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  1. All these predictions are coming true. How come I'm doing rubbish on Superbru?
  2. to be fair, the BBC website is also useless for cycling and snooker. Its American Football reportage is suprior to these raditional sports. Not that I mind about it having decent NFL coverage.
  3. Even basket case organisations can be turned round. Look at the Bulls.
  4. Wales wingers: Regan Grace and Rhys Williams both have the disadvantage of being short in an era where catching the bomb in traffic is a job that they have to face half a dozen times in most games. They are literally vertically-challenged. Regan has got lightning pace that more than compensates for aerial disadvantage. Rhys hasn't got that pace but he runs like a tank; I have always thought that he would have been a great centre for us at Odsal. I've seen a lot of Dalton Grant and Rhys Evans this season at the Bulls. Both have lost a bit of their former pace but are powerfully built. I thought last season that Rhys was much better at centre. When Rhys and Ethan Ryan were fit, Dalton didn't get a game. I think he would have given us some go-forward at second row and acted as cover for a backs injury during the game. Dalton was one of the few bright lights for Wales in the World Nines this week and he's out of contract. I hope London re-sign Dalton, who lives down there. Rhys is out of contract and has shown excellent form this season and seems to be a real team-person. Someone will no doubt sign him up.
  5. Some great players here but, if John Kear was coaching, it would still be five drives and a kick.
  6. I spent many more hours than that a few weeks ago doing similar drudgery. My new van hasn't got a CD player. Had to rip and paste a load of CD's onto memory stick. I used Windows Media Player only to learn that Windows 10 has a more responsive programme to do the ripping. [Cheesed Off]
  7. I had to drive the 230 miles to Wales and back for Christmas in the company of Anthrax, Metallica, Slayer etc. Couldn't understand why teenagers didn't want to listen to Phil Spector's Christmas Album.
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