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  1. We've been singing it on the terraces for the past year or so. I imagine the club requested it for our victory song
  2. Wakey sign Frankie Mariano

    Frankie will go well with regular first team rugby, good luck to him.
  3. Willie Mason to Rovers ?

    Between us and Huddersfield, according to the man himself; "I have nothing left to achieve in Australia and I want to give the Super League a go," Mason told the Mail. "You could say it's now a two-horse race between Hull KR and Huddersfield. Bradford, Salford and Catalans were also mentioned to me, but I'd say it's between those two.
  4. Hopefully another solid win. If Cas are missing Jackson and Higgins as expected, I can't see us losing. Rovers by 20+
  5. We always raise our game at home to Leeds, hopefully be a cracking game with a good atmosphere. A repeat of Headingley earlier this season would be nice.
  6. Mine's bigger than yours!

    The Saints Wigan game is easily the best for Neutrals as it's the better game, thus more intense. The rivalry is tame compared to Rovers - Hull though.