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  1. I loved the Willows so much. My heart sinks every time I see that new stadium.
  2. David Watkins and Salford at the Willows on a Friday night. Colin Bell and City at Maine Road on Saturday afternoon. Happy days.
  3. I've been watching RL for the best part of 60 years but that has to be the most astonishing end to a match that I've ever seen. It was up there with the Aguero Moment.
  4. I wonder how much tax Guscott, Carling et al paid before RU "went professional".
  5. What's the latest news on Welham? That collision with Aizue was horrendous to watch.
  6. It's obvious to anybody with eyes to see that the most competitive 7s team Australia could produce would be made up almost entirely of RL players. Australian taxpayers funding the Olympic team should be demanding the best return for their money. I'm pretty sure the same comments could also be applied to GB but the British establishment will close ranks to keep RL players out.
  7. Heart of a lion. He once played for the Reds 2 weeks after having his appendix out.
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