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  1. The current England players have made it easier for Bennett to justify this. Hodkinson is an obvious inclusion. He knows how to run a team and played in the only NSW origin team to win a series in the last 10 years.
  2. There are some glaring weaknesses in this England team with guys who can't or won't pass to their wingers, players who can't make one on one tackles, players who are incapable of guiding a team round the park at this level and a back-row forward who lacks the body weight. If England fall short again against Australia then the temptation will be to address these weaknesses for the World Cup with heritage players in Hodkinson, a couple of Morrises and a McQueen.
  3. The more worrying and concerning aspect of this is the number of Salford players who may well be following him to HKR or have deals elsewhere in the pipeline contingent on them being able to secure relegation for Salford. At least 2 of the key members of the squad are Tim Sheen's players and it would be no surprise to see them at HKR next season. One of the players stated when he signed for Hull earlier in the season that he wanted to play in big games in front of big crowds so presumably he wouldn't want to see the demise of the Hull derbies
  4. Only because the greedy idiot Sau didn't pass straightaway
  5. If you are a super league team in the Qualifiers then you are playing to avoid relegation. That's not success. That's failure. If you are a championship team you've had a successful season and are trying to put the icing on the cake by gaining promotion. Salford followers have had close on 40 years of false dawns and failure. They're competing in a market where people would rather sit at home in front of their satellite TV and pretend to be Man U fans. As far as most are concerned it is same old Salford and we won't see any improvement in crowds whilst in the bottom half of the table and playing in the qualifiers. For many the season finished after round 23.
  6. He is getting in at present because Corey Oates was injured and Jack Reed also. When all are fit it will be Oates on one wing and either Maranta or Kahu on the other with Read and Roberts in the centres. As for England, Hall, Briscoe, Manfredi, Burgess, McGilvray and Lineham are all definitely ahead of him and then there would probably be players moved from centre or full back before Eden would appear on the horizon. So far Eden has been nothing more than solid.
  7. If that is true then at least Saints will have worked out his best position.
  8. British referees referee differently when they know there is a potential holiday on the line.
  9. You took the September 2015 finishing positions and used them to say that a match up in Feb 2015 was 6 v 8 match up. Past performance is not necessarily a guide to the future but future performance is not a guide to the past. It's impossible to say what Leeds form is after 2 games. My understanding is that they lost both fixtures to these same teams at the same venues last year. They lost their main organiser in the first half of the first game. Their plight at present reflects the weakness of the UK game. Leeds lose Mcguire and have no quality junior to step in. The Rooster lose Pearce and up steps Jayden Nikorima. The Broncos lose Ben Hunt and up steps Kodi Nikorima. Leeds current position may well have nothing to do with form and more to do with lack of depth in our game but only the next few months will reveal that.
  10. No I watched the interview. I watched the one Lenagan gave. I don't know who Lenigan is. Maybe he was in the Star Wars video you were watching.
  11. According to Ian Lenaghan they highlighted issues with 7 games and were granted movement on 5. He avoided commenting on whether there were any limits on the number they could get moved i.e. whether 5 was the maximum number of changes a club is allowed or why they didn't make firmer representations about the the two were that were not resolved. The fault lies with Wigan since Lenaghan admitted the issue was known about in September 2015 and the change in the date was not actioned until last week. No explanation has been given as to why it was left so late. There was a lot of comment about the options which had been considered and all the things he was not prepared to do but not satisfactory answer as to why it has been left so late. Perhaps if we knew how many other teams had clashes with availability and how many changes they'd been able to be granted we would be in a better position to judge.
  12. Unfortunately the games took place at the start of the season when the most recent form line had been Warrington 3rd and St George 11th based on the 2014 finishing places not the as yet to be decided 2015 future finishing places! Let's keep things honest.
  13. No we need to stick with this format.
  14. I think Peyroux should be decent signing. He's played centre and second-row in the NRL. The problem is that Lyon and Matt Gidley set a high bar. He's not in that league but he's no mug.