.
  7. Single floor on the two in Bradford. Been to one tonight; no cordon.
  8. Cancel order and buy one in Tesco.
  9. John Ashworth (a reasonable Labour MP thus excluded from ever being its leader) is raising the question about whether the curfew applies to the construction industry. Unless I hear anything different, I'm going to Barnsley tomorrow.
  10. For the first time ever, I am about to cut my grass without dragging my feet into the garage for the mower.
  11. I had some intruders in my garden last week when I was out. They left the garden gate open and some pop bottles and a coffee cup in my empty dustbin. No damage or sign of attempted burglary. Mind you, I have a visible handle-clamp on my patio doors. Maybe they were after my cache of toilet rolls and tissues.
  12. Cue loads of insurance claims from people like me who have a house full of ornaments.
  13. She could do that just by her and Alex Salmond going into a couple.
  14. 'Downing Street last night angrily denied claims that Dominic Cummings said the lives of pensioners should be sacrificed to coronavirus to help protect the economy.' In the Daily Mail but, for all the newspaper snobs, apparently it's also been in the Sunday Times.
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