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  1. I thinks it's just down to costs - first sporting journo to go would probably be tiddly winks followed by RL.
  2. Indeed! What were his parents thinking? Should have steered clear of any 'W' christian names like the plague. I also quite like another Examiner journo Stephen Chicken as a moniker.
  3. It's interesting the relationship between rugby league and football fans in the same town / city. Are there many people in WIgan who support both clubs? Hull FC an KR seem to do OK with attendances with a reasonably successful football team on their doorstep. Not sure what the football competition is like in places lie Cas, Wakey, Widnes, Warrington, Saints etc.
  4. That's correct. The Examiner hasn't had a dedicated rugby journo for some time. The last time I read the hard copy I had already read the articles word for word days before on the Giants website.
  5. Last 3 articles in Huddersfield Examiner under the 'Huddersfield Giants' section. 11th Feb - 'Underbank Rangers promise Bradford Bulls titanic Challenge Cup battle' 9th Feb - 'Huddersfield Giants postpone match over Storm Ciara safety concerns' 14th Jan - 'Rugby star admits being an alcoholic since he was 12' At least these are related to 2020 not 2019. Small mercies.
  6. If Salford are being ignored by Steve Ganson they need to escalate to Steve Gansons boss. Then the bosses boss if they are still ignored. Moaning to the press is pointless and self-defeating. As a Giants fan that would also apply to Simon Woolford.
  7. No words to describe this. My thoughts with Rob and his family.
  8. 40% Kirklees Council 40% HTAFC 20% Giants Stadium run by Kirklees Stadium Development Company. If you want to see the stadium without the empty seats you'll have to watch a HTAFC game on telly. Despite relegation they've managed to sell all their season ticket quota of 18,000.
  9. Just noticed this was for goal kickers not just kickers. Of those three Ollie Russell is the only goal kicker. Simon Woolford believes Jake Wardle is the best goal kicker in the club and I think he's left footed.
  10. Matt Frawley, Ollie Russell and Tom Holmes at the Giants.
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