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  1. No Leeds players selected. Best new rule we've had in years. Other than that, in my opinion: Tom Davies and Tommy Makinson have been better than Josh Charnley Jai Field has been better than Jack Welsby Daryl Clark has been better than Edwin Ipape Jonny Lomax should have been in there There's no proper goalkicker in there
  2. Luke Rowe is an animal in the Grand Tours ... spending hours chasing down breaks and shielding his team leader from the wind. Then, at the end of each stage, he coasts in at the back of the pack. At the end of the race he's always trying to finish last overall. Yesterday, in the European Road Race, he flirted with danger ... 75th of 87.
  3. I thought the Bulls would rest a few but they've named a pretty strong squad (Baitieri suspended, Myers injured and Patton seemingly persona non grata)
  4. The timescale would be tricky. Signing Sam Hallas would take us back two years. He's not a good enough distributor at hooker and he's not big enough at prop. He spends the half his time looking for a fight and is a penalty machine. If we get a previous hooker back, it should be Adam O'Brien or (preferably) Reiss Butterworth
  5. I'd have predicted that Daryl Powell would be going back to Leeds and Brian McDermott would go to Wakefield.
  6. Money's not everything but it helps. So does schadenfreude. The Daily Mail is reporting that Russell Brand's ex-wife Katy Perry has just sold her music back-catalogue for £180million.
  7. One thing I can't do with is all these citrus beers. Even if the first one tastes sort-of-okay, having any more leaves a sickly sweet taste. We brewed beer in this country perfectly well for a thousand years before the first citrus fruit turned up. It's like putting a Dacia engine in a Landrover then painting it pink.
  8. I'm up for this: https://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/news/23795052.music-beer-festival-keighley-worth-valley-railway/ The Beer & Music Festival 2023! Just under a month until the festival, over 170 beers are expected across the weekend and 30 live music artists. On 'track' for a sell-out, don't leave it too late to get your ticket.#kwvr // https://t.co/xlDi78DBVb pic.twitter.com/ol3FPBJzlB — Keighley & Worth Valley Railway (@WorthValley) September 16, 2023
  9. We need two new wingers. Foggy's off to Keighley and Ben Blackmore has got a continuing back problem.
  10. Nick Chubb, probably in the top five running backs, out for the season after aserious knee injury last night. The TV producers wouldn't show the state of his knee and he left on a cart. He's out for the seasonI wish him all the best for his recovery. Bad day for the Browns, who should have won. De Shaun Watson capped a pretty much rubbish performance by gifting Pittsburgh their winning touchdown.
  11. Did Saints win it or did Warrington lose it? The jury's out. Personally, I think the Warrington team should have won it, and would have with someone calling the shots at halfback.
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