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  1. No, it was good old cowclap wot did for me. You should always stockpile farm topsoil after stripping to compost the grass and the heat generated degrades the pathogens. Unfortunately, it was in the way at the donor site and needed at the receptor site. It had to be analysed over Christmas to confirm it met contamination limits. Anyway, it was four years ago.
  2. I've had pneumonia and it wiped me out for a month. Fortunately, I contracted it over Christmas so a fortnight of that was a holiday period for the construction industry. I wasn't fully recovered for about three months and I had some collateral liver damage for about a year (got it from topsoil stripped from a cowfield). Had to go for blood tests every month for six months, till the liver was obviously regaining full effiiciency. I worry about these Chinese folk who are infected. Most are probably on very low wages with little job security and an overloaded health service.
  3. I don't think he's in the same league of teeth-gnashery. Haven't seen him lately and I don 't think he ever went out with Stan Collymore. I reckon he'd also recognise at least some of the songs on the Masked Singer. And TBF he'd always have something handy that you could hit him with.
  4. Davina McCall is even more annoying than Caitlin Moran, Laura Kuensberg and Naga Munchetty put together.
  5. A Great Britain team playing games shown on terrestial television raises the profile of RL. Wales RL will gain some benefit from that.
  6. That'll be the scrotes setting fire to stolen cars.
  7. The country needs 250,000 houses to be built per annum. It's been building 100, 000 or so. House prices are high, building societies are asking for 10% deposits. Where is an early twenties couple going to get £20,000 cash deposit for a house in an average area of the country? You can buy really cheap houses in the rustbelt, but generally in not-pleasant locations and there are fewer high-paying jobs in the private sector. In Bradford, a former bed shop has been granted planning permission for conversion into 10 (I think) bedsitters. Young people are getting penalised for not affording a mortgage by paying extortionate rents. If they have a mortgaage it takes too much out of their weekly nett income. If we could resolve the housing crisis, we'd go a long way to resolving the debt crisis.
  8. I used to drive through Chapeltown quite often during the day for work. Fairly regularly, streets would be cordoned off with Police tape, followed by absolutely no subsequent reports in the local papers.
  9. It sums up Bradford Council that it is far more interested in having a Rugby League Museum than in having a Rugby League team.
  10. Failing that: Life in a Northern Town - Dream Academy.
  11. Congratulations The good thing about grandchildren is that they are just like their parents ... they want nothing more from you other than for you to keep working so you can give them money. Often on a nebulous concept of "borrowing" that they seem to understand much better than you. I too am known as "Grandad". In the valley where I was brought up, male grandparents were (are?) always called "Bampy" or "Bamp".
  12. The best thing about the World Cup is that Prince Harry will be pushing his involvemement to emphasise that he is still part of the British establishment and has a commitment to the Commonwealth . And the world's press will be goggle eyed to catch up with his movements and comments before, during and after the tournament. It's an ill wind ...
  13. Come over to Bradford ... Al's Juke Bar. NB: There is no "Al"; the owners called Steve. His predecessor pub was Al's Dime Bar. There was no Al there, either. https://en-gb.facebook.com/alsjukebarbfd/ Afterwards, you can always sleep on the street, dozens do evey night! Helps if you've got a dog on a string.
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