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  1. I loved that kick where the Leeds fans started cheering as it looked like the ball was going dead. Suddenly the ball seemed to have a mind of it's own, did a lovely pirouette and gently stopped 6 inches from the line. The only downside was that Jack Walker did well avoiding a couple of our players to get the ball back to the 20 metre line.
  2. Although we have our first choice fullback and whole back row out we have still named a very decent squad. Should be a good competitive game and I'm hoping the Giants want to put last season's Middle 8 game to bed. They've spoken plenty of times about not wanting to be in that situation again so we'll have to see if they can back up the talk.
  3. Back in squad are McGillvary, Cudjoe, Gaskell, Murphy and Ta'ai. Mamo a bit behind as his ankle is taking longer to loosen up than anticipated. Current injured are Mamo, Symonds, Lawrence, Ferguson, Simpson and O'Brien.
  4. Michael Lawrence needs knee microfracture surgery. His knee is currently infected therefore that needs sorting before he can have the op. Tom Symonds is 3-4 weeks away and Jerry is in the Leigh squad. He had a quad tear that obviously wasn't as bad as first feared.
  5. Lawrence is out until July / August.
  6. We don't do Sundays any more. Home games now on a Friday (usually).
  7. Moved from Friday to Thursday at the request of Huddersfield Town AFC as they have a huge game v Newcastle on Saturday. Gives the pitch time to recover as HTAFC play possession football with the football staying on the ground the vast majority of the time. Bobbles are not appreciated as it slows their game down.
  8. I think I'd rather Giants lose by a try with Giants ahead at half time and Salford with 13 all 80 if it means keeping Brough in one piece.
  9. I like it. I think the same when crowds and the Giants are mentioned in the same breath.
  10. I'll second that. Make sure you keep posting Taxi as I'm rather fond of your avatar.
  11. One of the reasons I packed in Sky a few years ago. However, his passion, knowledge and work for RL heritage and charities are right up their with the best. A fully deserved award and a great player in his day. Always immaculately dressed and he certainly knows how to tie a tie! Congratulations and enjoy your retirement.
  12. If you come to Huddersfield I'd be happy to get drunk with you. It certainly helped last year.
  13. As Yazz said the only way is up!
  14. He had a great step for a big guy. I remember Adrian Morley trying to put some big hits on Eorl in a game at Warrington and he just kept sidestepping him. He was also pretty fast for a prop if got in the open, once chasing down Chris Bridge if I remember correctly. Good that he's taken on a marketing role at the Giants - if anyone is Mr Huddersfield Giants it's Eorl. John Kear once wrote an article in the Guardian and more or less said the only thing Eorl missed was a bit of mongrel. All the best for the future Eorl and thanks for the memories.