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  1. He only needs to have one good game on 30 July and his signing will have been a success and paid for itself.
  2. Seems like Wakefield are targetting the challenge cup quarter final.
  3. Salford are a small club and get treated at tribunals and disciplinaries accordingly.
  4. The difference with Houston was quite clear. He had had a running battle with the referee who had singled him for a number of penalties and a lecture which Houston did not agree with. Houston then had both arms outstretched as he ran into Bentham for maximum pushing force. Gareth Hock got 6 matches when he did something similar i.e. maximizing the opportunity to push the referee over.
  5. Worn a red shirt
  6. They should play both games away over Easter because that is the best way of maximising the rest period for both sets of players assuming both teams have played Friday and Monday. Though as we know both teams did not play Friday and Monday in this case and one team was afforded the advantage of 2 extra days rest. That's the only way to avoid one team having to make a 783 mile trip which takes out one of the rest days and when there are only two to begin with that is clearly an unfair advantage. Catalans could stay over like they did between the Leigh and Huddersfield games which clearly demonstrates the principle.
  7. I'll let you ponder why your response is!
  8. Catalan should have to play both their games over Easter away and they certainly should not be given two days extra rest.
  9. Can Rochdale biff their way back?
  10. Hull are running on empty but there's still plenty of hope with Warrington's incompetence.
  11. Hull sound like they are running out of gas.
  12. Warrington in again 18 -22 kick to come.
  13. Without Greg Bird Catalans don't come across has having the resilience to win this game. In fact there is a danger this could end up as heavy defeat surpassing the loss they had against Leeds. I hope Catalans keep it close. Don't mind who wins. It would be good for the game if Cas could provide at least one new name in the Grand Final.
  14. So you're saying Marwan likes losing!