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  1. Not old, but voiced in converations over several years by a friend of mine: His pint of beer: There's more life in a tramp's vest. A not particularly attractive lady: got a face like a plasterer's radio.
  2. My observations. Leeds had caught Bradford Bulls Syndrome ... never pass to your winger when there is an overlap. I struggled to understand the Leeds formation. If Sezer was out, why not play Richie Myler at scrum half and Zak Hardaker at fullback ... both are internationals in the positions? Otherwise, play Brad Dwyer at scrum half. Cameron Smith never looked up to the task he was landed with. Pity, because I thought Blake Austin was Leeds' best player. I thought Rhyse Martin was their best forward. Both sides struggled with their footing on that pitch ... had the surface been hosed to death beforehand like the football clubs do? Saints had some good individual performances; especially from Jonny Lomax and Jack Welsby. Their defence was well marshalled and their attack was consistently efficient. The defensive effort was more impressive than the attack. No need to draw on the famous individual flair when the chips are down, because the chips were never down. A good game, but no better than "good".
  3. I don't know what's going on at the Western Mail. It seems to have stopped putting out articles on Glamorgan CCC. The team has had a good season and, this week, their captain scored an undefeated triple century. No reportage for weeks.
  4. She was done up like a fourpenny hambone. Used in either of two senses: - she was wearing her best outfit - she was wearing an outfit that she hoped made her look posher than herself
  5. I can understand someone being let off from a one-game ban, but not this. What Morgan Knowles did looked deliberate and was nasty. Frankly, I didn't think a two-game ban was enough in the first place.
  6. Not exactly a joke, but from this week's Private Eye: Elizabeth Truss is an anagram of Sizeable Thrust It might be worth someone posting this on the Politics Thread. I'm banned for supporting Brexit and telling unwelcome truths.
  7. The council thinks £50million quid will put a roof over the stadium, build a hotel and convert the former biggest landfill site in West Yorkshire to playing fields. This is the same council that built an extravagent £multi-million set of all-singing, all-dancing fountains-with-a-light show installation next to City Hall. It never considered there was a chance that the subterranean control centre and pumping house could spring a leak and flood. Electricity and water have always been the best of mates. Cue, many many months of no fountains. Cost to repair? Never disclosed. NB: The culverted Bradford Beck ... the obvious drainage receptor for any such flood, was/is all of 20metres away across open pavement and roadway. A drainage pipe in a trench would have been completely out of the question
  8. It's a council scheme. More chance of hitting the gutter.
  9. Really good programme. I went to all those games and forgotten about most of them One clip looked familiar though; John Kear shaking hands with the winning coach.
  10. Just binge-watched Crossfire on the i-player. Brilliant script. Brilliant acting.
  11. Yeah,right. Tell that to that priest and his congregation. I bet they'll say "Oh, thanks for that. We never knew. Obviously, we'll switch allegiance to Liverpool immediately." Have you ever lived in the North of England, post University?
  12. Maybe, but they've been seen as the Catholic team in Liverpool for generations. https://www.theguardian.com/football/video/2021/feb/22/priest-celebrates-evertons-merseyside-derby-victory-during-service-video
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