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  1. Slightly off topic, but Gareth Widdop emigrated when he was 16. He may well have played RL at school. If he did play as a schoolboy, couldn't it be claimed that he is as much a British Federation player as an Australian Federation player?
  2. Looks like you've got the same sized squad as us.
  3. It's been trying to sneak in for years.
  4. Cows and sheep have the vegetarian diet on our behalf before we kill them and eat them.
  5. Poor old Joe Jackson. He had a hat but no shoes.
  6. I went to watch the Blue Dragons at Fartown (I think). David Watkins, Tom David and Steve Fenwick were past it, but playing. Watkins still oozed class.
  7. I have company hats. Woolly, baseball and flat.
  8. Hull KR have taken five of our young players and there are still some belters on the books. They have also taken on John Bastian, our former Head of Youth; he will have an inside track if the Bulls-at-Dewsbury deal hits rocky ground. Tony Smith should be running the Rugby League.
  9. A friend of mine lived opposite a furnished terrace house in Saltaire that is primarily occupied by actors doing shows at the Bradford Alhambra. I live in the suburb of Clayton. One panto season, Linda Lusardi rented a bungalow here, though I never saw her myself. I think she and Albert Pierrepoint are our only famous former residents!
  10. When I was 15 I got a holiday job as a builder's labourer. I was assisting a lad a year older than me who was an apprentice plasterer. He could do everything and I had to be taught everything. I earned a bit more than him because labourers were paid more than apprentices.
  11. Oh well, fair enough. Assuming he's still at Dewsbury, I'll go for Adam Ryder.
  12. I play in a quiz league and one of our prominent members died a couple of years ago. Burial was booked for (I think) 1pm. I couldn't get to the service but I dashed to the cemetery from work and only the cemetery officer was present. It was absolutely chucking it down so we sheltered under a tree and waited ... and waited. After half an hour the cemetery officer said she'd have to check with HQ but would otherwise have to order the JCB driver to fill the hole in. She came back and said the funeral had been cancelled. Just then, a couple of cars turned up; I stopped a big bloke driving the front one and said something like "Don't bother getting out and getting soaked, the burial has been cancelled". He said "It had better not be. I'm the priest and I've just conducted the service!". The cemetery officer delayed the reinstatement of the hole. It turned out that the family/undertaker had cancelled the original burial time because it was realised that the funeral service would be extremely well attended. It had been re-booked for a short while later but only the cancellation had been relayed over the phone to the cemetery officer. Our former quiz player was Scottish and a kilted piper played the lament. The burial took place in a torrrential downpour and we all got absolutely soaked. The piper played from beneath the canopy of the tree. Bradford at its finest.
  13. Leeds fans; halfway through last season.
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