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  1. Nothing wrong in celabrating a golden point win. In all 3 games where we have lost by one point we have neen leading with minutes to go. Need to learn how to close games out. Haven't refs been told to give a pen for deliberately throwing the ball into the opposition? For being against spirit of the game. Should have binned him aswell.
  2. From the very little I see on SKY these days John Wells is head and shoulders above the rest. Best since Tony Rea who was very good. Seem to remember his favourite saying was 'inside the game'. (You had to be there to understand that one).
  3. Well I enjoyed it. Edge of the seat stuff. As a Giants fan I thought Mikey Wood and Ross Peltier (he's put some timber on) went well. Glad for you after the turmoil of the last few years. Enjoy your shandies tonight!
  4. That's a bit harsh. I thought London gave it good go for the full 80 yesterday and will trouble plenty of teams at home. They lacked a bit of grunt up front but like to throw the ball about and have some speedy backs. If they keep their heads up and keep their attitude all season they'll have a decent chance. Injuries, as always, may play a part.
  5. Lets hope you can claim back to back wins come Sunday night!
  6. Has anyone thought to ask Amazon Echo?
  7. Cheers! I always feel more optimistic when you tip the opposition. ?
  8. I've always felt that we are only in Superleague to annoy the rest. To that end I feel that the Cowbell is the perfect symbol of our raison d'etre.
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