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  1. Salford Transfer complete

    They've formed the new company to hold the shares in Salford (2013) Ltd which prior to that were owned by a company controlled by MK which he has presumably retained for his own purposes. All that has happened is that MK has transferred the shares from his company to the 4 new people who are directors of Salford RD Holdings Ltd. All the debts in Salford (2013) Ltd will still be there.
  2. Salford Transfer complete

    Anyone who wants to read about the clubs financial history there is a fair amount on the public record at Companies House. https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/08371113/filing-history Suffice it to say, Koucash's money will be missed.
  3. Should the 4N return?

    We should have a proper Autumn programme based over 4 weekends England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and France Then invite PNG, NZ, Tonga, Samoa and Fiji. It doesn't have to be North v South eg you could have Eng v Tonga the rematch, NZ v Tonga the rematch. Fiji v Tonga the 3rd v 4th which never happened. You mix it up to give games where they're evenly matched and then a couple of tester so for France you would go something along the lines of Fra v Wales Fra v Scotland Fra v Eng Fra v Tonga and similarly for the other contestants. We need to look at the mix between good matches and then those where there is a test for the lesser team.
  4. Should Bennett Stay?

    You were a stop gap in the centres, going forward you need to be looking at competing for a spot in the backrow. Ideally you could do with putting a bit more bulk on around the chest and shoulders to get closer to Matt Gillett in physique. Your passing needs to improve even for the backrow. Something along those lines My opinion is I don't understand why Michael Shenton wasn't picked. He's been the form number 4 all year and his defence has always been good including at international level where he proved himself.
  5. Should Bennett Stay?

    Improve your defence, put a bit more bulk on, improve your leg drive, metres after contact etc
  6. Should Bennett Stay?

    Australia had about 17 players missing in 2014 so it's not surprising we should have got closer.
  7. The charge down was the third glaringly wrong decision. In what world can you be applying pressure to the kicker and not be playing at the ball? Anytime a player pressures the kicker the default assumption should be you are playing at the ball. What other reason is there for pressuring the kicker? You are trying to stop the kicker from propelling the ball forward.
  8. Where do I say the official is bent? Pretty much everyone I've ever met has their own subconscious preferences even if they are professionals. I don't see any point in contests where you get one of your own to referee the game. What were your thoughts on the two obvious points I highlighted.
  9. I'm actually starting to wonder whether there is any point. I'd interested to hear your explanation of how he missed Billy Slater's blatant attempt to rip Gareth Widdop's head off but couldn't get the whistle to his mouth fast enough for Luke Gale's tackle on Oscar nominee Cameron Smith. Similarly I'd be interested to know what you thought Gerrard Sutton's thought process were when Michael Morgan crossed the line following a text book obstruction move from Cameron Smith and Jordan Maclean.
  10. I'm just about to breakdown in tears. Watching Lomax has been like going back to the 80s when Australia started walking through tackles. I'll still watch the game because I'm desperate to see us win something against Australia but it looks like it won't be this time.
  11. We need to be less passive when tackled. When Slater is tackled he does not lie there like a dead fish he immediately starts thrashing around and lashing out. There is no such thing as a dominant tackle with him. We need to be talking to the ref all game. Not James Graham but O'Loughlin and Widdop. Nobody can take an easy option. Currie and Gale did so with their arm grabbing tackles when Taumalolo broke for the third try. We need more desperation than that. Bodies need throwing at legs not arm grabbing rubbish. There no second chances. This is once in a lifetime. Look at those who have gone before in the last 40 years.
  12. The English fans need to get a twitter storm going to try to neutralise Smith reffing the final. He was at it against Fiji barely 4 minutes into the game.
  13. Growing the international game is the backdoor into the UK. We struggle to come through the front door i.e. the promotion of our own domestic competition because we are seen as low aspirational northern sport.
  14. Agreed the ruck is not a rule book term however it is an Australian term which is used in reference to the play the ball area. The rule book is quite clear on clearing the play the ball and it needs refereeing consistently for both teams. Agreed you didn't mention groundwork but it would be dishonest not to accept that groundwork is an essential part of controlling the ruck (play the ball) which Australians have brought to the game and which strictly iis not allowed but has been accepted by the use of so called interpretations. Nobody also said please patronise me but that didn't stop you doing so ...........you do realise that's what you did? If you feel watching one sided games where a non-neutral referee leans towards his home nation in a less than half full stadium in world cup semi-final is the way to progress the game then carry on enjoying. I personally don't think it is the way ahead.
  15. I've read the rules of the game many times and have never seen any reference to controlling the ruck. Any groundwork is illegal under the laws of the game irrespective of which teams does it.