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  1. Malcolm Macdonald, former England footballer, is now married to the first wife of Brian Johnson (AC/DC singer)
  2. The last 20 minutes has been a fantastic game of tired rugby. Took me back to Northern on the Odsal mud.
  3. Maybe he got it at work. Plenty of fires in Bradford this last few weeks.
  4. 3 x Bradford blokes in the team against Namibia. Bairstow and Brook have done their stuff; it's now up to Rashid to spin us to victory. Thanks to the other counties for chipping in.
  5. I saw him a couple of times. Some of my mates thought he was fantastic. I loved the blues, but not exclusively, so he wasnt a particular favourite ... I still have one of his LP's. As I understand it, he was a serious alcoholic.
  6. Just got back from watching Blondie at Halifax Piece Hall. Soaked but really happy. Debbie Harry's voice has dropped an octave but she's still got the voice and personality to rule the show. The band was ultra tight and they are no tribute act. For those about to rock . . . Clem Burke; we salute you!
  7. To be fair, it's got both Avebury and Stonehenge. That's where Lancashire pinched its Unfinished Look. Obviously, it already had ugly birds with croaky voices.
  8. Great condolences to Rob's close family and Kevin Sinfield. Their grief must be overwhelming. However, I'd rather die than end up like that. I don't think many people would think differently. He has been a great truly servant to the game , before and after his decline. And to humanity in general. Let's remember him with great fondness and total respect, but I think what's happened today is for the best.
  9. Johnny Wolford Mike Stevo Stephenson Maurice Richards Brian Carney
  10. He's a very good player ... Superleague quality. A second row with a really good offload. Bobby Fulton would have been so proud to watch him play for the Bulls, because he never had that opportunity.
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