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  1. The AJ Bell Stadium

    This was the original proposal.
  2. As a Salford supporter since the mid-50s it hurts me to see this never-ending tsunami of negative stories. Long periods of ill-health haven't helped but I'm afraid my enthusiasm for the club (and consequently, the game in general) has ebbed away since the move from the Willows to a depressing concrete box that, from South Manchester, is slightly easier to get to than Pluto. Just before the move I bought a 5-year season ticket to the end of the 2016 season. So far I've used it less than 10 times and I haven't attended once this year. Marwan Koukash saved the club from the knacker's yard and I'm grateful for that. I'd also be grateful for one, just one, good news story.
  3. Palestinian RL player trains with Salford Red Devils

    Well done Marwan and the Red Devils.
  4. Great rumour

    I wonder how much tax Guscott, Carling et al paid before RU "went professional".
  5. congratulations

    What's the latest news on Welham? That collision with Aizue was horrendous to watch.
  6. Olympic Sevens

    It's obvious to anybody with eyes to see that the most competitive 7s team Australia could produce would be made up almost entirely of RL players. Australian taxpayers funding the Olympic team should be demanding the best return for their money. I'm pretty sure the same comments could also be applied to GB but the British establishment will close ranks to keep RL players out.
  7. Malcolm Alker to retire

    Heart of a lion. He once played for the Reds 2 weeks after having his appendix out.
  8. Site progress.