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  1. It's focussed on the section of the community that is least likely to pay council tax
  2. I have heard no rumours or inside information but my gut feeling is that the Bulls is just a makeweight in the dealings between the Council and the RFL. In those negotiations, we can hope for a lot more from the RFL than the Council. I am unware of a single councillor who has a season ticket that he or she has bought for himself/herself. I've never seen any of the three councillors from my ward at a game. I think we'll be at Horsfall, which is again council-owned, will see the bare minimum investment from the current council. Long-term, an expansionist RFL would be happy for us to merge with Huddersfield or Halifax. Bradford Council has two RL clubs with poor stadia. If this Council had any genuine ambition it would build a new stadium for both to share. But this is a council that is currently building a large city-centre shool without any playing fields.
  3. It's a reasonable bet that the breach will be patched up with Heras fencing.
  4. This is amazing. After a matchday experience of Kearball, most of us are keen to get out of the stadium. https://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/news/17830726.car-smashes-turnstiles-odsal-stadium/
  5. - Much travelled - A cult hero for many many fans . -A gentleman who could go some when he needed to Ian van Bellen; at 74 ... too young
  6. 1.The bloke who drove the Leigh Sporting Village scheme forward, plus the Cardiff Ice Rink, is an associate of mine. He lives in Bradford. 2. Recently, the Bradford Telegraph and Argus published an e-article about a council proposal to knock down the perfectly-sound former M&S department store. It had been compulsorily purchased with the stated intention of re-housing the large perfectly-sound Oastler Market that was to be demolished for housing. I posted this uncomfortable fact, whereupon the T&A deleted my comment. I presume that situation has also applied to other people's comments on similar issues. I think that gives a reasonable appraisal of Bradford Council's attitude to residents who are off-message.
  7. At Odsal, the RFL has to safeguard its investment. Mind you, I somehow doubt that Ralph Rimmer is a financial whizzkid.
  8. It's not funny. I think Chalmers is weighing in because to lose the ground would be to lose additional and ancillary income that is available to the club (and himself obviously). We host the Gay Pride event and the stadium has been used for film sets. We could put on one-day or weekend music festivals. The Coral Stand is actually a large modern corporate-hospitality facility with only a couple of hundred seats. It would make a great Conference venue and I honestly don't know why its not used as a disco-club every Friday and Saturday night; it's got a huge carpark and few neighours. There was certainly a proposal to bring back speedway round the pitch but I think it would actually be an ideal greyhound track ... open several nights a week.
  9. I think the current upheaval is all to do with an overall financial issue, not just the club's financial issue. The council and the RFL are in negotiations over the sale of commercial land sat right next to a motorway junction. Irrespective of its own financial efficiency, the club is piggy-in-the-middle.
  10. Greater Manchester is only a temporary affectation of a historic Tory government.
  11. Nice to see Lee Crooks has got a gig with Wales RL
  12. Gwent was Yorkist. I was once selected as a travelling reserve for Yorkshire Universities. I'm probably still a travelling reserve.
  13. There has been an inexplicable (to me!! ) non-selection of a couple of players lately. A few months ago, the club was saying that Dane Chisholm was injured when he subsequently stated that he had been fit. Maybe if the club was more open about things, the fans would be either ( a ) reassured and/or ( b ) more likely to help it avert any crisis. Presumably the clubs accounts for the past couple of years have been registered with Companies House. Where's Adeybull when we need his perspective?
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