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  1. OK fair enough. Maybe I should have started a new thread and called it 'More bad news' - The George Hotel'.
  2. Bought for 900 grand in Apr 2013 and put back on the market for 3m in Dec 2015. You could argue 1.8m in 2020 is a bargain. A grant of 1.4m already secured but how far that will go re the renovations is anyone's guess. More grants applied for. A case of watch this space.
  3. https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/news/west-yorkshire-news/price-kirklees-council-paid-iconic-18900947
  4. We need to overcome the nose bleeds and dizziness first before we can start to compete as favourites.
  5. As a Giants fan this is what pleased me most. It's this culture / attitude that has been missing at the Giants for too long and is what gets you to finals football. Poo poo happens (and as sure as eggs is eggs will continue to happen) and you have got to be prepared for it and roll the sleeves up accordingly. Admittedly it's a lot easier said than done but the signs were good especially from some of the younger lads which bodes well for the future. I just hope we can hold onto our younger lads for the next few years.
  6. The station has a pub either side of it, the Head of Steam and King's Head- both got plenty of good beers (I prefer the King's Head myself). I was more hoping the George itself would stand up to 'real ale' plate then you would have 3 choices within 50 yards metres of each other.
  7. Getting it done is the main thing. I think the fact that Kirklees Council will own the George Hotel and it's part of the £250 millions 10 year regeneration plan for Huddersfield town centre might have swung the decision. Let's hope it's not down the list of the 10 year plan! Work on the hotel itself is due to start in the 'coming weeks'. Also, according to this, It's not going to be stuck in the basement as before - Chris Rostron, Head of Rugby League Cares, said the charity was planning on using the hotel's basement, ground floor and first floor as the basis of the museum. It being central to the heartlands right next to the train station may also have played a part in the decision just like the original decision to hold that 1895 meeting there. As to where the 'spiritual' home of RL is as a Giants fan I've always thought being the 'birthplace' as a double edged sword. We've had plenty of stick re crowds being ###### in the 'birthplace' of RL. The decision to vote to break away from the Rugby Football Union was taken at the George Hotel and that's an indisputable fact. It could have been anywhere but it wasn't - it was at the George Hotel. I believe the spiritual home was in all the areas of all those originating clubs with undoubtedly Joseph Platt driving it all forward. In a recent survey when the people of Huddersfield were asked by the council which buildings in Huddersfield they would most like to see as part of the rejuvenation plan the George Hotel was at the top of the list so there's plenty of 'people power' behind it. My only real concern is that when it opens will it be able to provide a decent pint of real ale...
  8. Sounds like he's off back downunder but has no club at the moment.
  9. Indeed. Although it was a pity we didn't see him injury free. If it wasn't for the progress of the Senior twins we could easily have been relegated. 4 tries from Louis Senior in the last game v Cats a good example.
  10. I thinks it's just down to costs - first sporting journo to go would probably be tiddly winks followed by RL.
  11. Indeed! What were his parents thinking? Should have steered clear of any 'W' christian names like the plague. I also quite like another Examiner journo Stephen Chicken as a moniker.
  12. It's interesting the relationship between rugby league and football fans in the same town / city. Are there many people in WIgan who support both clubs? Hull FC an KR seem to do OK with attendances with a reasonably successful football team on their doorstep. Not sure what the football competition is like in places lie Cas, Wakey, Widnes, Warrington, Saints etc.
  13. That's correct. The Examiner hasn't had a dedicated rugby journo for some time. The last time I read the hard copy I had already read the articles word for word days before on the Giants website.
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